• RibbitRePublic Theatre has replaced THE PALADIN with BEST PICTURE (pg 64)
  • July 18 and 19 performances of BEST PICTURE by RibbitRePublic Theatre have been cancelled.
  • July 24 performance of C- by SPNP Tech has cancelled (pg 28)
  • July 23 performance of Sound & Fury's "Sherlock Holmes" by  Sound & Fury has been cancelled (pg 74)
  • ALL PERFORMANCES of Thom Pain (based on nothing) by Snakeskin Jacket have been cancelled (pg 38)
  • ALL PERFORMANCES of The Pillowman by Spark Plug Players have been cancelled (pg 50)
  • ALL PERFORMANCES of Eastport by Bite Size Productions have been cancelled (pg 62)
  • ALL PERFORMANCES of JASON by Snowflake Productions have been cancelled (pg 68)
  • For PHAB Productions’ Half Hour Hamlet (pg 24), John Huston will be replacing Patrick Hercamp in the role of Hamlet for these performances:
    Friday, July 22 • 1:45 pm
    Saturday, July 23 • 6:45 pm
    Sunday, July 24 • 12 pm