Please read all of the information below regarding the BYOV application process and policies - note that some information is from 2019 and will be updated soon.  




A  BYOV (Bring your Own Venue) is a venue or location outside the regular indoor venues that the Fringe Festival operates and programs via the application lottery. Companies may choose to participate in the festival as a BYOV if their work is site specific, or if they were not drawn in the lottery but are still interested in mounting a production as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. BYOVs come with substantial financial risk to the producing company and can involve a considerable amount of additional work.

The festival requires the same administration and application fee for BYOV companies as it does for the regular indoor companies. While BYOV participants must provide their own venue and equipment, this is offset by the fact that they have more influence over the number of performances they present and over their schedule.

If you are a first-time applicant to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, or if you are new to the BYOV process, we highly recommend that you contact the Festival Manager about your BYOV proposal prior to applying.



NOTE: All dollar amounts are in Canadian funds


The Fringe format provides a unique opportunity for theatre companies to produce creative and innovative theatre. This is especially the case with site-specific theatre which allows you to immerse your audience in your production, not only through the traditional means, but also by staging your production in a setting that is conducive to conveying the ideas and experience of your play.

Some examples of site-specific productions that have been done at the Winnipeg Fringe and at other Fringe Festivals are:

  • Trial By Bus - Set aboard a Winnipeg Transit bus that travelled through the city, the play took audiences on a journey through the court proceedings of one confused man. (Winnipeg Fringe 1990)
  • Eureka - Set in a parking garage, this black comedy was an exploration of the homeless problem and the "visionary" solution of two hapless security guards. (Winnipeg Fringe 1991)
  • The Container - A play about the illegal transportation of refugees staged in an actual steel shipping container. (Edinburgh Fringe 2007)
  • Rearview - In this unique performance experience, a mysterious car took the audience on a theatrical ride. Rearview was a total theatre experience that was actually performed inside a moving vehicle, blurring the line between fiction and reality and between audience and performer. (Toronto Fringe 2007)



  • Put together your Fringe company and create your company name.
  • Select your material (theatre, improv, dance, musical, etc.)
  • Plan to secure the rights for your production, if the play is not an original piece.
  • Find a suitable BYOV venue in close proximity to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival Site.  Please note that unless you are doing a site-specific show, BYOVs need to have at least two and no more than four companies sharing the venue. Please read this list of topics to consider when choosing a BYOV.
  • Apply to the 2020 Winnipeg Fringe as a BYOV company with the $25 Application Processing Fee.
  • If your application is accepted, submit the full Application Fee of $775.
  • Send us your show’s technical/scheduling information and program copy/graphic.
  • Obtain the necessary operational permits to allow lawful public use of your venue (if not included as part of your rental agreement with your venue.)
  • Rent the necessary sound and lighting equipment (if not included as part of your rental agreement with your venue.)
  • Hire a venue technician (if not included as part of your rental agreement with your venue.)
  • Schedule your technical rehearsal with your venue.
  • Promote your show with press releases, posters, handbills, on-site promotions and anything else that will help draw attention to your show. (the Fringe publicist will market the entire festival.)
  • Perform your show at your scheduled show times.  All shows must start on time and can’t run beyond the show length listed in the program.
  • Enjoy the festival and head on down to the beer tent and mingle with the other performers, patrons, volunteers and staff.



  • Publicize the Fringe Festival as a whole.
  • Include your show in the Fringe Program guide and on with your show description, graphic and show times.
  • Manage front of house box duties for your performances.
  • Sell tickets to your show. Tickets are sold in advance (online and/or in-person) up to four hours prior to showtime and "at the door" of your venue on the day of your performances.
  • Return 100% of your box office revenue to you.  The Advance and At the Door ticket price is $12 in 2020.  



  • 178              Total all companies (Indoor, KidsVenue, BYOV)
  • 1,511           Total all performances
  • 98,672         Total ticketed attendance (paid and comps)
  • 209              Sold out performances
  • $879,034      Box Office Revenue returned to artists



  • The Winnipeg Fringe Festival will determine a quota for the number of BYOV performance slots in the Festival (approximately 40-50).
  • Site Specific BYOV applicants should put together a detailed project proposal including its proposed BYOV venue (we suggest BYOV applicants contact the proposed venue prior to applying to determine if it is available for use during the festival and if it meets your creative and technical needs).
  • All BYOV applicants need to submit the online application form and the $25 Application Process Fee (instructions and link at the bottom of this page).
  • The Fringe will begin to contact BYOV applicants after January 6, 2020 to confirm their acceptance in the festival.
  • BYOV acceptance priority will be given to proposals that are deemed truly site specific and then to non-site specific  BYOV applicants. BYOV venues that are not site specific are required to have a minimum of two companies sharing the venue and a maximum of four.  If a non-site specific BYOV only has one company using the venue, the Festival may be able to assist in finding another company to share the venue if possible.
  • The Fringe reserves the right to set a limit of BYOV performance slots and may decline any BYOV application based on a number of factors including but not limited to the number of companies/type/location/safety of the proposed venue.
  • Once a BYOV application is accepted into the festival, payment of the full Application Fee ($775 incl. GST) must be made within 7 days.
  • Performing companies are only allowed to have one performance slot in the festival, in either the Indoor or BYOV categories.  If a BYOV company shares the EXACT same cast/crew as an Indoor or Kids Venue company, their application will not be accepted.  If a company is found to have submitted more than one application, ALL applications by that company will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.  Indoor and BYOV companies can apply for a second performance slot in the Festival’s KidsVenue category.



Application Processing Fee
A $25 non-refundable application processing fee is required for all performing companies applying to the festival.

Application fee
BYOV application fee: $775 including GST (due within 7 days of being accepted into the festival).

NSF penalty fee
The Fringe will charge $25 for any returned cheques and we will not accept another cheque for payment of the administration or application fee.

Program copy, scheduling or technical info change penalty fee
The Fringe reserves the right to charge $50 for any changes made to program copy, graphics, technical or scheduling information after the posted deadlines.

Performance cancellation penalty fee
The Fringe will charge a $50 fee for any performance cancelled after the performance schedules have been submitted to the performing companies.


VISA, MasterCard or American Express
Credit card payments can be made through secure online payment via the Winnipeg Fringe website. Credit card payments can be made by phone or fax upon request.  Once submitted, your payment will be processed immediately and will show up on your statement as a charge from the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Cheque or Money Order
Application fees paid in the form of a cheque or money order should be made payable to Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and mailed or delivered to:  Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, 174 Market Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0P8


  • All withdrawals from the festival must be made by the company's primary contact.
  • A company may withdraw from the waiting list at any time.
  • A company that has been accepted into the festival and withdraws on or before March 31, 2020 will be returned 50% of their application fee.
  • A company that has been accepted into the festival and withdraws after March 31, 2020 will forfeit their entire application fee.



  • Performing companies retain 100% of their box-office revenue.
  • The Advance and At the Door ticket price in 2020 is $12.
  • For 2020, all companies will have a $10 At The Door discount ticket price for young people 25 and under. Companies can add additional discount categories for their production (ex. matinees, students, seniors, equity...).
  • The Fringe charges a $2 surcharge on all advance tickets to cover the costs of this service, but the entire face value of the ticket is returned to the artist.
  • The Fringe does not apply a surcharge on tickets sold at the door.
  • The Fringe sells a Frequent Fringer Pass (valid for either 8 or 14 tickets) and performing companies will receive $9.00/per ticket when redeemed by a patron.
  • Performing companies will have the opportunity to select one special promotional 2 tickets for $12 performance.


  • Performing companies will be able to reserve in advance a limited number of tickets to each of their performances to be given out as comps to family, friends, performers...
  • The Fringe provides select groups (volunteers, media, artistic directors, sponsors, VIPs) with complimentary tickets/passes that can be redeemed at any performance.
  • The Fringe provides a limited number of complimentary tickets to media partners for use in promotional contests.
  • Fringe performers will receive a comp card good for a limited number of tickets that can only be redeemed via a standby line.



  • BYOV companies can have one performance per day scheduled.
  • While a BYOV company can submit its preferred performance schedule, the Fringe retains the right to edit, change or completely schedule performances times for all BYOV companies.
  • A BYOV venue owner can assign specific performance slots or use a balanced rotating time slot schedule for all companies in the venue. However, the Fringe reserves the right to edit, change or completely schedule all performances in a BYOV.
  • Once a BYOV performance schedule is confirmed and finalized by the Festival, no additional performances may be added during the festival.  For example, if a BYOV company only schedules 10 performances during the twelve days of the event, it can’t ask to have one or two performances added once the program has gone to print.
  • All companies/venues must include 45 minutes between all performances (15 minutes to strike a show, 15 minutes to set-up the next show, 15 minutes to seat the house) and any exceptions must be approved by the Festival.
  • All festival performances must start on time and can’t run beyond the show length listed in the program guide.


Venue Selection

When looking for a BYOV, it is important to find a location that is in close proximity to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival site (within or near the Exchange District). The Fringe may not accept a BYOV application if it has deemed the venue to be too far from the main festival site or from other venues.

BYOV Venue Suggestions

  • If you are planning a site-specific production, please contact the Fringe to discuss your idea. An assessment of your proposed site should be conducted to look at the suitability for your productions artistic needs, technical requirements, performer and audience safety, site adaptability, weather and location.
  • If you are renting a space that is normally used as a performance space, or one that already has a permit for public occupancy, you will need to ensure that it meets the technical requirements for your show.
  • It is important that you make preliminary inquiries/arrangements for use of your proposed performance space in advance of submitting your BYOV application to avoid confusion or disappointment closer to the Fringe.
  • In order for the festival to more easily schedule volunteers and performances, all non-site specific BYOV venues must have a minimum of two and a maximum of six companies sharing the venue.  Please let us know if you are planning to share your venue with another company(s) and if you have made any agreements with them prior to applying as BYOV companies. The Fringe reserves the right to limit the number of companies sharing a venue and total number of companies participating in the festival.
  • Negotiate with your venue an agreeable rental rate and be sure you are aware of all services and amenities included in the rental fee (LX & SD equipment, seating, storage, change room, technician, House Managers…). The Fringe will provide volunteer ticket sellers and ushers for all performances but some venues may require you to use their front-of-house staff on site during your rental times. If a venue seems suitable for your needs you can make a tentative booking and then submit your BYOV application.
  • Once a BYOV company has been accepted into the Fringe, you should then complete your BYOV rental. A copy of your rental agreement will need to be forwarded to the Fringe.

BYOV Technical Needs

  • You will need to equip your venue with the necessary sound and lighting equipment, staging and seating. While the festival cannot provide equipment or facilities for BYOV participants, we may be able to direct you to local suppliers if you need help.
  • A minimal lighting system which can provide general lighting for a small space usually requires at least a single phase 50 amp power supply, 6 dimmers, a control board, 10 lighting instruments and connecting cable. It is important to book this equipment early as suppliers may commit stock well in advance of July.
  • Hire Technicians as needed. The Fringe may be able to provide referral information if contacted early in the year. For budgetary purposes, you should allow at least $50 per performance.

Venue Access for Fringe Staff

Fringe staff must be given access to your BYOV venue upon request to ensure that the venue is safe for audiences, performers and volunteers and that it meets the standards of the Fringe Festival.




The BYOV participant should be aware that they are solely responsible for the safe operation of their venue. BYOV companies agree to absolve and save harmless the Winnipeg Fringe Festival from any liability whatsoever in the event of accident or injury.

Liability Insurance
If you are renting a space that typically operates as a performance venue, you will likely be covered by their liability insurance. However, the Fringe does provide third party liability insurance for a BYOV up to $5,000,000 and a copy will be provided to the BYOV company and the venue owner.

Occupancy Permits
BYOV Participants are responsible for providing the necessary operational permits to allow lawful public use of their venue. As with liability insurance, if you are renting a space that typically operates as a performance venue, you will likely be covered by their occupancy permit. At the very least, occupancy permits will be required for any space which has not previously been approved for public occupancy by the City of Winnipeg.

To get an occupancy permit you must contact the City of Winnipeg to advise them of your plans and schedule building safety and fire inspections. The Fringe cannot take any responsibility for your occupancy application, but should you wish further information, we may be able to provide some general guidelines to help.


We know that nobody wants to think about them, but here is some basic information so that companies can prepare properly for the Fringe and avoid any last minute confusion or difficulties. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have. However, The Winnipeg Fringe Festival does not assume any responsibility for the payment of taxes or levies associated with revenues a company may generate while performing in the festival or for the application of any possible tax exemptions.

It is each company's responsibility to meet the requirements of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in regards to your production.

GST (Federal Goods and Services Tax)

  1. The GST is a 5% tax on all goods and services in Canada. All companies must remit this tax where applicable.
  2. The Winnipeg Fringe does not deduct and/or remit GST on behalf of any company.
  3. Canadian companies/individuals earning less than $30,000 a year do not have to charge and remit this tax.
  4. All international companies must charge and remit GST, but they can apply for a refund.
  5. For information please call the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Federal Non-Resident Withholding Tax (Regulation 105) for non-Canadian Performers

This is the Federal Government's form of income tax for non-residents.
Please CLICK HERE to visit their website for more infomration.

  1. International groups can apply for a waiver which allows performers to earn a base amount that is non-taxable.
  2. The basic exemption is $15,000 for artists from the United States of America and $5,000 for other foreign artists.
  3. Registered non-profit groups from Britain may apply for a complete exemption.
  4. Companies may apply as a single entity claiming expenses against projected revenues, but this may not be as advantageous as claiming individually.
  5. Applicants should apply for this waiver at the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) office in the city of their first stop on the Fringe circuit at least one month before they arrive.
  6. CCRA will forward the waiver instructions from Fringe to Fringe.
  7. We have had some difficulties with communications from CCRA offices in other cities and for this reason we strongly suggest that you forward us a copy of your waiver application and first waiver letter from CCRA in advance of your arrival in Winnipeg.
  8. If an international company does not apply for a REG 105 waiver, the Fringe is required to withhold 15% of your box office revenue and forward it to the CCRA. The performing company/individual will have to apply to the CCRA at the end of the year for a refund of any of the taxes withheld.

For a Regulation 105 Waiver Application Form in PDF format CLICK HERE.  

For more information contact the International Tax Services Office:
Tel: 1-800-267-5177 (within Canada & the United States)
Tel: 1-613-952-3741 (outside Canada & the United States – collect calls accepted)


All international companies must acquire the necessary visas and permits required by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Work Permits & Visas
All international companies are responsible for acquiring their own work permits and visas. The Fringe will provide a letter of invitation to those companies accepted into the Festival, but this does not guarantee entry into Canada.

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival takes no responsibility for the actions taken by the Canada Border Services Agency in the event that the performing group has not acquired the necessary permits.

Please make sure that you and all your cast members are legally permitted to enter Canada. We cannot be responsible for legal issues that result in being turned away at the border.


The Fringe Festival will try to provide a billet for those performers who require accommodations. A billeting form will be sent to all touring companies accepted into the Fringe. The Fringe does not guarantee a billet placement and encourages performers to arrange their own accommodations if possible (the Fringe will be arranging for a special performer rate at one or two student residences close to the festival site).

Please note: The Fringe is unable to provide billeting for those travelling with children.


  1. The ticket price in 2020 is $12.
  2. Performing companies will receive $9.00 per admission when a Frequent Fringer Pass is redeemed at their show.
  3. Companies accepted into the festival cannot sell or transfer their right to perform to another party. If a company is found to have sold its space, both companies will be removed from the festival and the original application fees will be forfeited.
  4. The Fringe retains the right to edit, change or completely schedule performance times for all BYOV companies.
  5. The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival reserves the right to cancel confirmed applications should circumstances arise which, in the opinion of festival staff, interfere with the mounting of a production or the festival as a whole or violate the terms and conditions outlined here.
  6. The Fringe accepts no liability for performance cancellations as a result of natural phenomena, the actions of third parties, or due to a venue’s limitations for any particular purpose.
  7. The performing company agrees to absolve and save harmless the Winnipeg Fringe Festival from any liability whatsoever in the event of accident or injury.
  8. The above notwithstanding, the directives of Fringe staff with regard to matters of safety, are not negotiable.
  9. All performing companies agree to adhere to the laws of Manitoba and Canada, City of Winnipeg by-laws and the policies, procedures and safety restrictions of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. All companies are obligated to act in the best interest of the festival as a whole at all times. The Winnipeg Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any performing company not adhering to these regulations.
  10. The Winnipeg Fringe believes that all participants - performers, patrons, volunteers, and staff - deserve a respectful and inclusive environment in which to enjoy the festival, and reserves the right to ask any person who is creating an unsafe atmosphere to leave the festival.  If the Winnipeg Fringe receives any information regarding a performing company or artist that may impact the safety of the festival and its many participants these issues (including, but not limited to harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence) will be taken seriously and reviewed. The WInnipeg Fringe reserves the right to remove any performing company or artist from the festival at any time if it is believed that they may impact the safety of the festival and its participants.
  11. No company can refuse admission to patrons based on sex, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  12. BYOV companies agree to provide the Fringe Festival staff reasonable access to the venue upon request to review the facility and technical procedures.
  13. If a BYOV company shares the EXACT same cast/crew as an Indoor or Kids Venue company, their application will not be accepted.  If a company is found to have submitted more than one application, ALL applications by that company will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.
  14. Submission of the BYOV application and subsequent payment of the application processing fee shall indicate you have read all the information written in this application and your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.


  1. Please read the above information to ensure you understand all rules and conditions before submitting your application.
  2. If YOU WISH TO APPLY AS A BYOV COMPANY, the online application will be available as of mid-December and the link will be posted at the bottom of this page.
  3. Once you open the BYOV application form, answer all questions and submit the completed form.
  4. Once you’ve completed the BYOV application form, you will need to create/update your Fringe account and submit the $25 application processing fee. (Note: If you enter the 2020 Indoor/KidsVenue Lottery draw, you will not be required to submit the $25 application processing fee a second time or update your account).
  5. The Fringe will begin to contact BYOV applicants after January 6, 2020 to confirm their acceptance in the festival.
  6. The manager/operator of your BYOV venue will be required to complete a BYOV Venue Manager form as part of your BYOV application process (the Fringe will contact this individual and ask them to complete the form).
  7. Once a BYOV company’s application has been officially accepted by The Fringe, the full application fee ($775 incl. GST) must be paid within 7 days or the BYOV spot will be revoked.



Tori Popp, Festival Manager
Phone: (204) 943-7464