At Venue #11 - Centennial Concert Hall – Rehearsal Hall 555 Main St. – Entrance On Lily St. at Market Ave. (Map Link)
Maximaliste Productions
Montreal, QC

Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A One-Woman Queer Clown Sex Ed Show
by Maximaliste Productions

Two-time Montreal Spirit of the Fringe Award winner (2016/17), Montreal’s Best Kisser (2015) and certified sexpert Fiona Clark stars as Ms. Beatrice Haven (who knows nothing about sex, and finds it rather stressful). Watch as she struggles to navigate sexual education, her own sexuality and dental dams. Hopefully, you’ll learn something. SOLD OUT: Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver Fringes "Clark's charisma and charm fill the entire room, making you almost forget that what you’re watching is actually educational." 4 STARS - Gig City, Edmonton

Director: Julie Cohn
Cast: Fiona Clark


Length: 60 Mins
Tickets: $12
Door Discount: $10 Self-identified members of the queer community and Indigenous people
Parental Guidance
No warnings

Date & Time
Thu July 18
12:00 PM
Sat July 20
10:45 PM
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Sun July 21
7:15 PM
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Mon July 22
12:00 PM
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Tue July 23
3:30 PM
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Thu July 25
9:00 PM
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Sat July 27
5:30 PM
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Sun July 28
7:00 PM
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