as of July 17

Cancelled Performances 

Venue 11 – Randy Rutherford Presents – Singing Without Ears, Randy’s Farewell Tour
All performances cancelled

Venue 2 - 9Box - Studio 76 
All performances cancelled

Venue 16 – Tim Motley – Crazy for Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation: CANCELLED PERFORMANCES: #1619 Sunday, July 21 10:30pm and #1634 Thursday, July 25 10:45pm

Venue Information Updates

Venue 14 - King's Head Pub - 120 Kings St. - 2nd floor
UNDER 18 NOT ADMITTED unless accompanied by a legal guardian

Show Info changes

Venue 10 – Buried Seeds Productions – Wait, So Do I Make Out With A Pan?
Run time changed to 45 minutes.

Venue 25- Patrick Hercamp- CURSED
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Patrick is unable to perform his show. Many Fringe artists will be supporting Patrick by performing his show in his place.

Venue 11 – The Probable Cast – One Great Winnipeg
MASTER SCHEDULE UPDATE: Incorrect show title on Wednesday July 24

Venue 1 – Lady of the Lake – Yellow Den
Seating change:
NO WHEELCHAIR ACCESS, onstage seating

Venue 9 – The Dramatic Theatre Company – Beauty and the Lonely Beast:
Day of first performance incorrectly listed as Wed July 19, correct day is Fri July 19.

Venue 30 – ArtsDiva Productions - Erik de Waal's TROLLS, BULLIES & ROCK STARS or A Kerfuffle in a Doodlesack
Correct program graphic is

Venue 10 – Stories Alive - Bleak Expectations, Dickens' First Draft
Correct program graphic is

Venue 4 – Sidetrack Bandits
Master Schedule change: NO 2 for $12 PERFORMANCE

Venue 10 – Paco Erhard – Paco Erhard: An Honest* History of Bullshit
Warning change: added Coarse Language

Venue 1 – Synergy Dance Productions – Bamboo
Audience Classification change: Parental Guidance

Venue 23 – Bossy Flyer – THREE
Audience Classification change: Parental Guidance

Venue 8 – It’s All Relative Productions – So, do you want to talk about it?
Warning Addition: added Sensitive topics include anxiety, depression, eating disorders

KidsVenue – Green Fools Theatre – Day in the Life of Myrtle
Door Discount Addition: $10, Matinees|Students|Seniors

KidsVenue – Sisterscene – Opera Mouse
Door Discount Addition: $10, Weekday Matinees|Students|Seniors

KidsVenue – Jazz Haz Productions – The Prince and the Witch
Door Discount Addition: $10, Students|Seniors

KidsVenue – Meraki Theatre Productions – Quest
Door Discount Addition: $10, Students|Seniors

KidsVenue – Piti Theatre Company – To Bee or Not to Bee
Door Discount Addition: $10, Weekday Matinees|Students|Seniors