Missed the live show? A replay of all four days of the festival will be available for the rest of the summer on the festival's Facebook and YouTube sites. 

Beyond The Winnipeg Fringe

We've put together a list of plays from past Winnipeg Fringe participants, as well as from artists we hope to see perform here in the future. Check out these plays available online.

For show descriptions and info, please CLICK HERE. All show times are CDT.
Note: some shows may not be appropriate for children, so please review audience classification and warnings.

Host: Ray Strachan
Co-Host Companies: Outside Joke, Sick + Twisted Theatre, HUNKS Comedy and One Trunk Theatre

Tuesday, July 14


7:00 pm The ADHD Project presented by Squirrel Suit Productions
7:30pm JD Edwards Live and Solo 
8:00pm The Devil Is A Feminist presented by FringeLiveStream presents Femmepire
8:30pm Jazz Age Garden Party presented by Jazz Winnipeg presents Sheena Rattai
9:00pm Space Hippo (Abridged Edition) presented by The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company 
9:30pm Edgar Allan & Eddie Poe presented by The Coldharts
10:00pm Outside Joke

Wednesday, July 15


7:00pm Fireside chat with autistic comedian Adam Schwartz 
7:30pm Imagination Situation presented by Echo Theatre
8:00pm Powers by Ryan Adam Wells
8:30pm I’m Not Taylor Swift by Anjali Sandhu
9:00pm TRIGGER WARNING: Contagion presented by Sick + Twisted Theatre
9:30pm God Is A Scottish Drag Queen: Pandemic Edition presented by Mike Delamont

Thursday, July 16


7:00pm Epidermis Circus presented by SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles
7:30pm Zero Context presented by Kiss the Giraffe Productions
8:00pm Journalism, with Frances Koncan
8:30pm ImproVision: Taste the Accordion
9:00pm Random Times with Tush~ a memoir presented by Dynamite Lunchbox Entertainment
9:30pm Music by Tommy Douglas Keenan with Laura "Bangin'" Olafson
10:00pm HUNKS Show presented by HUNKS Comedy

Friday, July 17


7:00pm Devon More or Less presented by Devon More Music
7:30pm Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land - An Excerpt by Josh Languedoc
8:00pm Today, Tonight! presented by Joseph-Herd Productions
8:30pm The Schleps & Camp COVID presented by One Trunk Theatre
8:45pm Virtual Fringe Fantasy presented by Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.
9:15pm Old Man Dad Rock presented by Cory Wojcik and The Good Show

As a special wrap up to our Virtually Yours livestream event, we have a treat for Fringe fans. Some of your favourite performers have created a special video edition of the Performer Cabaret. We think this is an amazing way to wrap up our special Winnipeg Fringe Festival online event. Enjoy!

10:00pm  The Collapsing Future Cabaret presented by the Fringe Performer Cabaret 

Featuring: Chloe Ziner, Jessica Gabriel, Shane adamcazk, Patrick Hercamp, Les Kirkendaal-Barret, S.E. Grummett, Sam Kruger, Devon More, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Ashley Whitehead, Ingrid Hansen, Daniel Wishes, Seri Wishes, TJ Dawe, Josh Languedoc, Melanie Gall, Jeff Leard, Valerie Cotic, Tara Travis, Shawn O’Hara, Abdul Aziz, Ryan Adam Wells, Martin Dockery, Chase Padgett, Jonathan Patterson, Sydney Hayduk


Thanks to the support of our donors and government funders, we're able to provide honorariums to each of the companies participating in Virtually Yours, #WpgFringe while keeping programming free and accessible!

Each year, the Fringe provides the resources and infrastructure for artists to share their creativity; if you’re able to make a donation, that gift today will sustain the festival and help us return bigger and better than ever in 2021!