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Downside Up Productions - Play-Drama
Venue #28 - Thu July 19, 9:00 PM

Two people. Trapped in an abyss. Refusing to get along. In this absurdist/existentialist play two people struggle with feelings of fear, disconnection and anger at each other, the space and themselves. With no memory of who they are or who they are to each other, they have to confront how and why people come to hate each other, as well as how to move forward. This is a companion piece to last year's Anomie (winner of the Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba Play at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe).

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Cory Thibert - Storytelling
Venue #11 - Wed July 18, 8:15 PM

Award-winning actor, writer and storytelling champion Cory Thibert embodies his 19-year-old self as he uncovers the truth behind what sets his family apart. This coming-of-age story with a twist explores how having parents with disabilities challenges what a “normal” family can look like. Hilarious. Honest. Impactful. Director: Linnea Gwiazda Writer/Performer: Cory Thibert Dramaturge: TJ Dawe By the co-creator of: Happiness™, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press Wolves>Boys, 5 STARS - CBC GARY, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

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Bad Habits 
A Little Bit Off - Play-Comedy
Venue #20 - Wed July 18, 9:15 PM

From the 20-time award-winning company that brought you Beau & Aero and Bella Culpa (Edmonton Fringe Best of Fest 2015, 2016) - a show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light...and stay in it. An absurd comedic look at the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine and the temptations they face. SINsational! NUNsensical! POPEular! Mind ALTARing! The Holy Grail of Comedy! We pray you'll join us. 4 1/2 STARS - Fourth Wall Media 4 1/2 STARS - Saskatoon StarPhoenix 4 STARS - Edmonton Journal 4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

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Balls of Yarns 
Paul Strickland Presents - Storytelling
Venue #8 - Thu July 19, 10:00 PM

A Weird-larious One-Man Musical Road Trip! This is a wild new world (and Canadian premiere) from Paul Strickland, writer/performer of last year’s hit Ain't True & Uncle False (5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press) and 2016’s Papa Squat (“a minor miracle”, 5 STARS - CBC). Travel to a strange town where creaky doors sing with you, libraries are separate from truth-braries, and extraordinary stories are shared through yarn and tin can. David Lynch meets The Wizard of Oz in this one-man musical comedy!

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Blue Horses 
Real Live Entertainment - Play-Comedy
Venue #22 - Thu July 19, 9:45 PM

Travel back to a time when summer evenings meant riding your bike to a friend’s backyard and catching fireflies at dusk. Yesterday was visiting your great-aunt and tomorrow is violin lessons, but tonight it’s just you and your friends. The only limit is your imagination, so anything is possible (even blue horses). Real Live Entertainment debuted Blue Horses this year in Virden at ACTfest before headlining Steinbach’s inaugural 1-Act Festival. They're thrilled to ‘mount’ the show once more for the Winnipeg Fringe.

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Brain Machine 
Andrew Bailey - Storytelling
Venue #3 - Thu July 19, 12:00 PM

From the five-star creator of The Adversary and Me, the Queen, and a Coconut. Scientists create the web to bring worldwide “harmony and understanding." Chaos ensues. Andrew Bailey escapes technology for a cabin in the woods, where he accidentally creates a viral video. Chaos ensues. Brain Machine premiered at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe, selling out its run! "Brain Machine is fascinating, informative, personal, and relevant...Go, learn, laugh, take hope." - The Georgia Straight. "Bailey is confident, charming, a pro...Go see it." - Word Press

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Cock Tales: Shame on Me! 
Debra Ehrhardt - Play-Dramedy
Venue #12 - Thu July 19, 12:00 PM

Directed by Joel Zwick (Big Fat Greek Wedding), Debra Ehrhardt shares true stories of up-close-and-personal encounters with those very complicated 'members' of the opposite sex. From her early years as a young girl raised in a religious family, through her sexual awakening as a young adult, she takes us on a bumpy ride over a funny, sexy and emotionally rocky road. "Guaranteed laughter" - "Unforgettable performance...a must see" -

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Daddy's Boy 
Erik de Waal Productions - Storytelling
Venue #4 - Thu July 19, 1:45 PM

Heroes and villains, birds of a feather, oil and water – father and son. Erik de Waal explores the rocky, sometimes exuberant relationship between two men who share the same blood and often very little else. 5 STARS “The South African storytelling machine returns with his most affecting tale yet.” - CBC

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Dreams Catch Her 
Girls with Pie - Play-Dramedy
Venue #11 - Tue July 24, 3:15 PM

Heather Witherden (The Doula, Tazzy’s Angels, Smut Slam) and Sherri Pierce (Phoebe’s Fractured Fairytales, Real Live Entertainment’s The Mousetrap, Blue Horses) offer this reflective look at girlhood dreams, those realized and those unfulfilled. These storytellers share glimpses, both humorous and poignant, into the conflict between what the world tells women they want and what they want for themselves. What if dreams don’t come true? What if they do? “If we own the story, then we can write the ending.” - Brene Brown

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Flute Loops 
Devon More Music - Musical
Venue #4 - Fri July 20, 11:00 PM

With the latest viral hipster band due onstage any moment, a quantum physics student under the influence (of Stephen Hawking) attempts to warp space-time. Quarks, quirks and the substance of sound collide in a subatomic pop opera where anything that can happen does. With her “masterful blend of musical storytelling” (Plank Magazine), West Coast indie darling DEVON delivers MORE than just MUSIC in a positively charged electronic/acoustic mash-up of cosmic content and contagious melodies.

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Fractured Expectations 
Timeless Weaver - Play-Comedy
Venue #5 - Mon July 23, 3:30 PM

What kinds of expectations do you have in life? Finish your degree and immediately find your dream job? Go on a blind date and find the person of your dreams? Expectations can become a positive mantra to help you achieve your goals. Other times they can be a curse: an endless stream of disappointments. Fractured Expectations is a comedic exploration of how to survive in a world of well wishes and inevitability.

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Game On 
Gearshifting Performance Works - Dance
Venue #6 - Thu July 19, 12:00 PM

With 201 Fringe performances under her belt, Jolene Bailie returns with an ensemble cast. Athletic, energetic, full of vitality, award-winning work. “Winnipeg dance artist Jolene Bailie is a festival favourite, and no wonder. Her latest meditation on life offers an hour of evidence that innovation is everything in performance art.” - Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun Previous Fringe productions: 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Vancouver Sun, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, CBC Manitoba Numerous Best of Fest awards and sold-out shows.

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God Bless Cambodia 
Randy Ross - Play-Dramedy
Venue #11 - Sat July 21, 12:00 PM

A misguided sexual adventure spanning four continents and featuring: Ambien, Pepto-Bismol and a body spa named The Curious Finger. An unflinching look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and paying for a hand job. Praise for novelist/Fringe veteran Randy Ross's previous show: "A quality solo show" - Edinburgh Fringe "Compelling" "Flawless" - Pittsburgh Fringe 4 STARS - Winnipeg Fringe

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Knavish Hedgehog Productions - Play-Drama
Venue #16 - Fri July 20, 3:15 PM

5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press (2015 & 2016) 5 STARS – CBC (2016) “Fantastic Shakespeare productions…hugely talented” - CBC (2017) The war is over. All is well. But soon after a hard-won victory, the king dies in his sleep, and his brother steals both the queen and the throne. Hamlet, the rightful heir, is then spurred to murder. Watch as the Knavish Hedgehogs and Shakespeare In the Ruins alumni - including director Arne MacPherson - bring The Bard's unforgettable revenge thriller to life. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark..."

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I Think I'm Dead 
Thunder Blunder - Storytelling
Venue #11 - Mon July 23, 1:45 PM

Insomnia keeping you up at night? Well, it's also ruining Al's life. I Think I'm Dead is a caffeine-fuelled comedic storytelling journey into one man's struggles with unconsciousness. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder whether or not you're alive! From two-time Just For Laughs Award winner Al Lafrance Winner: Audience Choice + Best Solo Show, Halifax Fringe 4 STARS - VUE Weekly

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INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space 
SNAFU - Play-Comedy
Venue #17 - Wed July 18, 10:15 PM

A fierce lone geriatric astronaut is adrift in a spaceship protecting the last of humankind: cryogenically frozen Human Cargo. “A genius of physical comedy”- Entertainment World 5 STARS “Hilarious. Her physicality is impeccable. Absurd and profoundly human.” - The StarPhoenix "Immense heart and powerful imagery. This play will forever change the way you see theatre.” - Theatre Hub From the Co-Creator of Little Orange Man (5 STARS - VueWeekly), Snack Music (5 STARS - CBC) & The Merkin Sisters (5 STARS - Theatre in London)

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Let's Prank Call Each Other 
Zach Dorn - Puppetry
Venue #5 - Thu July 19, 5:15 PM

Friedrich Nietzsche leads a gaggle of beauty queens in a riot within a budget hotel room; a man avenges the death of his Brussels Griffon on the streets of Nagoya, Japan; and a puppeteer attempts to resurrect the art of prank calling. These stories create the surreal and fast-paced live-action comic book Let’s Prank Call Each Other. Puppeteer Zach Dorn narrates these original tales as digital cameras are manipulated through cardboard streets and overhead projectors illuminate silhouettes.

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Lip Service 
Pulsive Party - Play-Comedy
Venue #2 - Wed July 18, 10:15 PM

Will you come? Maybe-a-labia. They’re pink! They’re passionate! They’re practically perfect in every play. Through saucy song and aggressive choreography, this hilarious duo dives into cheeky vulva personas in search of acceptance of themselves and of each other. “Clever, fascinating, and absorbing” - Plank Magazine “Humorously subverts societal expectations in unexpected ways” – Vandocument

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Martin Dockery: Wide-Eyed 
Martin Dockery - Storytelling
Venue #26 - Wed July 18, 9:00 PM

A preposterous, true story about comic desperation and neurotic triumph in a city both Forbidden and Wondrous. “Dockery knows how to spin even the most common occurrence into a gripping yarn. This vibrant New Yorker delivers his tales with such verve, wit and insight, and he is so engaging and evocative that he makes the audience believe they are sharing the experience with him." - Chortle, London, UK. "Best storyteller in the U.S.” - Orlando Sentinel “A masterful storyteller” - The Herald Sun, Melbourne This is a world premiere.

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A Nightmare On East Hastings: A Comedy. 
Bessie Jean Productions - Storytelling
Venue #24 - Wed July 18, 8:45 PM

Bill is proud to return to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival with an autobiographical comedy about his misadventures while managing residential properties in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, “Canada’s most notorious neighbourhood.”

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GoodSide Productions - Storytelling
Venue #11 - Fri July 20, 10:30 PM

It’s about aging and death - only WAY funnier! Susan’s fifth one-woman comedy travels the rocky road from denial to grumpy acceptance of the last (and second-best) stage of life. Her most recent Fringe hit was Spilling Family Secrets. 4 1/2 STARS “Riveting storyteller” - Edmonton Sun 4 STARS “Freedman is charismatic” - Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS “Clearly connects with her audience...a solid bet” - CBC Manitoba “Hilarious show...pithy and hilarious observations about getting older” - Georgia Straight Vancouver

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It's All Relative Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #3 - Mon July 23, 10:45 PM

Best friends Morgan and Julie have awful luck with dating. Julie just got out of a relationship and forgets how to date, and Morgan can’t remember the last time she had a worthwhile date. They place a high-stakes bet to see who can be the first to go on one great date. They experience catfishing, ghosting and cushioning, as they maneuver the dating world. From the creative team that brought you Filter This, which Ace Burpee called “one of the best things I’ve seen at Winnipeg Fringe ever.”

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Puppet Guy, Africa's top ventriloquist 
Conrad Koch - Puppetry
Venue #5 - Thu July 19, 10:30 PM

Conrad Koch, South Africa’s top ventriloquist, and his boss, SA’s most famous puppet Chester Missing, bring an hour of hilarious ventriloquism with an African flavour to Canada. Conrad, a double international EMMY-nominated comedian, as seen at JFL Montreal, gives life to everything from his own hoodie to feather dusters; makes someone talk using the Snapchat app; introduces Africa’s most dangerous animal, a vegetarian mosquito; and even turns an audience member into a lion. Grrrr. “I almost cried with laughter” - The Herald

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Merlyn Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #9 - Thu July 19, 12:00 PM

The Fringe hit returns! This comical adaptation of PUSS IN BOOTS stays true to the ideas of the classic TAIL, with plenty of new laughs for the whole family! Filled with audience participation, every young play-goer helps defeat the town ogre before a poor miller's son can marry his princess - all masterminded by a talking cat, of course! Geared for ages three and up, from the producer of Snow White, Brothers Grimm, Ming Lee, and many more! The 2014 run played to packed houses. Book your tickets right MEOW!

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She Was a Great Dad 
Jeremy Productions - Play-Drama
Venue #4 - Mon July 23, 10:30 PM

CANADIAN PREMIERE! Fringe veteran Susan Jeremy (P.S. 69, Brazil Nuts,Teacher in the House) returns to her favorite Fringe with this timely tale of love, jazz and secrecy. It’s 1950 and Johnny Swinton, an accomplished musician, husband and father, has a secret - he's a woman. Inspired by the life of American jazz musician Billy Tipton. Critics have praised her previous shows: "Brilliant impersonator, Jeremy is the real deal" - Winnipeg Free Press “One of the most memorable storytellers on the fringe circuit" - Calgary Herald

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Tales Too Tall for Trailers 
Theatre Mobile - Play-Comedy
Venue #9 - Wed July 18, 6:30 PM

Impressing your trailer park family is hard. Especially when they’re make-believe. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Mark Twain in this TALL-TALE MUSICAL COMEDY! Never before seen in Winnipeg! Y’all come back to Big-Fib Trailer Park, home of Paul Strickland’s Ain't True & Uncle False (5 STARS - Free Press) and Papa Squat (5 STARS - CBC) as Paul introduces Erika Kate MacDonald (Evacuated! 4 1/2 STARS - Free Press) to his wacky family! 5 STARS “A must see…The music and jokes come together to make Tales Too Tall something magical.” - Edmonton Sun

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There Ain't No More!  
Lil Theatre Company - Play-Dramedy
Venue #2 - Wed July 18, 8:30 PM

2017 Winner of Critics' Pick “Best Show”- Orlando Fringe, Patrons Pick - PortFringe and Outstanding National Act - St. Lou Fringe In his final concert, an old folksinger confronts his past, his legacy and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calls and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny. This tour-de-folk operetta addresses the faded and sometimes troubled legacy of American folk culture. “Powerful...worth seeking out” - Washington Post “a Renaissance of Americana” - Chelsea Now 5 STARS - KC Applauds

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This Might Help 
Garçon! - Storytelling
Venue #3 - Wed July 25, 9:15 PM

Meet two amazing storytellers: Trina and Sam! Trina needs help with her everyday anxiety and Sam knows just the thing. Join them as they learn to use a special (and real) form of therapy that’s all about tapping into your creativity, bringing your heroes to life, and adding some love and laughter to your not-so-good memories. Hilarious, honest and heartfelt, Trina and Sam will show you how to look anxiety in the face and smile. Who knows, it just might help!

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Throne Life 
The Electronic Gospel - Storytelling
Venue #12 - Thu July 19, 11:30 PM

Electronic Music is the driving force that creates the Electronic Gospel. The main character finds his Life in a State of Complete Destruction. He falls to his knees and seeks Wisdom from the Throne of God. The answer unfolds an Explosive Revelation. In order to become Wise, you must become a Fool.

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Today, For Now 
new best friend - Play-Comedy
Venue #9 - Fri July 20, 12:00 PM

The bad news? We’re going extinct. The good news? It wasn’t our fault. The end is coming. We can’t stop it but before that, we’ve got to live with it. What would we do with our time if there were only 14 more sunrises? Tear ourselves apart? File that report that’s due Friday? Finally send that text to our attractive cousin? An apocalyptic comedy about everything but the end of the world by Valerie Cotic (Mars 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal) and Jeff Leard (The Jupiter Rebellion 5 STARS - Edmonton Sun).

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The Woods Witch 
Little Fox Theatre - Play-Dramedy
Kids Venue - Fri July 27, 10:00 AM

Emma is having a MYTHICALLY bad day! She fought with her mom, got lost in the dark woods and...a witch turned her brother into a swan! Now Emma must outsmart sphinxes, sirens and giant spiders to save her brother while working through her feelings about her dad passing away. An exciting adventure for the young at heart, using Greek mythology, puppetry and magic to explore how to handle difficult feelings at any age. Developed with the generous support of Playwrights Workshop Montreal and the Young Creators Unit.

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Your Brain On Anxiety 
Sheep On A Mission - Play-Drama
Venue #8 - Thu July 26, 10:45 PM

Every aspect of your perception of life comes from your brain. All of your senses, your experiences and your emotions, all your thoughts, dreams, desires and actions begin there. This is your brain. But there is an epidemic that is destroying the minds of many people. It is plaguing them with an overwhelming amount of internal stimulus, immobilizing their bodies and rendering their brains ineffective at best and self-destructive at worst. This is Your Brain On Anxiety. Any questions?

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