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The Mennonite Fairytale
by Alan Fehr

The Mennonite pioneers didn’t have time for make-believe stories. But if they did: -Hansel and Gretel would be named Abe and Mary. -Little Red Riding Hood would have been on the path to church. -Goldilocks would have been mattscholoping in the bears' beds. -Jack would have climbed the beanstalk to feed his 12 siblings. -Aladdin's genie would have come from a magical tub of bacon drippings. Mennonite fairytales, like their authors, would have been really practical and God-fearing. But that doesn't mean they can't be fun...

Director: Alan Fehr

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Length: 45 Mins
Tickets: $12
No warnings

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Thu July 18
11:30 AM
Fri July 19
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Sat July 20
4:30 PM
Mon July 22
4:15 PM
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Tue July 23
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Wed July 24
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