as of July 14

  • Ingrid Garner, Venue 7, B-Movie Bash - ALL PERFORMANCES CANCELLED.

  • Missed Cue Productions, Venue 9, The Last Five Years - ALL PERFORMANCES CANCELLED.

  • THEATrePUBLIC Venue 29, Wooster Sauce - Sunday, July 30 performance cancelled.

  • Crosswalk Productions, Venue 29, The Bald Soprano - Start time for July 22 performance is changed to 5pm.

  • James & Jamesy, Venue 16, Performances listed in the program master schedule on  July 23, 25, 26, 27, and 29 should be for High Tea: Another British Comedy, not 2 for Tea: A British Comedy. The correct show times are listed on page 72 of the program and here on this website.

  • David Ortolano, Venue 2, the show title for Burning Man Who Sold the World has been changed to The Man Who Sold the World.

  • The Great Gregoire - Professional Astonisher, Venue 7, Dangerous Magic - gunshot warning added.

  • District Theatre Collective, Venue 4, The Trump Card - warning changed from mild to coarse language.

  • Crowning Monkey, Venue 4, the Genre for S#!t I'm in Love With you Again has been changed to Play-Comedy.

  • Two Dogs Theatre, Venue 12, the Audience Classification for On Love has been changed to Parental Guidance.