To watch the livestream, visit the festival’s Facebook and YouTube sites. 

Some shows may not be appropriate for children, so please check the audience classification and warnings. Information is provided by the performing companies and details may change prior to the performance.

All show times are CDT.



The ADHD Project, written and performed by Carlyn Rhamey
Presented by Squirrel Suit Productions (Hamilton, ON)
Tue July 14 7:00pm

10X award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up a little bit “Special” and embracing what makes us different. An intimate and hilariously honest journey exploring ADHD and celebrating neurodiversity. Welcome to Carlyn’s world of chaos, creativity and combat with her mind.

★★★★★ “Certainly, one of the funniest shows, with a powerful message to give.” – Royal MTC Teen Critics
★★★★ “A talented storyteller, with a great sense of comic timing.’’ – Edmonton Journal
★★★★ “Rhamey’s warmth and energy radiates.” – NOW Magazine, Toronto
★★★★ “Rhamey’s brilliant storytelling should get even more stage time… She’s just that good.” – The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon

Comedy/Storytelling | Parental Guidance
Some mature themes: Bullying, mental health, disability segregation

JD Edwards Live and Solo by JD Edwards
(Winnipeg, MB)
Tue July 14 7:30pm

JD's eclectic songwriting style draws from a wide variety of musical experiences, honing a loud and gritty repertoire heavily influenced by Country, Blues, R & B and Soul.

Music | General


The Devil Is A Feminist by Kit Mai and Brianna Seferiades
FringeLiveStream presents Femmepire (Hamilton, ON)
Tue July 14 8:00pm

The year is 3092. The suburbs have never been more fabulous. Everyone is, technically, a cyborg. It is standard practice for all babies to have their bio-beauty modifiers, unique to each individual, installed at birth. Children grow up expressing themselves in a wide variety of ranges until they choose their final form on their 50th birthday. These special birthdays are commemorated with annual Pageants of Celebration. The beauty standards of the olden days are long forgotten. That is, until a self-proclaimed minister named Anita discovers the way to salvation. Everything you need to know can be found in a 1950s women’s magazine, dubbed by Anita and her disciples as the New Bible. Anita, together with her team of ill-intended Beauticians, create a competitive pageant of their own. The winner will receive a ticket to heaven: a ‘makeover’.

Dramedy/Comedy | Mature
Warning: Language, content

Jazz Age Garden Party
Jazz Winnipeg presents Sheena Rattai (Winnipeg, MB)
Tue July 14 8:30pm

Jazz Winnipeg is pleased to have Sheena Rattai and Aaron Shorr perform some amazing music for Fringe fans and to support the Jazz Age garden party that will take place outside in the beautiful garden of the historic Dalnavert Museum.

Live music | Family Friendly


Space Hippo (Abridged Edition) by Daniel Wishes
Presented by The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company (Winnipeg, MB)
Tue July 14 9:00pm

The scientists and politicians of our world can agree on three things:
    1. All life on Earth will be wiped out in five years.
    2. There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it.
    3. We should send a Hippo into Space.

★★★★★ – CBC "Funny, delightful, surprisingly touching and beautifully executed"
★★★★★ – Otaku No Culture "Enthralling, charming and delightful" 
★★★★½ – Winnipeg Free Press "Smart, poignant satire with a great big soul, it’s an enchanting cautionary tale."
"More epic than most billion-dollar blockbusters" – Orlando Weekly
"Extremely weird and extremely virtuosic" – The Georgia Straight

Comedy/Puppetry | Parental Guidance


Edgar Allan & Eddie Poe by Nick Ryan & Katie Hartman
Presented by The Coldharts (Brooklyn, NY)
Tue July 14 9:30pm

Eleven-year-old Edgar Allan has only one goal: to be the most remarkable student at boarding school. He has only one obstacle: Edgar Allan.

★★★★★ "The perfect fringe play" – National Post

Dark Musical Comedy | General


Outside Joke, created by the Company
Presented by Outside Joke (Winnipeg, MB)
Tue July 14 10:00pm

Outside Joke navigates improvised theatre via the magic and mystery of THE INTERNET.

Improv | General

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Fireside chat with autistic comedian Adam Schwartz by Adam Schwartz
Presented by Adam Schwartz (Winnipeg, MB)
Wed July 15 7:00pm

Adam Schwartz often feels left behind, being autistic in a world not designed for autistic people. Using comedic wit, he tries to express what he’s going through.

Comedy | Parental Guidance
Warning: Some language may be considered inappropriate


Imagination Situation, created by Jen McDonald & Charlene Van Buekenhout
Presented by Echo Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)
Wed July 15 7:30pm

Sidney has been in self-isolation with her family for 4 hundred and 23 thousand hours (it feels like!) and she’s getting bored. Boredom is ok sometimes but Sidney’s imagination sparks have maxed out! Luckily Ellie and JoJo, two frontline workers in the imagination department of Sidney’s brain, have called an emergency Zoom meeting to help Sidney get her groove back – a physically distanced one of course!   

Puppets dreaming? Crankies storytelling? Yes! From some of the people who brought you Kids Fringe hits:

Ordinary May’s Extraordinary Ways
★★★★★ – Winnipeg Free Press

The Missadventurous Perils Of Pauline 
★★★★ – CBC

Puppetry/ comedy/ mixed media/ kids | Family Friendly

Powers by Ryan Adam Wells
Wed July 15 8:00pm

Songs and stories connect one man's love of comic books and a lifetime of unluckiness in this new piece from award-winning creator of Beers About Songs and The 500 List.



I’m Not Taylor Swift by Anjali Sandhu
(Winnipeg, MB)
Wed July 15 8:30pm

She’s back and she’s STILL not Taylor Swift.

"Keep an eye on this young woman. She’s destined to play big rooms." – Winnipeg Free Press

★★★★ “She's remarkably assured and polished for such a young comedian, with a great sense of timing and a strong stage persona — sarcastic and edgy...” – CBC 

“Sand­hu uses a sharp, whiplash humour that pro­vokes thought as much as laugh­ter, like all the great stand-up come­di­ans, of which there are very few, in my book.” – UMFM
“Aren’t you scared people in the livestream comments will say mean things about you though?” – Anjali’s mom

Stand-Up | Mature
Warning: Course language


TRIGGER WARNING: Contagion, written & performed by Andrea von Wichert
Presented by Sick + Twisted Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)
Wed July 15 9:00pm

Isolated from the effects of a global pandemic in a big prairie town, our hero contemplates pestilence as an archetypal guidepost to the history of colonialism, emotional resilience and interpersonal conflict.

TRIGGER WARNING: contagion is the third in a series of performance lectures circling trauma and the patriarchy from spoken word artist and provocateur Andrea von Wichert.

Spoken Word | Mature
Warning: There will be a frank discussion of trauma and trauma-related topics. There will be a discussion of mental health experiences, some of which some people may find disturbing. There may be discussions about colonialism that could upset complacent white people. Not for the easily upset, morally offended or easily triggered. Not for children under 16.

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen: Pandemic Edition by Mike & Chantelle Delamont
Presented by Mike Delamont (Victoria, BC)
Wed July 15 9:30pm

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen has sold out shows in Winnipeg for nearly a decade and now you can watch from the comfort of your own home as God, dressed in a floral power suit, comes to you online to skewer everything from handwashing to Thermea in a hilarious preview of the all-new Pandemic Edition of God Is A Scottish Drag Queen that is coming to Winnipeg this fall for a socially distanced performance!

Comedy | Mature
Warning: Maybe not for kids?

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Epidermis Circus by Ingrid Hansen, Kathleen Greenfield & Britt Small
Presented by SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles (Victoria, BC)
Thu July 16 7:00pm

From creators of INTERSTELLAR ELDER (★★★★★ – StarPhoenix) & MERKIN SISTERS (“PISS-YOUR-PANTS FUNNY” – Montreal Rampage)

The new frontier in body puppetry and bawdy animation. Celebrate what is beautiful, gooey, powerful and ridiculous about the fragile meatbag of the human form. Hilarious and surreal, we magnify tiny puppetry onto a huge screen. I also puppeteer for Sesame, AppleTV, Treehouse and APTN.

Dedicated to my brother, who made the voice of my food pleading for mercy as I ate it. This show is not for children, unless they have cool parents.

Puppetry | Parental Guidance
Warning: Cartoonish sexual content


Zero Context, music & lyrics by Joseph Aragon; performed by Heather Madill, Ray Padua & Joseph Aragon
Presented by Kiss the Giraffe Productions (Winnipeg, MB)
Thu July 16 7:30pm

What do aliens, Nazis, vampires, nuns, pirates and tap dancing have in common? Joseph Aragon and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival!
Aragon has delighted audiences with his wit and style since 2004, with 11 original musicals (10 of which premiered at the Winnipeg Fringe). With so much material to choose from, it’s really just about the music. How about we sing, and you fill in the context for yourself?

Musical Cabaret | General

Journalism, with Frances Koncan by Frances Koncan
(Winnipeg, MB)
Thu July 16 8:00pm

"The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read." – Oscar Wilde

Journalistic Storytelling Comedy | Mature
Warnings: Will be updated at least 24 hours prior to the performance on social media.


ImproVision: Taste the Accordion by Ed Cuddy, Alan MacKenzie & George McRobb
Presented by ImproVision (Winnipeg, MB)
Thu July 16 8:30pm

Can improv be performed without an accordion (also known as “the old stomach Steinway” and “protector of thy virginity”)? ImproVision is going to find out!

The improvisers who have pushed the envelope with clothespins, mousetraps, puppets and more take perhaps their greatest risk: performing short-form improv based on your suggestions WITHOUT the aid of accordions! Witness the carnage.

★★★★ “…can take even the most bland audience suggestions and spin gold” – Winnipeg Free Press
★★★★★ “…kings of short form improv” – CBC Radio

Improv | Parental Guidance
Warning: Language, content

Random Times with Tush ~ a memoir by Tymisha Harris
Presented by Dynamite Lunchbox Entertainment (Orlando, FL)
Thu July 16 9:00pm

Tymisha and co-creator of Josephine Tod Kimbro sing songs accompanied by laughter and friendship. With A touch of Love, Triumph and Understanding.

Cabaret | Parental Guidance
Warning: Possibility of strong language

Tommy Douglas Keenan with Laura "Bangin'" Olafson by Tommy Douglas Keenan
(Winnipeg, MB)
Thu July 16 9:30pm


Music | General


HUNKS Show by Dana Smith, Matt Nightingale, Rory Fallis & Tim Gray
Presented by HUNKS Comedy (Winnipeg, MB)
Thu July 16 10:00pm

HUNKS is a sketch comedy group based out of Winnipeg. During the era of self-isolation, they performed a weekly YouTube show called "Skit or Die". The group wrote new material each week and performed for a loving and dedicated online audience. We've been performing in the Fringe for the past 5 years.

Sketch Comedy | General

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Devon More or Less, music and musings by Devon More
Presented by Devon More Music (Vancouver, BC)
Fri July 17 7:00pm

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental musician with a slam poet’s soul, Devon’s infectious melodies and insightful lyrics make for chordful commentary. Always serving her indie rock/pop songs with a side of storytelling – and a surprise or two – her one-woman show is more than a concert, and not exactly a play.  
An award-winning playwright and genre-bending performance artist, Devon More’s earworms pack a punch. Once upon a time, she toured nationally with her critically acclaimed 'sonic storytelling' spectacles. 

“Whatever it is, it’s good. ★★★★” – CBC, 2019

Musical Storytelling | General


Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land An Exerpt by Josh Languedoc
Presented by Josh Languedoc (Edmonton, AB)
Fri July 17 7:30pm

Meet Nakota. A young boy who is trying to write the greatest story ever. One day, his grandfather, Rocko, comes over for a visit. Next thing Nakota knows, he is whisked away into a world of stories that are right below his feet. Within the land.

This show explores the interplay between stories of the present against the long-forgotten stories of the past.

“First Nations storytelling at its finest.” – ★★★★★ CBC Manitoba 

“Josh Languedoc is unmatched in his gift and generosity as a storyteller.” – Check the Program Victoria

“The show was truly enjoyable and an intimate window into the soul of an important young artist.” – The Blyth Citizen

Storytelling/Drama | General


Today, Tonight! by Connor Joseph, Cuinn Joseph & Monique Gauthier
Presented by Joseph-Herd Productions (Winnipeg, MB)
Fri July 17 8:00pm

In a world of chaos and uncertainty, a self-described "very professional" news crew tackles current events. Watch as lead anchors John and William Joseph conduct a series of interviews, segments and various commentaries as they delve into the absurd reality wherein they live. For more on this story, tune into Today, Tonight! Here's what's happening in sports.

Written and performed by the 2019 Harry S. Rintoul award-winning company that brought you The Cause.

Comedy | Parental Guidance


The Schleps & Camp COVID
Presented by One Trunk Theatre (Winnipeg, MB)
Fri July 17 8:30pm

Summer camp this year is NOT cancelled because of COVID-19. It’s happening online! Welcome to Camp COVID, an online camp for kids. Adhering to social distancing rules, of course. Every camper will join from the comfort of their own home. No touching! Join our humdinger of a team of camp counsellors as they navigate the wild waters of digital camp. It’s looking pretty choppy out there! No poison ivy, no lost campers, no need to get homesick at sleep-away camp this summer. Just stay at home!

Co-Created by Gwendolyn Collins and Andrea del Campo with Melissa Langdon, Braiden Houle, Cuinn Joseph, Kara Joseph, Liam Zarrillo and PJ Jordan.

The Schleps:
Putting on independent theatre is not for the faint of heart. You have to do everything yourself which basically involves schlepping things all over the city.

Created by Andraea Sartison and Gwendolyn Collins with Melissa Langdon, Braiden Houle, Cuinn Joseph, Kara Joseph and PJ Jordan.

Comedy | Family Friendly


Virtual Fringe Fantasy by Chloe Ziner & Jessica Gabriel aka Mind of a Snail
Presented by Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. (Vancouver, BC)
Fri July 17 8:45pm

Feeling a little stir-crazy? Missing going out to see live theatre shows? Craving the connection you get from hearing a Fringe artist pitch their show, having a beer at the beer tent or watching outdoor performers at the Cube? Relax, as Mind of a Snail helps manifest our desired illusions into virtual realities.

Through state-of-the-art technology (overhead projectors combined with the internet), a lucky volunteer will be beamed LIVE into Mind of a Snail's avant-garde sanctuary-laboratory-living room theatre. Side effects may include lucid dreaming, eureka moments, fits of laughter and acid flashbacks. By bending time together using technology, we will attune to reality via a shared moment of visual Fringe fantasy!

Puppetry/unclassifiable | PG
Warning: This is live so anything can happen!


Old Man Dad Rock by Cory Wojcik and The Good Show Band
Presented by Cory Wojcik and The Good Show (Winnipeg, MB)
Fri July 17 9:15pm

Old Man Dad Rock. A live stream music show guaranteed to make you nostalgic for your Dad’s garage.

A show created during quarantine by Cory Wojcik to fill the void of not being able to jam with his pals. What happened was a place for friends to gather online to say hi and share some laughs. Now that restrictions have lifted, join Cory and his band as they rock and or roll. BYOsocks and sandals.

Musical | Parental Guidance


The Collapsing Future Cabaret

Presented by the Fringe Performer Cabaret
Fri July 17 10:00pm

 A collection of veteran fringe artists bring the spirit of the Winnipeg Midnight Cabaret to life!
Featuring: Chloe Ziner, Jessica Gabriel, Shane adamcazk, Patrick Hercamp, Les Kirkendaal-Barret, S.E. Grummett, Sam Kruger, Devon More, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Ashley Whitehead, Ingrid Hansen, Daniel Wishes, Seri Wishes, TJ Dawe, Josh Languedoc, Melanie Gall, Jeff Leard, Valerie Cotic, Tara Travis, Shawn O’Hara, Abdul Aziz, Ryan Adam Wells, Martin Dockery, Chase Padgett, Jonathan Patterson, Sydney Hayduk
Cabaret |  Mature

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