In addition to the short shows offered as part of our festival programming, we invite you to embark on a digital tour of full-length shows offered by Fringe performers from near and far.
We hope you'll take in several plays, and we encourage you to support the performers if they're asking for a donation or PWYC.

LESS Miserable

By Connor Wielgosz
Presented by Move The S Productions (Winnipeg, MB)

A 45-minute fast-paced, hilarious, raunchy and ridiculous musical-parody of the worldwide phenomenon Les Misérables.

Musical | Parental Guidance | Strong Language


An Exceptional Night In with Lucy Darling

Presented by Carisa Hendrix (Amiskwaciswaskahîkan/Edmonton)

Lucy Darling is an award-winning magician known the world over for her wit, her charm and her exceptionally good hair. Along with her live-in butlers, Marci and Lawrence, Lucy is here with a wonderful mix of playful interactions, hilarious comedy and impossible magical feats, to offer you an incredible immersive experience.

This show was carefully designed to satisfy your deep desire for a fun night out, while staying safely inside.

“Funny. Engaging. Stylish. What a lovely way to spend an evening!” – David Copperfield
“An absolute delight. Funny and smart and the magic was magical.” – Neil Gaiman

Magic/Cabaret/Comedy | General | Alcohol


1 Easy Lie

Written & performed by Martin Dockery (Montauk, NY)

A small town. A bag of money. And one bad decision. A thriller with a killer soundtrack. An edge-of-your-seat story about deception, greed, infidelity, and the fear of getting caught. This is Dockery’s 15th show at the Winnipeg Fringe.

“Best storyteller in the US” – Orlando Sentinel
“Dockery is a verbal magician.” – NOW Magazine, Toronto
“A master storyteller” – CBC
“Dockery is a verbal boxer, bobbing and weaving throughout, but always circling back to land a knockout punch.” – Winnipeg Free Press

Storytelling/Thriller | Parental Guidance

By donation:

Your Brain On Anxiety
By Jordan Phillips & Justin Lyle Giesbrecht
Presented by Sheep On A Mission (Winnipeg, MB)

A poignant series of vignettes exploring the tragedy and humour of anxiety through personification, mask work, poetry and physical theatre.

“Don’t second-guess about seeing this one.” – Winnipeg Free Press
“I sing praises of this show and what they’ve created. This show is a gem, and a must see. No doubt in my cluttered mind.” – The Jenny Revue
“This was a case of going into a Fringe play with no idea what to expect and leaving feeling that I had stumbled upon a gem.” – UMFM

Drama | Parental Guidance | Heavy Subject Matter (i.e. suicide)


SEXpert Madame K!

Written & performed by Krista Komondor (New York, NY)

“There’s no such thing as a bad dick, just bad men.” Sexpert Madame K! is 47 minutes of ridiculous, anarchic and unpredictable clowning. This wild solo comedy show features a beautifully idiotic performer discovering what it means to be a 21st Century Feminist. Ed Fringe Review described Komondor’s past performances as “Comic gold with a big, loving heart.”

Strenuously working to improve life for all women, Madame K surrounds herself with Coqs she’s rescued, reprogramming them to have better manners, and training them to live up to their full potential. Don’t worry – in this performance, all Coqs are in cages!

Comedy/Clown | Parental Guidance | Content Warning: Sexual themes and use of romance products as puppets

Suggested Donation $10

Thunder Lizard Collective Super Show
Presented by Thunder Lizard Collective (Calgary, AB)

This collection of short films and sketches from Thunder Lizard Collective brings you some of the best (and average…) laughs, tears and “huh?” moments from our repertoire. Spanning several years, this collection is sure to make you question why you started watching in the first place. Included here is the “John’s Show” Saga, The Rebirth of Richard Bottom, The Belly Legacy, and our seminal 1950s B-Movie throwback short film “In The Trees”, which was screened at the 2018 Covellite International Film Festival in Butte, Montana. The sketches and short films found in this collection can also be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

Comedy / Horror / Variety Show / Unclassifiable | Parental Guidance
Content Warning: Suicide, violence, coarse language, adult humour, scenes of horror


Lunatic Van Beethoven

By Keir Cutler
Presented by Doctor Keir Co. (Montreal, QC)

"Best of the Fringe", Toronto Fringe – EYE Weekly, 2004

★★★★★ review in Winnipeg Free Press: "The delightful 50-minute musical bio-comedy – written and performed by Montreal's Keir Cutler (TEACHING SHAKESPEARE) – brings Beethoven to life so we can hear his reaction to the competing myths that have grown up around him and how his sublime music has been crassly exploited. … Like the best the fringe has to offer, LUNATIC VAN BEETHOVEN enlightens, educates and above all entertains with an enthusiasm that is hard to resist." – Kevin Prokosh

Comedy | General


Inhibition Exhibition – Fringe Edition
By the ViC Class of 2020/21
Presented by The Village Conservatory for Music Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)

“BEAUTIFUL show!” “[T]ruly unique, meaningful and important” “Incredible talent and creativity” Insecurity. Anxiety. Heartache. Forts. This past term with the 2020/21 MCMA's Conservatory Musical Theatre program, our students worked alongside some of Winnipeg's top arts professionals. From September to March, they created 14 original pieces, exploring their greatest fears and triumphs.

Take a tour through the historic Crescent Fort Rouge sanctuary as we share original songs, poems, dance and short plays, creating a truly unique digital theatrical experience.

All proceeds from this production benefit the ViC Bursary Fund.

Unclassifiable | General

By donation

The Consciousness

By Bethany Dickens Assaf
Presented by Nique Content (Orlando, FL)

Reece, a struggling music student, decides to 'borrow' some ideas from the archived consciousness of a dead composer, but Theodore Price is irascible, forgetful – and hiding a critical secret.

Drama | Parental Guidance | Adult Language


Tango in the Dark

Directed by Alexander Richardson
Presented by PointeTango (Montreal, QC/London, ON/Buenos Aires, Argentina)

★★★★★ Award-winning dance company PointeTango lights the way through the shadows of Buenos Aires accompanied by the music of Payadora Tango Ensemble. PointeTango’s sultry duo will wow you with fantastic lifts, exciting spins and the passion of Argentine tango. Tango in the Dark is an hour-long film exploring PointeTango’s mix of ballet and tango, and tells a story of two lovers discovering each other as they journey through a city transformed by the shadows of nightfall.

WINNER “Best On-Demand Show” (Pittsburgh Fringe 2021)

“It was fantastic. Excellent production, highly creative and with world-class performers. We were enthralled.” – Audience review

Dance/Music/Physical Theatre | General

Pay What You Can *Suggested donation: $25

Welcome Home: The Art of Residential Tenancy
By Ashley Kowalchuk
Presented by Manitobah Heritage Council (Winnipeg, MB)

Boozhoo! Welcome Home! As you are lawfully compelled to return to your assigned living studio immediately upon hearing the public advisory siren, the Manitobah Heritage Council is pleased to provide you with this personalized tour of your apartment to enjoy until conditions improve. Allow the art and beauty of your character suite to distract you from the invasive species, celestial dysfunction or civil unrest that currently necessitates municipal lockdown protocol. Combat social isolation with the interpretive art conveniently located wherever you are hiding, quarantined and/or permitted to sleep in exchange for a third of your gross income!

Comedy | General

Suggested $5 donation

William vs The World

Written, performed, recorded & edited by Andrew Wade
Presented by Spired Theatre (Vancouver, BC)

William has built for himself a perfect fortress of solitude: A dream job at a geek store and all the time he wants to watch superhero cartoons, become the ultimate Dragonborn, and avoid other people. But how will William and Chuck (his cactus) survive when their perfect world meets the real one?

"Wade is a delight to watch. He's amusing and shy and profoundly vulnerable. And WILLIAM VS THE WORLD is ultimately coming to grips with the fact that things fall apart, and that all you can do is embrace it." – Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Storytelling | General

By donation

Faded Shorts

By Len Cuthbert
Presented by Fridge Door Live Theatre Company (London, ON)

Faded Shorts is a collection of four short plays about the mystery of life and beyond. "I highly recommend this collection of pieces about life and death, time and space, family and strangers." – J.B, artist, actor. In 2021, Relativity & Me was staged by Jersey City Theater Center and the Warner International Playwights Festival. Okay Charlie was featured in the September 2020 issue of Synkroniciti Magazine.

Comedy/Drama/Short Stage Plays | Family Friendly


1/2 Terminally Ill x 2

Presented by Melissa Yuan-Innes

Dean Gunnarson chains and nails himself in a coffin lowered into Winnipeg's Red River. Four minutes later, they pry open the coffin and reanimate his lifeless body. In TERMINALLY ILL, Melissa Yi's #1 medical fiction bestseller, Elvis the Escape King attempts Dean's coffin stunt, only to encounter sabotage. In 1/2 TERMINALLY ILL X 2, you'll watch the play's beginning interpreted twice, first by Toronto's Asiansploitation and then by Ottawa's skilled actors! SEE Elvis live—or die! FEEL the horror of Dr. Hope Sze, who must restart Elvis's heart! HEAR Dean, now a world class escape artist, react to TERMINALLY ILL!

Drama & Interviews  | Parental Guidance  | Death, Potential Murder, Language


Fool's Gold

By Connor Wielgosz
Presented by Greater Grand Forks Community Theatre
In a get-rich-quick scheme, two hicks steal the prop treasure chest from a pirate-themed dinner theatre. But when they find it’s filled with something unexpected, they must escape danger and find themselves along the way.
Musical | Family Friendly


Presented by Stéphanie Morin-Robert

One-eyed comedian and multiple Best of Fest winner recounts her life as a feisty seven-year-old who wields her glass eye as a superpower. Raw, hilarious and literally eye-popping! 

★★★★★ “EXTRAORDINARY” – Vue Weekly
★★★★★ “PHENOMENAL. NOT TO BE MISSED.” – National Post 

Comedy/Puppetry/Storytelling/Dance/Stand-Up | Parental Guidance | Exposed eye socket


Scenes for Teens Performed by Middle-aged Drama Queens (i.e. drama teachers) 
By Laurie Allen
Presented by Leithelle Productions

Drama teachers perform cliché teen angst scenes they have directed in the past. 

Comedy/Sketch | Parental Guidance | Language, Alcohol, Smoking


Much Ado
Written by William Shakespeare, Edited by Christian M. Leeson
Presented by Indifferently Reformed

This Shakespearean Comedy follows the tale of Benedick and Beatrice, a pair of strong-willed individuals who are kept apart by pride and long-held grudges. Intertwined with these two are Hero, Beatrice’s cousin, and Claudio, a soldier and friend of Benedick, who have fallen head over heels for one another. Watch as mayhem unfolds and both relationships are put to the test by bumbling policemen, meddlesome servants, and an envious sibling. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy featuring misconceptions, deceit, and a great deal of eavesdropping, then “Much Ado” is the show for you!

Romantic Comedy

Pay what you can