Physical Theatre
Spoken Word

5:30 PM
All Hail Mrs. Satan 
StorytellingVenue #22 - Creative Manitoba
Still Your Friend

She ran for president and was the first woman to do it. A spiritualist, a communist, a free love advocate, she was dubbed Mrs. Satan. Join the multi-award-winning artist behind The Truth™, Franz Ferdinan Must Die and The Life Henri in this thrilling exploration of the rise and fall of iconoclast Victoria Woodhull. “Bailey is a historical tour de force” – Saskatoon StarPhoenix “Adam Bailey is back with another masterfully told story to tickle your fancy…insightful and charming, this was a great gem at the Fringe” – The Jenny Revue

More Info & Tickets
6:00 PM
1 Family Friendly Comedy Show, Please! 
Stand-UpVenue #24 - Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame
Happy Capybara Productions

Stand-up comedy for the whole family! Professional comedians from around the world clean up their act for a special daily performance that appeals to all ages. This is a great chance for children and teens to experience a stand-up comedy show for the first time, and the perfect show for those who prefer family-friendly comedy.

More Info & Tickets
1,000 Pieces of π 
DanceVenue #1 - John Hirsch Mainstage
Broken Rhythms Victoria Society

Have you ever experienced math phobia and wanted to dance about it? Broken Rhythms has arrived this Fringe to serve up some delicious dancing π with a twist (and a few turns). 1,000 Pieces of π is the first act of its kind in that it investigates the mind-body connection by utilizing the constraints of the never-ending and never-repeating sequence of the number π (3.14) to create a full and yet ‘irrational’ dance show. Winners of multiple Pick of the Fringe Awards, including Best of the Fringe.

More Info & Tickets
Play-ComedyVenue #14 - King's Head Pub
RibbitRePublic Theatre

Two old men escape from a care home and go to a metal festival. Cyril doesn’t like old people, which is a shame because he is one. When he learns that his estranged granddaughter, Lily, has her big break with her thrash metal band, Abscess, he and his friend Neville are determined to show up and support her. Neither of them will ever be the same again. 5 STARS “Comedy gold” - Edmonton Journal “Screamingly funny” - UMFM From Rob Gee (Fruitcake, Forget Me Not) with Jon Paterson (How I Met My Mother).

More Info & Tickets
Fifth Date 
Play-DramaVenue #25 - The Gargoyle Theatre
The Gargoyle Players

Ted and Julia, middle-aged and hopeful that their new relationship will work, meet for their fifth date. But here, secrets are revealed that will challenge them (and the audience) to consider questions of redemption, free will versus determinism, sexuality, the Canadian justice system, and more. By the date’s end, everything will have changed, leaving the audience to consider: what comes next for this couple with their dark secrets? Fifth Date is an original one-act play written and directed by Winnipegger Andrew Davidson.

More Info & Tickets
Martin Dockery: TRUTH 
StorytellingVenue #6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse
Concrete Drops Theatre

Fringe favourite returns with his funniest show yet! A brand new, subversive and outrageous story about our most endangered commodity: truth. “He could entertain by saying just about anything” - Winnipeg Free Press Writer/Performer of Every Good Story Ends With One, The Sex Life of Butterflies, Long Night of the American Dream, The Stakeout, Moonlight After Midnight and more. Winner of over 50 awards from 16 years of touring. “One of the finest storytellers on the fringe circuit” - NOW Magazine, Toronto Not to be missed!

More Info & Tickets
Neurohilarity: Exposed. 
Stand-UpVenue #15 - Royal Albert

The performers from last year’s award-winning Neurohilarity show - Danielle Kayahara, Carole Cunningham, Scott Koropas and Adam Schwartz - are back along with a few new friends - Rollin Penner and Kaitlynn Brightnose - to expose their comedic experiences to you. Come laugh as the performers strip down emotionally and tell the nitty gritty jokes and stories you're dying to hear. The comedians will share embarrassing tales and hilarious anecdotes about revealing their neurodiversity to loved ones, friends and complete strangers like you!

More Info & Tickets
Not Quite Sherlock: The Gaslight Detective 
Play-ComedyVenue #21 - MTYP - Mainstage
Chris Gibbs

London, 1896. Checking on a friend’s house, Barnaby Gibbs finds a man dressed in black, holding a bag of jewelry, writing a poem about sapphires. Any reasonable man would see that this must be the notorious cat burglar known as the Rhyming Bandit! Fortunately, Gibbs is not a reasonable man. And when the stranger declares he is in fact the brilliant detective Antoine Feval, a new crime-fighting duo is born. 5 STARS “…meticulously written…peppered with droll understatement…perfectly-timed physical punch lines.” - Winnipeg Free Press

More Info & Tickets
Porn & Pinochet 
StorytellingVenue #9 - Planetarium Auditorium
Caturro Productions

Tragic, bittersweet and funny as hell, this is a personal glimpse into a life lived between two cultures. Born in Chile but raised in Canada, Cañete lived in Canada until the age of 13, when his family returned to dictator Pinochet's Chile, and he became a Canadian in Chile. "He makes you laugh, but he also makes you question your place in the world, something only the best comedians are capable of doing." - Matthew Lewis (Plank Magazine)

More Info & Tickets
MagicVenue #19 - CCFM - Antoine Gaborieau Hall
Gregoire Entertainment

Are random events in life truly random - or is there some hidden force at play, pulling all the strings? Supernatural explores this concept in a riveting series of baffling coincidences and displays of fate over free will from professional magician Patrick Gregoire. Unique, interactive and amazing, Supernatural is a psychological magic show that will captivate your imagination from start to finish and leave you wondering if coincidences are merely flukes - or the forces of fate secretly at work.

More Info & Tickets
6:15 PM
A Side of Rice 
StorytellingVenue #10 - Asper Centre for Theatre and Film - U of W
Chromedome Productions

Simply put, A Side of Rice is me - it’s some of the stories I’ve amassed in my 50 years of professional acting and my 73 years of life. Starting out as a shy, fatherless Jewish kid in Winnipeg (Kelvin, Class of ‘69), I grew up to become an actor, a writer, a teacher, a martial artist and I hope, a devoted father and friend. Some of my stories are sad, some are funny; all, I promise, are totally true.

More Info & Tickets
By the Spit of Your Tongue 
Play-ComedyVenue #2 - MTC Up the Alley
Buried Seeds Productions

One goal. One competition. One tongue? No, two tongues. For now… In a story of unlikely challenges and even more unlikely friendships, whose mouth meat is superior? Who cares enough to fight for their place? And who will prove themselves most worthy to you, and more importantly, to Him? From the combined tongues of Wait, So Do I Make Out With A Pan (4 STARS) and Whatever Happens After (2022 Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Play), be prepared for saliva, sweat and blood in this battle for glory!

More Info & Tickets
Cabaret of Murder 
Play-ComedyVenue #4 - CCFM - Salle Pauline-Boutal
Blair Moro

John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader, David Koresh and Charles Manson. What do all of these people have in common? Art! ...and also murder, but mostly art. Painting, poetry, music and even plays. Three powerhouse women combine humour with terror as they present works of art by serial killers. SOLD OUT RUN - Edmonton Fringe 2023 SOLD OUT RUN - Vancouver Fringe 2023 Pick of the Fringe - Vancouver Fringe 2022 4 1/2 STARS - Edmonton Journal

More Info & Tickets
StorytellingVenue #3 - Théâtre Cercle Molière
Pitchin'in Productions

Creator of LESBIHONEST and winner of Just for Laugh's Outstanding English Comedy Award, Laura Piccinin brings a new comedic tale of outdoorsy adventure as she dares to walk 336km along the East Coast of Newfoundland as "WOMAN, ALONE". This sentimental and hilarious show reminds audiences to get out of their own way and GO do that thing they really, really want to do. 5 STARS

More Info & Tickets
Physical TheatreVenue #8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre
Trip the Light Theatre Collective

Does your clubbing experience need more theatre, comedy and choreographed numbers? Then Nuit is the spot for you! Follow four queer characters as they stumble and sing their way through a night out: the cycle of partying on full, messy display. Bright lights, funky moves, deep talks and hilarious pit stops showcase themes of friendship and identity. Get ready for a night you’ll never remember!

More Info & Tickets
Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler 
StorytellingVenue #7 - Dave Barber Cinematheque
Randy Ross

Sixteen weeks, four continents, three bungee jumps, and I couldn't come home soon enough. This is the story of how a Boston homebody turned a solo trip around the globe into a comedy novel and a one-man play. Part travelogue, part theatre and part off-kilter author talk. A must-see for book lovers, writers, travellers, whiners, kvetches and misanthropes. "Absolutely hilarious" "animated story-telling" "a theatrical experience" -Utah Theatre Bloggers Association (Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival)

More Info & Tickets
Who Drinks Mocktails on the Beach?! 
MusicalVenue #5 - Son of Warehouse
Painted Fern Productions

Why drink a mocktail when you can have the real thing? Told in the style of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag with an early 2000s pop-punk soundtrack, this one-woman comedy follows party girl Candace as she runs away to Mexico for her best friend's destination wedding. A karaoke bar, dead goldfish and a spirited adventure awaits! You won't have regrets...but Candace might. Written by award-winning playwright Sara Mayfield and following a successful run at the Montreal Fringe, this play will have you tapping your toes and laughing out loud!

More Info & Tickets
6:45 PM
Meteor Shower 
Play-ComedyVenue #17 - PTE – Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
Hill Party Productions

What starts as a casual get-together between two couples soon takes a left turn as a series of events and unexpected revelations cause the couples to question their relationships, and even their reality. Steve Martin’s signature wit is on full display in this absurdist take on life, love and human connection. Expect the unexpected. Meteor Shower is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

More Info & Tickets
7:00 PM
Chase Padgett: Grab Bag Cabaret 
CabaretVenue #16 - PTE – Cherry Karpyshin Mainstage
Chase Padgett

Fringe Fest favourite Chase Padgett (6 Guitars, Nashville Hurricane, Lucky Break) presents a brand new show showcasing his prodigious skills as a guitarist, singer, storyteller and comedian. This show is packed with a random running order of songs, stories and sketches that Chase has been dreaming up for years but haven’t quite fit into any of his other shows. This fun series of experiments will be filled with laughs, music and heart. “Thank God the fringe circuit doesn’t have to lose legends like him to Hollywood” – Orlando Weekly

More Info & Tickets
The Great Gatsby 
Play-DramaVenue #11 - Red River College Polytechnic
Illustrium Creations

Adapted from the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this modern interpretation reexamines the beloved American classic. In 1922, at the height of Prohibition, Nick Carraway leaves the Midwest for the wild Jazz Age parties of New York City and finds himself living next to the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. Over the course of the summer, Nick uncovers a hidden secret between his cousin Daisy and Gatsby. What Nick Carraway comes to learn about himself and the people around him changes his life forever. Have you met Gatsby?

More Info & Tickets
The Kid Was A Spy 
StorytellingVenue #22 - Creative Manitoba
big word/ jem rolls

The true story of Ted Hall, the American teenager who gave the Bomb to the Russians. New York 1944, the youngest physicist in Oppenheimer's atom bomb project asks himself the very serious question: will the world be safer if he gives the bomb to Russia? And he does. The astounding forgotten life, told by Jem Rolls. Creator of THE INVENTOR OF ALL THINGS: 5 STARS - CBC 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal And THE WALK IN THE SNOW: 5 STARS - CBC 5 STARS - Global

More Info & Tickets
7:30 PM
COMMANDO: The Radio Play 
UnclassifiableVenue #18 - The Park Theatre
project pigeon

COMMANDO is back! The explosive radio play is returning to the Winnipeg Fringe, now enhanced for a bigger stage with more sounds, more one-liners, and more Arnold. Adapted from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name, COMMANDO features a cast of voice actors and live sound effects performed with more than 60 props to recreate the 1985 action blockbuster as an old-style radio play. 4 STARS “COMMANDO: The Radio Play is one of the funniest shows [at the Winnipeg Fringe]” — Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press (Twitter)

More Info & Tickets
Happy Go Lucky 
PuppetryVenue #20 - Le Studio at Théâtre Cercle Molière

Award-winning one-woman puppetry show from Japan. It won Producer’s Pick at Cincy Fringe 2023 with an additional show with a full-house standing ovation. "That’s like watching a Pixar animated short come to life." - Orlando Sentinel Some short stories with brilliant characters. All puppets are created and operated by Yanomi Shoshinz, one of the Fringe favourites in North America since 2007. "Shoshinz uncovers universal truths. She has your full attention. The time flies by, so I was surprised it was over." - League of Cincinnati Theatres

More Info & Tickets
Reviewing The Free Press 
Play-ComedyVenue #24 - Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame
Certified Woke Bae Productions

The Winnipeg Free Press has run amok, reviewing each and every Fringe show for decades, completely unabated and without recourse. Well now, it's their turn. In this brand new show, Benji Rothman takes the Winnipeg Free Press to task, diving deep into their history and casting judgement on their performance as Manitoba's leading news outlet.

More Info & Tickets
The Mailroom 
MusicalVenue #25 - The Gargoyle Theatre
JHG Creative

The Mailroom is a new musical comedy that follows a group of four mailroom employees. When their corporate employer opts for an AI-operated mail system, the mailroom guys must decide between giving up or finding a way to fight back and save their jobs. The Mailroom was created by the two-time Harry S. Rintoul Award-winning JHG Creative that brought you World's Fair 1876: The Centennial Exposition (5 STARS), Breaking Up With Me (4 1/2 STARS) and The Cause (4 STARS).

More Info & Tickets
7:45 PM
40 Below 
Play-DramedyVenue #2 - MTC Up the Alley
What If Theatre

Got your transit pass? Two Winnipeg transit drivers, Murdock and Jerry, cross paths on New Year's Eve on the free transit line. As each learns more about the other, they encounter many unique riders who have more in common with them than they initially think. 40 Below grapples with morality, magazine quizzes, lost cats, and what it truly means to be a “good person”.

More Info & Tickets
Barbie: A Parody 
MusicalVenue #19 - CCFM - Antoine Gaborieau Hall
Meraki Theatre Productions

Barbie has a great day every day, but Meraki Theatre has a great day when you see our new show Barbie: A Parody! We’ve reimagined the film and put our own spin on the story, featuring our cast of artists all under the age of 18! Don’t miss this SUBLIME musical parody by the team that brought you the sold-out 2023 Fringe run of Midnight. This heartfelt parody touches on identity and courage and is a reminder to all that we are more than enough. We are all Kenough.

More Info & Tickets
PICASSO lovers & muses 
DanceVenue #6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse
Bolero Dance Theatre

Join PICASSO for a look behind the canvas and the notable women who influenced his art. Through flamenco and Spanish dance, the production highlights the muses and lovers who drove Picasso to create, from his early blue and rose periods to the enigmatic Cubist style that became his trademark. With fans and castanets that are signatures of his native country, the show explores his art, building to the dramatic masterpiece Guernica. The dancers are accompanied by guitarist Philippe Meunier, accordionist Stephen Kiz and singer Onna Lou.

More Info & Tickets
The Magician's Apprentices 
MagicVenue #1 - John Hirsch Mainstage
Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood

A magical and hilarious show featuring Fringe veteran Greg Wood and two apprentices, Wynter and Tanek, who will attempt to out-magic and outdo each other with their trickery and mischief. This fun-filled experience is not to be missed! 5 STARS "The charm of this ever-so-well-done 60-minute act is that the entire family can sit and enjoy the performance together” - CBC 4 STARS "Well-produced show, dazzled the crowd, Wynter’s magical workings are a delight." - Free Press "Inspired, wondrous wholesome fun." - Calantha Jensen

More Info & Tickets
The Naked Mennonite 
StorytellingVenue #15 - Royal Albert
Real Live Entertainment

What would you sacrifice to find the truth? "It's rare to see seven years of Bible college produce such sacrilegious artistry." "Harder shares his story with profound authenticity and vulnerability." "Hilarious and profane in equal measure." "The most Mennonite skin I've seen this year."

More Info & Tickets
8:00 PM
Charged Conversations 
Play-ComedyVenue #7 - Dave Barber Cinematheque
Black Cat Productions

Who got killed by the electric car? Two strangers meet late at night at an EV charging station in rural Alberta which happens to be in a cemetery. There's an electrical current so there may be some shocks. There might also be some paranormal investigations, a seance, auto executives, cowboys and some ghosts even pop by. We’ll need your help answering the question: is it taking so long to charge because of big oil or because a ghost keeps unplugging the car?

More Info & Tickets
Chelsey Grewar: Adult Twin 
Stand-UpVenue #5 - Son of Warehouse
Awkward Cheese Co.

Join Chelsey Grewar for a comedic journey into the world of adult twins. From childhood memories to the uncool realities of aging, Chelsey's wit and observations will have you laughing and reminiscing. Chelsey Grewar: Adult Twin reveals why being a twin isn't always fun, especially when you're the weird one. Double the laughs, double the memories—this is one show you won't want to miss! Who knows, you might be seeing double by the end...

More Info & Tickets
F*ck Marry Kill: The Improv Show 
ImprovVenue #14 - King's Head Pub
FMK Productions

Get ready for a wild night of outrageous improvisation as we play the infamous game "F*ck Marry Kill" live on stage. Long-form comedy improvisation with a killer twist. Actors are assigned secret objectives, and they must race against the clock to complete them all. Set at a remote location suggested by the audience, four friends reunite, with secret desires brewing under the surface. By the end of the day, there will be love, sex, betrayals, a wedding and murder! From the SOLD-OUT run at Tightrope Theatre in Vancouver.

More Info & Tickets
Forbidden Cabaret 
MusicalVenue #21 - MTYP - Mainstage
Melanie Gall Presents

Hidden in the back alleys of Broadway is the grittiest, most decadent club in New York. The year is 1934. Unlicensed musical entertainment is illegal and the Dirty Blues are banned. But not at Club Perroquet: when the midnight hour strikes, the forbidden cabaret begins. Featuring (real!) banned hits: “Pin in Your Cushion,” “What Can You Buy a Nudist on His Birthday?” and “Never Hit Your Grandma With a Shovel (Use an Axe Instead).” Melanie Gall is the award-winning performer of Ingenue (5 STARS) and American Songbook Experience (5 STARS).

More Info & Tickets
Play-DramaVenue #9 - Planetarium Auditorium
Chronically Ch(ill) Productions

Before she was Persephone, she was Kore. The story of a goddess finding her self. A mythical reimagining about mothers and daughters, relationships, starting cults as a power move, and the cycles we find ourselves trapped in. From the company that brought you Medea and the Argonauts, Heart of Stone and Symptom Circus.

More Info & Tickets
Report. Distort. Retort. 
Physical TheatreVenue #8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre
Alembic Theatre Creations

From the classroom to the playground, we are tasked with answering the age-old question— who do you want to be when you grow up— Report. Distort. Retort. delves into explorations of bodily autonomy and trans childhood. How do we allow the world to shape our narratives when the people writing on the blackboards might not have our best interests at heart? Join us as we celebrate the resilience of queer identities and the joy of reclaiming innocence in a world that often demands conformity.

More Info & Tickets
Stand-Up Science Presents: Volcano 
Stand-UpVenue #10 - Asper Centre for Theatre and Film - U of W
Ben Miller

What happens when a comedian walks into a volcano? In 2023, Ben Miller was the artist-in-residence at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, the first stand-up comedian ever selected. This was probably a terrible idea on their part. Come watch this show where scientist-turned-comedian Ben Miller explores volcanology, entomology, Hawaiian history, cats, cookies, and more. And yes, that photo is real. Ben has made people laugh in front of a burning lava lake and he is not afraid of you.

More Info & Tickets
8:30 PM
Play-ComedyVenue #11 - Red River College Polytechnic
American Vaudeville Co.

Patrick Hercamp (Sound and Fury, Castaway the Musical, Weeping Spoon) returns to Winnipeg for the first time since 2018 with Fakespeare. This award-winning vaudevillian comedian condenses some of Shakespeare’s best-loved tragedies, energetically illustrating all the key points, characters and iconic dramatic moments in a fun fast way. This show is for Shakespeare fans and total illiterates alike. There’s something for everyone to enjoy with Patrick’s Fakespeare, and if you’re not careful, you just might learn something!

More Info & Tickets
Joan of Arc Ascending 
Play-DramaVenue #3 - Théâtre Cercle Molière
Doctor Keir Co.

This world premiere solo show invites audiences to rediscover the legendary true-life story of Joan of Arc, enthrallingly revealed through the lens of the miraculous. Experience a portrayal that shatters contemporary doubt and ignites a sense of wonder. Created and performed by Keir Cutler (Teaching Shakespeare, described as "a masterful entertainer" by the Winnipeg Free Press) with music provided by musicology grad student, Manitoban Kyla Kelsey. This marks Keir's 17th presentation at the Winnipeg Fringe.

More Info & Tickets
8:45 PM
Absolute Magic with Keith Brown 
MagicVenue #16 - PTE – Cherry Karpyshin Mainstage
Keith Brown

Absolute Magic is the fusion of mystery, wonder and storytelling in an intimate and interactive theatre setting. Keith has inspired wonder in over 20 countries and counting. A1 Radio named him Toronto’s BEST magician…and he’s not even from Toronto! Critic's Choice Best Magic Show - Orlando Fringe 2023 "Very entertaining" - Eliza Reid, First Lady of Iceland "You're incredible" - Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters "WOW!" - Joe Thornton, NHL

More Info & Tickets
Mornings at Miss Mabel's 
StorytellingVenue #22 - Creative Manitoba
sherri elle theatre

Mornings are never dull at Miss Mabel's! As a nursery school teacher, you never know what your day will bring and it's the things you don't plan for that keep it interesting. Come inside the classroom - there's delight, innocence, injuries, accidents, a cheese mat and stories. Share in the joy of working where you get to play all day, where workplace hazards include biting, hurt feelings and sneezes right in your face, and in the connection between teachers who always put the kids first, even if the world doesn't.

More Info & Tickets
9:00 PM
Rob Teszka: Magic Dropout 
MagicVenue #17 - PTE – Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
Rob Teszka Magic

Rob Teszka, almost-PhD of magic, presents an irreverent magic show about failure! Enjoy a mind-blowing cocktail of tongue-in-cheek takes on everything from Mai Tais to academic burnout. Magic Dropout combines fun magic and heartfelt storytelling, with themes of academic life and the search for meaning. Rob accompanies the audience in laughing at our so-called failures. Come see the show that sold out its run at Vancouver Fringe 2023! Join Rob Teszka, Magic Dropout, for the unexpected results of a decade researching the psychology of magic.

More Info & Tickets
The Dirty Bucket Comedy Show 
Stand-UpVenue #24 - Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame
No Cheat Codes Productions

Late-night comedy every night of the Fringe! Nothing held back in this anything goes comedy show featuring a rotating lineup of the best stand-up comedians at the festival. All with the help of your suggestions for joke topics that will be pulled from a bucket, on the spot. Wild, unpredictable, dirty, fun!

More Info & Tickets
9:15 PM
Play-DramaVenue #25 - The Gargoyle Theatre
Metanoia Theatre Co.

Apoptosis is a gripping one-act drama pulsating with raw emotion and resilience. After a harrowing car accident, Sam faces the terrifying prospect of losing her husband, John. Their journey is fraught with the aftermath of a recent miscarriage, amplifying their pain. As John awakens, they confront their shared trauma, unravelling the tangled web of their relationship. Brace yourself for a riveting exploration of love and survival in the face of adversity.

More Info & Tickets
Dear Jax 
StorytellingVenue #2 - MTC Up the Alley
To the Hilt Productions

Susan Maclean, freelance journalist of 45 years, passed away suddenly after a shocking diagnosis. After her death, her family found letters that she had been writing to a guiding spirit named JAX. Through these letters - and the responses received - we learn her true story and explore caregiving, mental health and grief. In a positive and life-affirming solo show, we experience a mother and son story that proves how communication can go far beyond words.

More Info & Tickets
Nuclear Family 
Play-DramedyVenue #20 - Le Studio at Théâtre Cercle Molière
MaxQ Productions

Justin and Bea are just your average 1960s Canadian couple. They have two kids, a house in the suburbs and a fully-stocked fallout shelter in the basement. But will their detailed survival plans prepare them for challenges more daunting than the atomic bomb - personal secrets, troublesome neighbours and teenage angst? A Cold War dark comedy from the creator of the Harry S. Rintoul Award-nominated Murmurs of Earth and Countdown to Babylon.

More Info & Tickets
9:30 PM
Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry 
MagicVenue #6 - Tom Hendry Warehouse
Dirk Darrow Investigations

From 20-time Fringe Festival award winner Tim Motley (aka Dirk Darrow)… Real live wizard magic! Experience the wonder of world-class wizardry in a realm of messenger owls, robed wizards and flying broomsticks! Marvel at mind-blowing mysteries with cauldrons, goblets and talking snakes. Winner: Magic Award - Adelaide Fringe 2023 
4 STARS “Charms your red and gold socks off” - Winnipeg Free Press 
4 STARS “Seriously impressive” - The List “Barry Potter is a really fun magic show that is worth seeing” - UMFM

More Info & Tickets
Funny Answers to Your Sex Questions 
Stand-UpVenue #9 - Planetarium Auditorium
Collins Entertainment

After appearances in Las Vegas, including a couples convention for swingers, where he was the ONLY single male invited, and SOLD-OUT shows at the Edmonton Fringe, World Famous British Sex Expert Dr. Nigel Cummerbund makes his first visit to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Arrive early to anonymously submit your sex and relationship questions, then watch as Dr. Nigel taps into his vast knowledge or just pulls a half vast answer out of his tush. Prize awarded for funniest/cleverest question at each performance.

More Info & Tickets
kicked in the end: a magic show 
MagicVenue #5 - Son of Warehouse
Shawn DeSouza-Coelho

The wickedly talented Shawn DeSouza-Coelho presents an hour of tricks, laughs and kicks! That’s right! This is the only magic show where, in the end, somebody will be kicked! Kicked out? Kicked in? Kicked back? And what end? Whose end? And just what he is going to do with that wooden spoon!? Come find out the answers to these questions and many more! Don’t let your dreams be dreams, folks! See the charismatic performer the CBC told, “Don’t ever stop creating.”

More Info & Tickets
New Wave Your Behaviour 
StorytellingVenue #1 - John Hirsch Mainstage
Hamilton 7

A man starts having unexpected anxiety episodes at work, requiring a mental health leave and reluctant sessions with a therapist. At the same time, he begins obsessively listening to 80s New Wave music and writing strange songs on his tiny keyboard and drum machine. Has he gone mad? Or has he discovered something that might just save us all? Hailed as "a revelatory journey, as much through music as through actual storytelling" during its sold-out 2023 Hamilton Fringe debut!

More Info & Tickets
The Dungeons 'n' Dragons Improv Show XV: The Skeleton Key 
ImprovVenue #18 - The Park Theatre
Miki Media Inc.

Corruption consumes Heropolis! As the new Queen fights to save her kingdom, The Inspector hunts down the criminals tearing it apart. But danger lurks in the shadows-- The power-hungry Archmage of the Mages Guild plots to steal the Skeleton Key from the leader of the Thieves Guild, a secret magical artifact capable of opening any door. Can a ragtag group of bandits, outlaws and miscreants stop the Archmage and secure the Skeleton Key before it's too late?! Find out at the DnD Improv Show! Every review for the past 14 years: FIVE STARS

More Info & Tickets
Unreal: A Mindreading Experience 
MagicVenue #7 - Dave Barber Cinematheque
Mindshocker Entertainment

Witness as the boundaries of reality blur in this captivating new show. Through a blend of psychology, intuition and audience interaction, Winnipeg’s very own mentalist Brian Arthur astounds with uncanny mind-reading demonstrations. From predicting future events to uncovering hidden memories, each performance is a journey into the extraordinary. Prepare to be mesmerized and challenged as Unreal pushes the limits of perception. Join me for an unforgettable exploration of the mind's deepest mysteries. Prepare to be #MINDSHOCKED!

More Info & Tickets
9:45 PM
Bangs, Bobs & Banter: Confessions of a Hairstylist 
Play-DramedyVenue #10 - Asper Centre for Theatre and Film - U of W
Gravity Theatre

Watch Nikki juggle a cast of colourful clientele that come through her salon, confessing their saucy, sassy and scandalous hair-raising secrets, in this one-woman comedy! Past awards & reviews: SOLD-OUT RUN & SHOWS: Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary Audience Choice Award - Vancouver Fringe “Both comedy and drama, but be prepared for tears” – Orlando Sentinel 4 1/2 STARS "Strong, confident performance" – Winnipeg Free Press “Astute performer…masterful storyteller” – Calgary Herald

More Info & Tickets
Curtain Call Collective presents Dark Horse Theatre's "The Social" 
Play-ComedyVenue #4 - CCFM - Salle Pauline-Boutal
Curtain Call Collective

Confusion and craziness abound in this comedy set entirely in the coatroom during a Manitoba wedding social. A reluctant groom, a drunken best friend, a heartbroken bridesmaid, a domineering mother-in-law and a mysterious foreign uncle are just a few of the guests you’ll meet. Curtain Call Collective is delighted to bring Dark Horse Theatre’s The Social to the 2024 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, after the original show played to sold-out, laughing crowds at the Irish Club in January 2023. Buy your tickets early!

More Info & Tickets
Escape From Winnipeg 
Play-ComedyVenue #21 - MTYP - Mainstage
Plisskin Productions

It's 1997, the future. Winnipeg is now a prison. Snake Plisskin must ESCAPE FROM WINNIPEG to clear their record, and if they feel like it, save the world. Tamlynn Bryson from Bedwetter and from last year's SOLD-OUT 5 STAR run of (in)decision, brings an all-new epic action-comedy filled with puppets, motorcycle chases and dance-offs. 4 1/2 STARS Edmonton Journal calls it a "Pitch-perfect NY spoof" Also, Rod Peter Jr of Kitt & Jane and War of 1812 shows up.

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Rat Academy 
ClownVenue #8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre
Batrabbit Productions

Do you like rats? Good. Come along with Fingers and Shrimp, the last rats left in Alberta, and learn how they survive in a world that hates them. Inspired by Alberta’s famous 1950s rat patrol and mentored by Mump and Smoot, this physical comedy duo will have you clutching your tail. 2023 Edmonton Fringe Holdover Series Sold-out runs at Edmonton and Vancouver Fringe Best of Fest, Staff Pick and Festival Pick 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal

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10:15 PM
The Ethan in the Room 
Play-DramedyVenue #3 - Théâtre Cercle Molière
Stark Raving Productions

The play: From the author of the 2023 Harry S. Rintoul Award honourable mention The scene: A cocktail party nobody quite wants to be at, a convoluted web of games and lies that nobody can quite keep track of. The hosts: George, the boss, a man’s man, a bro (was that convincing?) and of course his lovely wife Marigold, the epitome of feminine charm (for all of 30 seconds.) The guests: Dan and Susan who would rather be almost anywhere but here. Oh, and also, Ethan’s here too.

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