At Kids Venue - MTYP Mainstage 2 Forks Market Rd. (The Forks) (Map Link)
Echo Theatre
Winnipeg, MB

Minoosh Doo-Kapeeshiw
Written and Performed by Charlene Van Buekenhout

Minoosh Doo-Kapeeshiw stars Minoosh, a Métis kitty cat who goes camping and finds a friend in a funny place. It is a sweet and silent comedy narrated in Southern Michif language. Theatre magic, moving panoramas (aka Crankies), fishing and jigging! You don’t need to know Michif to have fun at the show, but you might learn some before you leave.
Past reviews for Echo Theatre: The Missadventurous Perils of Pauline 4 STARS - CBC

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Length: 30 Mins
Kid Friendly
No warnings
Hard of hearing/Deaf, English as a new language

Date & Time
Thu July 14
11:30 AM
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Fri July 15
2:30 PM
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Sat July 16
3:15 PM
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Mon July 18
4:00 PM
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Wed July 20
10:00 AM
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Thu July 21
3:45 PM
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Fri July 22
12:45 PM
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Sat July 23
12:30 PM
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