At Venue #9 -Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall (UofW) - U of W 515 Portage Ave. - 3rd Fl. Centennial Hall

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Liquid Desert Productions
Carlsbad, CA

Scientist Turned Comedian Tim X Lee
Written & Performed by Tim X Lee

Matinees (Matinee shows start before 5:00 pm), Weekday Matinee

"You know how Larry the Cable Guy's act pretty much consists of him yelling 'Git 'er done!' every five minutes or so? Scientist-turned-comic Tim Lee's material is the diametric opposite. Lee, who got his PhD before realizing where his true talents lay, blends science talk (complete with PowerPoint presentations) with comedy. The hilarious result is like what would happen if you crossed your high school chem teacher with George Carlin." - The Boston Phoenix

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Length:60 Mins
Tickets: $11
Door Discount: $9 Students, seniors, Fringe performers, kids (12 & under),
Parental Guidance
No warnings

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Date & Time
Thu July 20
4:00 PM
Fri July 21
9:15 PM
Sun July 23
1:45 PM
Mon July 24
6:45 PM
Wed July 26
12:00 PM
Thu July 27
6:15 PM
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Fri July 28
11:00 PM
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Sun July 30
4:00 PM
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