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All of Human History in 7 Stories 
So Lonely Productions - Storytelling
Venue #4 - Wed July 13, 6:00 PM

Is it possible to tell the story of human existence in one hour? Find out as George takes you on a wild 50,000-year ride in a performance that amuses and entertains as it asks the big questions about what we’ve done and why it matters. Discover why Ghengis Khan was the original gangster, a giraffe is the ultimate status symbol, and Marie Antoinette’s court was basically the lunchroom from Mean Girls. From the creator of I Lost on Jeopardy: 5 STARS “one-man master class in punchy, engaging storytelling” – Winnipeg Free Press

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The Sex Life of Butterflies 
Martin Dockery - Storytelling
Venue #5 - Wed July 13, 6:00 PM

Billed as “the best storyteller in the US” (Orlando Sentinel), Dockery’s comedic, ridiculous and deeply personal story dives headlong into the mysterious connection between love and death. Funny, true and heartbreaking - sometimes all at once. Not to be missed! 5 STARS "A verbal magician” - NOW Magazine, Toronto “Intimate and hilarious” - Georgia Straight, Vancouver “Deliriously entertaining” - Orlando Weekly “Hilarious, life-affirming, poignant and ridiculous" - Charleston City Paper “Storytelling at its finest.” - City Paper, Rochester

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Songs From A Wine-Stained Notebook 
Big Empty Barn Productions - Musical
Venue #22 - Wed July 13, 6:00 PM

Guided by the drunken muse of poet Charles Bukowski, Bremner celebrates inebriation, revelry and community. With songs from Tom Waits, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Sinatra and maybe even Rihanna, this cabaret concert honours the fun, heartbreak and magic of a night out at the bar. Bremner is thrilled to be back at the Winnipeg Fringe! "He will have you close to tears one moment and laughing the next - an absolute joy to watch.” - New Orleans Defender Magazine “Sleazy. Stirring. Utterly memorable.” - The Sunday Times, UK

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Ask Me Anything 
Keep It Movin' Productions - Storytelling
Venue #7 - Wed July 13, 6:15 PM

Una’s been called a “TOUR DE FORCE” - The Montreal Gazette. Winner: BEST OF FEST for Recess, Winnipeg Fringe Vulvas, penises and pandemics! Ask Me Anything is a hilarious show about the ups and downs of a Sex Ed teacher who doesn’t have any of the answers. The newest work from award-winning performer/playwright Una Aya Osato, based on their own life in all the above. A tell-all adventure into the pleasure and pain of promising more than you can offer.

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African Folktales with Erik de Waal 
YAP Theatre - Storytelling
Kids Venue - Wed July 13, 6:30 PM

THE HIT SHOW IS BACK! Half a million kids on five continents loved African Folktales. Talking giraffes, zany zebras, galumphing elephants and much more magic. African Folktales come to vibrant life through storytelling, puppetry, physical comedy and lots of laughs. 5 STARS “It’s superb. Don’t miss it.” - CBC Manitoba 5 STARS “The man just knows how to tell a story.” - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS “de Waal's physical comedy is impeccable... It's great, as is this whole performance.” - StarPhoenix

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Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired) 
Jeremy Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #3 - Wed July 13, 8:00 PM

Canadian Premiere! Susan Jeremy ( P.S. 69, Teacher in the House) accidentally became a teacher after years of stand-up and being fired from almost every survival job. She was scarred for life when let go from Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips. But, she persevered, only to be fired as a clown, an usher and a roller-skating cigarette girl. Critics have said about her previous work: "Larger than life and twice as funny" - Globe and Mail "Jeremy is an excellent storyteller" - Calgary Herald "A comic powerhouse" - Winnipeg Sun

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AWAY, NOW - The World's Most Desired Destination 
Paul Strickland Presents - Play-Comedy
Venue #4 - Wed July 13, 9:15 PM

18-time Best of Fest winners and international Fringe favourites return! Flight of the Concords meets Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in this HILARIOUS, SONG-FILLED VARIETY SHOW FOR ADULTS guaranteed to be the Greatest Theatrical Performance of a Travel Guide to a Place You Can’t Go! Sidesplitting surrealist stories! Silly songs! Spuppets! S! "These two are comedic geniuses" - Pittsburgh Stage | Best Variety Show - Orlando Fringe From the creators of: Ain't True & Uncle False and Tales Too Tall for Trailers 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

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Field Zoology 201 
Shawn O'Hara - Play-Comedy
Venue #5 - Wed July 13, 9:45 PM

A follow-up to the award-winning hit comedy Field Zoology 101! Armed with a collection of stories almost as unbelievable as his credentials, infamous Field Zoologist Brad Gooseberry returns from a court-ordered sabbatical to bring you up to date on the newest and most exciting developments in the animal sciences. 4 STARS “Brilliant” - Edmonton Journal 4 STARS “A first-rate comedic talent” - Winnipeg Free Press “Never stops surprising” - Georgia Straight “Shawn O’Hara is my new Fringe hero.” - Colin Thomas, Fresh Sheet

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God Is A Scottish Drag Queen (Best Of) 
Mike Delamont - Play-Comedy
Venue #21 - Wed July 13, 9:45 PM

5 STARS “Standup comedy with soul” - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS “Comedy everyone can relate to” - CBC Manitoba God Is A Scottish Drag Queen celebrates 10 years on the Fringe! God, dressed in a floral powersuit, returns to set the record straight on everything from Adam and Eve to menopause in a hilarious and unforgettable “Best Of” performance combining the favourite jokes and stories from all eight productions. Come and see why God has become the most popular show on the Fringe!

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Peachy Keen Productions - Unclassifiable
Venue #6 - Wed July 13, 10:15 PM

Waking up in a crop circle of your own making. You are in the middle of it and there are no footprints. It’s all normal until it’s not. Profanity in prayer. From the collaborators of III, Writing on the Stall, Purge, Jellyfish are Immortal, Angels & Aliens, Village Ax and Bizarro Obscure.

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Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life 
Quivering Dendrites - Storytelling
Venue #17 - Wed July 13, 10:15 PM

SOLD OUT 2019 WINNIPEG FRINGE. 5 STARS - WINNIPEG FREE PRESS. One of 18 worldwide 'Best of' shows selected to participate in the Fringe Encore series, Off-Broadway at the historic SoHo Playhouse in New York City in 2019. Sell-out run. Finalist for the Offies OnComm award, Edinburgh 2022. An inspirational true story about overcoming obstacles, pursuing passions and the healing power of music. A heartfelt passion project that began as an idea after a devastating life event caused Keith Alessi to think differently about his future.

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Drawing Board Productions - Storytelling
Venue #7 - Thu July 14, 11:00 AM

You’ve heard the jokes about bedwetters, but have you listened to the stories? Tamlynn Bryson recounts her sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious, and completely true story of becoming a woman while still feeling like a child. 5 STARS "Wonderfully crafted, funny, and touching” - Theatre in London “Very inspiring” - Steel City Girl Reviews “Bryson’s delivery is unfailingly excellent” - “Please go see Bedwetter; you’ll be so glad you did" - View Magazine

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Monster Makers 
North Kildonan Community Players - Musical
Venue #1 - Thu July 14, 11:00 AM

The Canadian premiere of MONSTER MAKERS; a musical triple-feature inspired by the tales of the most famous monster movies in history! In 1920s Germany, Bram Stoker’s estate sues the production of Nosferatu for copyright infringement on Dracula. In 1930s Hollywood, make-up artist Jack Pierce fights to create the iconic look for Frankenstein’s monster. In 1970s England, actor Peter Cushing races to finish horror sequels before the studio shuts down. These monster makers discover that sometimes, real-life can be more frightening than the movies!

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Macabre Tales of Horror and Macabreness (kinda?) 10 Year HELLebration 
Puppy in Pants Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #6 - Thu July 14, 12:45 PM

BACK FROM THE DEAD, 2010’s chillarious five-star monster smash was to be resurrected for its 10th terrifying anniversary, but if any remount was gonna be cursed by a two-year plague… Like Frankenstein’s monster, this revolting remount, stitched together from the original 2010 show and two shriekquels, pays terrifying tribute to EC Comics, shlocky gimmick-filled horror movies and live spook shows of old! WARNING: the scares get up ghost and personal; even in the audience, you’re not safe… 5 STARS “So funny, it’s scary" – Winnipeg Free Press

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Fringe Family Fun Show 
Comedy Illusions of Greg Wood - Magic
Venue #10 - Thu July 14, 1:00 PM

A high-quality show featuring humour, feats of magic and hilarious audience participation. Magic was meant to be funny. And it was meant to be enjoyed by everyone. 5 STARS "Polished and professional, Wood has a delightful rapport with his audience and keeps the crowd laughing and smiling right to the end" - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS “He’s a pro. His magic is well-honed and he’s funny.” - Christopher Read, CBC "...the act never fails to reduce the audience to tears of laughter." - The Neepawa Banner

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A Thousand Words 
C. Neil Parsons - Storytelling
Venue #8 - Thu July 14, 2:45 PM

In 1969, Chris Parsons served as a combat photographer in Vietnam. Combining his pictures with original music and dance, trombonist C. Neil Parsons (Fruit Flies Like a Banana) recounts tales of danger, resilience, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. “It’s unlikely anyone will forget the tragic beauty of this very personal story of one man that resonates with the loss of thousands.” – Plays With John & Wendy

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One Man Back to the Future (A Parody) 
Historic Jukebox - Play-Comedy
Venue #6 - Thu July 14, 2:45 PM

“We’ve got to get…Back to the Future!” With some help from you, Fringe favourite Shelby Bond brings all the comedy, excitement and time travel of the original movie to the Winnipeg Fringe. In less than an hour, at 88 mph, Shelby messes with the space/time continuum as he does every character, sound effect and guitar solo leading up to the movie’s dramatic 81-jiggowat ending. Come see one of the best films of all time, brought back to life in front of you. “The most fun” - Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS “This show is your density” - CBC

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Tango, to the Pointe 
PointeTango - Dance
Venue #1 - Thu July 14, 3:00 PM

Award-winning dance company PointeTango returns to the stage with a spectacular new show where ballet and tango coalesce. With powerful lifts and fiery footwork, audiences will be mesmerized by PointeTango’s sultry duo as they pirouette, leap and bourrée across the stage with the passion of Argentine tango...on Pointe! 5 STARS “Scott-Kafadar makes dancing on pointe shoes look effortless” - Saskatoon StarPhoenix 5 STARS “Richardson’s choreography is a joy to behold” - Check the Program

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The Stakeout 
big word performance/ jem rolls - Play-Dramedy
Venue #5 - Thu July 14, 4:30 PM

A comedy/drama about two men on a stakeout of two men who may be on a stakeout of them. Fresh, funny and fearless. A head trip about fathers, sons and one’s sense of self. Wild, dramatically ambitious and disorienting in the best possible way. A world premiere! Directed by Vanessa Quesnelle. Starring Andrew Broaddus & Martin Dockery (Moonlight After Midnight, 2019). Written by Dockery, who's been touring the worldwide circuit since 2009, garnering 50 awards for his solo shows and plays. This is his 15th production at the Winnipeg Fringe.

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Daddy's Boy 
Erik de Waal - Storytelling
Venue #5 - Thu July 14, 8:00 PM

Heroes and villains, birds of a feather, oil and water – father and son. South African Erik de Waal explores the rocky, sometimes exuberant, relationship between two people who share the same blood and often very little else. Add a degenerative disease, some black humour and devastating honesty and you have Daddy’s Boy - a tale that bares the vulnerability behind the mask. 5 STARS “The South African storytelling machine returns with his most affecting tale yet.” - CBC Manitoba

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The Morning After With Pam & Paula 
Power Pause Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #2 - Thu July 14, 8:00 PM

Grab your tiara and pull up a seat for this one-of-a-kind comedic TV talk show with a twist. Join Pam & Paula as they prepare for their high school reunion and take you on an epic journey that’s 2 legit 2 quit! “This show is so funny! You’ve got to see this!” - Audience Member “Brought back some good memories. Awesome show!” - Audience Member

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A Brothers Guide 
Sensible Chuckle Theatre - Stand-Up
Venue #19 - Thu July 14, 9:15 PM

Sensible Chuckle Theatre (A Most Daring Murder Mystery [Tom Did It]; Living with a Magician) is back with the life-changing show of the millennium. Well-known motivational speaker enthusiasts Alex and Tim Coates use their trademark-pending energy and style to provide a wealth of verified-ish knowledge on important topics like business, meditation, disarming nuclear bombs, and more! Critics are raving, calling the show “unprecedented” and “wait, what?” Come learn to live your life the right way with A BROTHERS GUIDE.

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Something in the Water 
S.E. Grummett - Play-Comedy
Venue #2 - Thu July 14, 9:45 PM

"Enter into a wacky world of sea monsters in high heels and angry mobs with tiny pitchforks" - InDaily When Grumms transforms into a squid monster (think Creature from the Black Lagoon meets The Muppets), they must hide their secret identity and disguise as a "normal human woman". Stunning video projections, puppetry and physical comedy combine in this absurd exploration of gender and growing up "normal". WINNER: Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION: Spotlight Canada, Edinburgh Fringe 2021 FAMILY FRIENDLY PERF: July 21

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RibbitRePublic - Storytelling
Venue #8 - Thu July 14, 9:45 PM

An irresponsible bachelor answers the call to care for his ailing mother, while reckoning with his bad-ass past. But will his newfound skills be enough? A true story of love, family and the power of redemption. 25-year Fringe veteran Jon Paterson (Outstanding Solo Show – London, Outstanding Male Performance – Orlando, 10-time Best of Fest Winner) returns to his hometown of Winnipeg to premiere his first solo-written show.

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A Grave Mistake 
A Little Bit Off - Physical Theatre
Venue #1 - Thu July 14, 10:15 PM

Portland comedy duo returns with a new show about two ruffians faking hauntings to make a buck. A spooky-funny physical theatre show that lets YOU decide the characters’ next moves. Botched seances, bungled grave-robbing and a ghostly curse plague these two inept swindlers. Will they get out alive or will they make A GRAVE MISTAKE?! From the 20+ award-winning creators of Beau & Aero, Bella Culpa & Bad Habits Two-time Edmonton Best of Fest Winners “Physical comedy at its best” – London Free Press 4 1/2 STARS - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

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Audition Deficit Disorder 
Bush Party Productions - Play-Comedy
Venue #6 - Fri July 15, 11:15 AM

This irreverent comedy is about the torment, anxiety and fear of auditions and casting directors, where seven different characters attempt to negotiate the audition process. The problem is, they all occupy the same body… and they all possess various forms of Audition Deficit Disorder. Have they all gone mad, or are they just madly hilarious? Take a trip into the Audition Deficit Disorder Zone, to a place where it doesn’t matter if the casting director doesn’t like your personality… as there are several more to choose from.

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The Ultimate Actor's Nightmare 
Club Soda Improv - Improv
Venue #1 - Fri July 15, 12:45 PM

A group of professional comedians attempt to invent a hilarious improvised play while at the mercy of a mischievous director who breaks all the rules. Every night, a different actor transforms into a power-hungry head honcho with the ability to throw outrageous obstacles at their fellow performers. With the aid of live musical accompaniment, the members of Club Soda Improv try to tell a coherent story as they juggle bizarre challenges, mood swings and dramatic plot twists. When everything goes wrong, you’re in for an unforgettable time.

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List of People I've Killed (A Love Story) 
PMF Productions - Play-Dramedy
Venue #5 - Fri July 15, 1:30 PM

Ever wonder what really happened to Whitney Houston? George Michael? Spock? As you step into Tannis’ dimension, you’re going to remember a lot of the people who have died in the making of this play, fondly. Love, loss, religion, nip slips and triggers galore. Come along for the experience and maybe you’ll even decide to stay, until the very end. One dollar from every full admission will be collected for Other Women’s Problems, because we all just have so many.

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Minoosh Doo-Kapeeshiw 
Echo Theatre - Clown
Kids Venue - Fri July 15, 2:30 PM

Minoosh Doo-Kapeeshiw stars Minoosh, a Métis kitty cat who goes camping and finds a friend in a funny place. It is a sweet and silent comedy narrated in Southern Michif language. Theatre magic, moving panoramas (aka Crankies), fishing and jigging! You don’t need to know Michif to have fun at the show, but you might learn some before you leave. Past reviews for Echo Theatre: The Missadventurous Perils of Pauline 4 STARS - CBC

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Everleigh and the Magic Book 
Melanie Gall Presents for Kids - Puppetry
Kids Venue - Fri July 15, 5:00 PM

Everleigh is nine years old, and her mother is a witch! It may sound fun to get a broomstick for a birthday present, or to turn your best friend into a frog. But when her own magic lessons begin, Everleigh’s spells keep going wrong! That is, until the day she finds a magic book and everything changes… A new musical play from Melanie Gall, creator of 4 STAR children’s hits Opera Mouse and Jazz Cat. “Kids will love it” - CBC Best Children’s Show - Adelaide Weekly Award

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The Truth (tm) 
Still Your Friend - Storytelling
Venue #9 - Fri July 15, 7:00 PM

Adam Bailey has toured the Fringe telling stories where the Truth is stranger than fiction: Franz Ferdinand Must Die (4 STARS - CBC, Winnipeg Free Press), The Life Henri (5 STARS - VUE Weekly, Edmonton). But what does it mean to tell the Truth in an era when everyone has their own facts? Adam examines this question with heartfelt humour and self-deprecation. A follow-up to the work he did in their coming out bioplay, Adam Bailey is on Fire (4 1/2 STARS - Edmonton Sun) and the seminal text Plato's Republic (4 STARS - Goodreads).

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BEFORE BREAKFAST: An Opera in One Act 
Naomi Forman Productions - Musical
Venue #12 - Fri July 15, 7:30 PM

"There is no present or future, only the past, happening over and over again, now." - Eugene O’Neill Dreams dashed, a marriage in ruins, a child lost and found, BEFORE BREAKFAST: An Opera in One Act is the story of a family struggling to survive, after the play of the same name by EUGENE O’NEILL. Directed by Mariam Bernstein, the opera is set in New York’s Greenwich Village, circa 1916. Past Fringe shows by Forman Productions include multiple 4 STAR reviews and “powerhouse vocals” for soprano Naomi Forman.

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Lost and Foundling 
MTYP's Summer Studio - Play-Comedy
Venue #21 - Fri July 15, 9:45 PM

“Unusual things don’t usually happen in a Price Mart but at this Mega Price Mart, a MEGA unusual thing happened once.“ Alice in Wonderland meets free samples and low, low prices. A contemporary and comic retail fairy tale, this modern myth is about finding yourself, getting lost in the aisles, choosing your family and big, big savings. "Welcome to Price Mart. We can help you find ANYTHING." From the same company that brought you: The Witches - 4 1/2 STARS Winnipeg Free Press 2019 Tumbling After - 4 1/2 STARS Winnipeg Free Press 2018

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Is This Yours? 
Al LaFrance - Storytelling
Venue #3 - Sat July 16, 11:00 AM

Storyteller Al Lafrance (two-time Just For Laughs Award winner, five-time Best of Fest) returns with his newest tale, featuring unexpected encounters with heroes, deep dives into piles of garbage, and unmerciful corporate heathens. If you’ve ever regretted throwing out something you loved, this show is for you! 5 STARS "A must-see for anyone who has a heart" - Edmonton Journal "An incredibly deft and engaging performer" - Winnipeg Free Press

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Best of Luck Endeavours - Play-Comedy
Venue #4 - Sat July 16, 11:30 AM

An ink-black comedy about the boundaries between work and play. Emma’s been seeing her coworker Darren. She thinks she’s in love. Her boss thinks she’s in breach of contract. In a series of cordial but increasingly tense conversations, the two negotiate the details of Emma’s interoffice relationship, and face the consequences of shrinking privacy and binding contracts. "…ferociously funny while being absolutely appalling" - The Daily Telegraph (UK) "…horribly plausible…a short, sharp shocker” - Guardian (UK)

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Bushtits, Shih Tzus and Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love and Noir 
Theatrically Obsessed - Play-Comedy
Venue #8 - Sat July 16, 10:00 PM

When Les buys an iconic fedora worn by famed 1940s movie detective Dana Andrews, the lines between reality and film noir blur as he investigates a series of suspicious pet deaths. Two actors and 13 crazy characters take you through a stylistic fantasy with bust-a-kneecap laughs. 4 1/2 STARS “...a slapstick homage to film noir that was unequivocally the funniest piece of theatre I have seen all year… this is a quirky, genuinely fun show that should not be missed!” - Canada Fringe Review

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The Magic That is Me 
Music with Mandy - Musical
Kids Venue - Sun July 17, 11:00 AM

Mandy and Alicia have a lot of feelings, and that’s okay! Join them for The Magic That Is Me, a story of emotions told through tap dance and music. One night, just as Max drifts off to sleep, they realize all the colour in their awesome rainbow bedroom … is gone! Max begins their journey of discovering new emotions, both welcoming and overwhelming, by stepping into worlds of colour!

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Symptom Circus 
Chronically Ch(ill) Productions - Unclassifiable
Venue #5 - Sun July 17, 11:15 AM

Putting the ill back in Chronically Ch(ill)! Chronically Ch(ill) Productions returns with a brand-new production. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, theys and thems of all ages, to Symptom Circus, a guided tour through the controlled chaos that is living with disability. From the historic to metaphoric, this circus has it all. Come along on this one-woman journey through the Freak Show, Fairway and Three-Ring Circus that is living with chronic conditions!

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Romeo & Juliet 
Indifferently Reformed - Play-Dramedy
Venue #1 - Sun July 17, 12:45 PM

Being in love isn’t easy. Especially when you’re young. And especially when your parents are in an intergenerational blood feud that’s turning the streets red. Having last performed at the 2019 Fringe with our take on Twelfth Night, Indifferently Reformed now brings to the stage the classic Shakespearean comedy-drama Romeo & Juliet; a show full of humour, tragedy, sword fighting and, of course, romance. Whether you’re a diehard Shakespeare fan, or you’ve never read a Shakespeare play outside of English class, this show is for you!

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Generic Male: Just What We Need, Another Show About Men 
PUSH Physical Theatre - Physical Theatre
Venue #8 - Sun July 17, 2:30 PM

“Just what we need, another show about men.” – Raves No One Explosive, athletic, visceral physical theatre ruined by a tragic lack of understanding. Award-winning PUSH Physical Theatre, called “a perfect metaphor-in-motion” by CITY Newspaper and “a rare treat” by NY Theatre Guide, creates a masculinity satire by two well-meaning fools - arguing, dancing, desperately clinging to the status quo. Are we just watching a couple of petty idiots or is this the most insightful piece of theatre of the 21st century? … No.

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Brown Wasp 
Saw Toe Productions - Play-Drama
Venue #4 - Mon July 18, 11:00 AM

Brown Wasp, a one-act play by Vancouver playwright Meah Martin, pulls you into the funny, self-deprecating world of Sarah St. John, a Canadian woman in the throes of an edgy inner journey. Brown Wasp was the winner of the Canadian National Playwriting Competition award for a one act. Director Alissa Watson, Actor Megan McArton, Set/Costume/Graphic Design by Linda Beech.

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Kateryna and Havrylo 
Ce-Lee Productions - Physical Theatre
Venue #2 - Mon July 18, 11:15 AM

Kateryna and Havrylo are an elderly Ukrainian-Canadian couple who find themselves on unexpected fantasy adventures. What begins with ordinary rural Manitoban activities, like mushroom picking or ice fishing, quickly turns into otherworldly adventures. Using only their wits, they have to escape Mushroom Henchmen, a King Fish and the dreaded Baba Yaga. Comedic, fun and adventurous, Kateryna and Havrylo is sure to delight audiences while honouring Ukrainian heritage so prominently ingrained in Manitoba's culture.

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Everybody On the Moon Is Irish 
Theatre Dance Kids - Play-Comedy
Kids Venue - Mon July 18, 11:30 AM

Three kids try out a spaceship only to find out it really works and they've landed on the moon. The moon is inhabited by leprechauns and they must get back home, but cannot, unless they answer the question: "What is happiness?" Suitable for all ages. Tons of fun and some audience participation.

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Whatever Happens After? 
Naked Theatre Productions - Play-Dramedy
Venue #8 - Mon July 18, 1:00 PM

There are some things in life only your family understands. First, there’s mom’s midlife crisis: a condo, a pet ferret and soy milk? Probably brought on by the looming second divorce. Or maybe it’s the stress of grandma’s Alzheimer's. Plus Quinn is leaving soon. Meaning poor Ash has to deal with all this family stuff alone. Join siblings Quinn and Ash in the park around the corner. They’ll go from laughing to bickering in seconds; and you’ll be brought to tears in all the best and worst ways possible.

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The Great & Powerful Tim: Magic Tonight 
The Great & Powerful Tim - Magic
Venue #7 - Tue July 19, 11:00 AM

Comedy and magic collide in this all-new interactive show! It's a magic talk show where the audience is cast to play the celebrity guests, the variety acts, and even the house band. The Great & Powerful Tim presents a brand-new show, blending mind-blowing magic with hilarious improv comedy. Tim is an improv comedy magician based in Los Angeles who has travelled internationally, performing to sold-out audiences at festivals and conventions. He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts and the Magic Castle. He is originally from Orlando, FL.

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Buckets of Blood - Fairy tales not for kids    
Stories Alive - Storytelling
Venue #5 - Tue July 19, 11:15 AM

The Brothers Grimm are the most famous collectors of fairy tales, but back in the 19th century, stories for children were a lot scarier, blood thirsty and disturbing. Join British storyteller Eden Ballantyne as he retells a collection of some of the darker tales from the Grimms. While letting you know of the bits popular fairy tales have censored for kids.   What was Red Riding Hood really running from? and why Cinderella’s glass slipper was full of blood when she got it back? This certainly isn’t a Disney fairy story. 

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Gabe Mollica: a Solo Show About Friendship 
Gabe Mollica - Stand-Up
Venue #7 - Tue July 19, 12:45 PM

Gabe Mollica started comedy the day after he got cheated on. In the process, he learned a lot about friendship. This is that show.

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Snakeskin Jacket - Play-Dramedy
Venue #1 - Tue July 19, 12:45 PM

From the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of To Kill a Mockingbird, Horton Foote, comes Courtship. The God-fearing foundation of the Vaughns’ household begins to crack as young Elizabeth’s secret engagement is revealed. Under the bewildered gaze of her younger sister, Elizabeth, while restless to take independent action, is frightened by the prospect of defying her benevolently controlling parents and the reassuring restraints of her community. To what extent is real rebellion possible for her - and how well does she know herself?

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Scattered Seeds 
Kolja Company - Play-Drama
Venue #3 - Tue July 19, 4:15 PM

After successful shows in California and Winnipeg, Greg Evans brings his one-man play, Scattered Seeds, to the Fringe. Scattered Seeds is a tale of perseverance as Greg chronicles his experiences growing up amidst the chaos of mental health and illness that led to his own issues with substance abuse. Achingly honest, at times hilarious, this solo musical storytelling takes the audience on a journey from helplessness to redemption. ASL Interepretation offered on July 13th and July 15th.

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Everything's Actually OK: a variety show 
S.P.I.C.E. Productions - Unclassifiable
Venue #4 - Wed July 20, 11:15 AM

Everything's actually okay... right? At least it sort of was in 2020 when we started writing this show. As it turns out, everything's still actually okay... right? Come and see - through the lens of longtime performers and friends, Laura and Erin, an honest and heartfelt variety show about how everything's really actually okay... right?

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A Toast to Prohibition 
Melanie Gall Presents - Musical
Venue #6 - Wed July 20, 10:15 PM

Celebrate the anniversary of Prohibition with flappers, gin fizz and a cabaret of speakeasy songs. From secret cellars and doctor-prescribed alcohol to teetotallers destroying saloons with a hatchet: if it happened in Prohibition, someone wrote a song about it! Featuring (forgotten) 1920s hits: ‘Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Never Touch Mine’ and ‘Everybody Wants a Key to my Cellar’. “An irresistible tour-de-force” – FringeFeed 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal

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Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany 
Ingrid Garner - Play-Drama
Venue #4 - Thu July 21, 11:30 AM

Eleanor Ramrath Garner’s best-selling memoir, detailing her youth as an American caught in Second World War Berlin, adapted into an internationally award-winning performance by her granddaughter Ingrid Garner. 5 STARS "A rare intimacy, superb storytelling and a truly important story to tell." - Adelaide Theatre Guide 5 STARS "Unforgettable—a must-see for history buffs and theatre aficionados alike." - Fringe Review UK BEST OF FEST - Edmonton Fringe 2015 SOLD OUT Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe 2015

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Wall Street Theatre - Musical
Venue #1 - Thu July 21, 12:45 PM

CABARET SIDE SHOW is a musical revue set in the 1930s. The performers are rehearsing for their big opening night at the Cabaret and everyone is welcome. An evening of sultry passion, music and dance.

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Second Date Productions - Play-Drama
Venue #4 - Thu July 21, 1:00 PM

The apocalypse has happened, as we all knew it would, and the surviving humans have been forced underground. Three women live together in one of these tunnels, uncomfortable, damp and hungrier by the day. They must work together to stay alive - and sane - for as long as fate will allow. This is the second original play to come from Second Date Productions, the first being Second Doubts, performed at Winnipeg’s Hey Shorty! Vol. 3 in 2016.

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