Other plays available online

(list updated July 17)

With no festival this summer, we know Fringers will miss seeing their favourite artists onstage, as well as discovering exciting new performers from Manitoba, across Canada and around the world.
Have no fear, we've put together a list of plays from past Winnipeg Fringe artists and from performers we hope to see here in the future. You can watch from the comfort of your couch, backyard or cabin (you can also watch at work, but don’t get caught). We invite you to enjoy several plays, and we encourage you to support the performers if they're asking for a donation or PWYC.

We'll be updating this list over the course of the summer, so check back again to see what new plays have been added. Have fun Fringing… online.

(Art)ist presented by Daphne Finlayson
Twenty years ago, his play was the talk of the international theatre scene. Now, a playwright clings to relevance as he is haunted by two of his most iconic characters.
Tickets: Free

Absolute Magic presented by Keith Brown
Master Magician Keith Brown LIVE at the Astor Theatre!

Beau & Aero presented by A Little Bit Off
Two aviators explore flight and folly in this 10-time award-winning physical comedy production. Marx Brothers meet the Wright Brothers.
Tickets: PWYC

Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy presented by DK Reinemer
Comedian DK Reinemer presents his smokin’ hot, action adventure comedy parody of the film Magic Mike about a detective thrust deep undercover in the unfamiliar world of male stripping to solve the case.
Tickets: $11.99

Berlin Waltz presented by Devon More Music
Berlin Waltz is a multimedia musical travelogue through history, high jinx and all 100 miles of the Berlin Wall.
Tickets: Free. Donations accepted at:

Brain Cravers: The Curse of Extollo presented by Magic Toaster Productions
Theatre that opens your mind...then eats it!
Tickets: Donation or Free

Diary Of A Monster Kid presented by Magic Toaster Films
Take a trip back to '79 when disco, roller skating, Star Wars, KISS and vampire movies ruled the cultural landscape.
Tickets: Donation or Free

Didn't Hurt presented by Tonic Records
Directed by Fringe legend TJ Dawe, Rodney DeCroo recounts growing up both in a tough neighbourhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and isolated in the bush of northern BC with a Vietnam war veteran father suffering from untreated PTSD.
Tickets: $11.99

Digital Fringe VOL 1 presented by Chase Padgett
Nine great shows from known Fringe veterans, each filmed in 2019.
Tickets: $39.99 for 9 shows

Epidermis Circus presented by SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles (available July 17)
Body puppetry. Celebrate what is beautiful, gooey, powerful and ridiculous about the fragile meatbag of the human form.
Tickets: By Donation

Etched Glass Decanter presented by Evening Crane Theatre
A radio drama series featuring dialogue, poetry, music and soundscapes. The story follows several characters across multifarious strange worlds.
Tickets: Free

Field Zoology 101 presented by Shawn O'Hara
From animal identification to the art of seduction, join Dr. Brad Gooseberry (Shawn O'Hara) as he educates you on the skills and abilities necessary to thrive and survive in the cutthroat world of Field Zoology.
Tickets: $11.99

FOR SCIENCE! presented by Small Matters Productions
Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Blue Man Group in this absurd investigation of instant gratification.
Tickets: $11.99 / discounts available

Ingenue: Deanna Durbin, Judy Garland and the Golden Age of Hollywood by Melanie Gall Presents
Judy is an icon, loved as Dorothy in Oz. But in the 1930s, Winnipeg-born Deanna Durbin was a much bigger star. Ingenue tells the true tale of the lifelong friendship – and rivalry – of these two idols of Old Hollywood.
Tickets: $11.99

Kevin, King of Egypt presented by Rob Gee
The story of an unlikely friendship between an escaped psychiatric patient and a lost six-year-old. Written and performed by comic, poet and psych nurse Rob Gee.
Tickets: $11.99

Killjoy, Ohio presented by Trey Tatum
A sleek "what-dunnit" about small towns, Bermuda triangles and the lengths people will go to recover lost things.
Single ticket: $8 USD, Family pass: $12 USD

KRONOX presented by Circumfero
This steampunk circus happens inside a clock. Midnight goes through the milestones of her life as she encounters each hour.
Tickets: Donation

LESS Miserable presented by Connor Wielgosz 
A 45-minute, fast-paced, ridiculous and raunchy parody of Les Miserables in a professional video storybook!
Tickets: $19 Donation

Macbeth - A Comedy presented by Parkview Productions
Macbeth - A Comedy. What if Macbeth and the gang lived happily ever after?
Tickets: Free

Mark Twain's "Is Shakespeare Dead?" presented by Doctor Keir Co.
Mark Twain's hilarious (1909) debunking of the myth that William Shakespeare wrote the works of Shakespeare. 2003 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.
Tickets: Free

Operatic Panic Attack presented by Peacock Farms Productions
Fringe fave TJ Dawe (Medicine, Marathon, The Slipknot, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s) tells a story about theatre, music and being clobbered by anxiety.
Tickets: $11.99

Paul & Erika's HOUSE SHOW presented by Theatre Mobile
Hilarious stories! Absurd songs! Digital puppetry! "Terrific entertainment... A comfort in uniquely hard times." "An adventure from the get-go!"
Tickets: PWYC

Peter N Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel presented by Peter N Chris
Peter N Chris perform their hit show.
Tickets: PWYC

Peter N Chris Explore their Bodies presented by Peter N Chris
Peter N Chris perform their hit show but this time on the internet! And also in the past!
Tickets: PWYC

PointeTango presents: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires4 presented by PointeTango
What happens when ballet meets tango?
Tickets: $1

Quirky presented by Son of Kimmy Zee
A hilarious and heartwarming one-man show featuring mammoths, an elusive salamander, first kisses and schoolyard bullies!
Tickets: Free

Retail Ruins: 400 Years of the Bay Downtown presented by The Manitoba Heritage Council   
Boozhoo! The year is 2326 CE; come with us on a journey through time as we tour Late Stage Capitalism in Downtown Winnipeg.
Tickets: PWYC

S#!t I'm in Love With You Again presented by Rachelle Elie
A fast-paced rumbustious, bawdy musical romp through the ups and downs of Elie’s life. Original songs co-written with Luke Jackson.
Tickets: PWYC

Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit presented by Charles Adrian as Ms Samantha Mann
Fifty-five minutes of award-winning, heartbreaking, comedy storytelling about love, loss and bad poetry from spinster librarian Ms Samantha Mann.
Tickets: PWYC

Strokes of Genius presented by Strokes of Genius
Strokes of Genius (Dianna & Mitch) survived Strokes in 2016. Sketch comedy poking fun at Healthcare, Rehab, Accessibility and Stroke Affects.
Tickets: Free

Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler presented by Randy Ross
Sixteen weeks, four continents, three bungee jumps, and I couldn't come home soon enough.
Tickets: PWYC

The Agony & The Ivories presented by Bill Larkin
Actor/pianist Bill Larkin presents an hour of original comedy songs. Intended for mature audiences.
(As seen on Comedy Central's Premium Blend).
Tickets: $11.99

The Collapsing Future Cabaret presented by the Fringe Performer Cabaret   
A collection of veteran fringe artists bring the spirit of the Winnipeg Midnight Cabaret to life!
Tickets: Free/donation

The Curling Bachelor presented by Benji Rothman
The Bachelor meets a rec league curling team in this dramatic season finale.
Tickets: Free

There Ain't No More presented by Lil Theatre Company
In his final concert, an old folksinger (Willi Carlisle) confronts his troubled past, his legacy and death itself with five instruments, square dance calling, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny.
Tickets: $11.99

Virtual Audition Deficit Disorder: Take 1 presented by Bush Party Productions
Auditioning during a pandemic is like having a bad case of ADD, with some BS, OMG and WTF mixed in.
Tickets: Free

Your Brain On Anxiety presented by Sheep On A Mission
You may think you know your brain, but this is your brain on anxiety. Any questions?
Tickets: Free, but donations are appreciated