At Venue #4 - RIO - Portage Place 393 Portage Ave. - Portage Place, 3rd Fl. (Map Link)
Red Light Productions
Vancouver, BC

One Man Avengers
by TJ Dawe & Charlie Ross

Charlie Ross (One Man Star Wars, One Man Lord of the Rings, One Man Dark Knight, One Man Stranger Things) is back, portraying Iron Man’s armour, Cap’s shield, Hulk’s rage, Thor’s biceps, Thanos’s chin and Black Widow’s butt. Directed by TJ Dawe. “Like the Energizer Bunny” - Calgary Herald “Nerd heaven” - Chicago Tribune “Nuclear levels of energy” - Variety “An uncanny ability to perform multiple characters at the drop of a hat” - Boston Theatre “If anyone can be described as a one-man multimedia machine, Charles Ross is it.” - Australian Stage

Director: TJ Dawe
Cast: Charlie Ross

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Physical Theatre
Length: 60 Mins
Tickets: $12
No warnings

Date & Time
Thu July 18
1:45 PM
Fri July 19
10:45 PM
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Sun July 21
7:15 PM
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Tue July 23
1:45 PM
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Wed July 24
5:45 PM
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Thu July 25
12:00 PM
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Fri July 26
3:15 PM
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Sat July 27
10:30 PM
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