Physical Theatre
Spoken Word

10:00 AM
Pirates and Greeks: The Untold Stories 
Play-ComedyKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
The HamDad Players

Ever wonder if pirates have their own code of conduct? Curious about the roots of modern medicine? Come philosophize with the Ancient Greeks and sail the seas with the Pirates of yore in this comic look at ancient civilizations.

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11:45 AM
The Woods Witch 
Play-DramedyKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
Little Fox Theatre

Emma is having a MYTHICALLY bad day! She fought with her mom, got lost in the dark woods and...a witch turned her brother into a swan! Now Emma must outsmart sphinxes, sirens and giant spiders to save her brother while working through her feelings about her dad passing away. An exciting adventure for the young at heart, using Greek mythology, puppetry and magic to explore how to handle difficult feelings at any age. Developed with the generous support of Playwrights Workshop Montreal and the Young Creators Unit.

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12:00 PM
Balls of Yarns 
StorytellingThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
Paul Strickland Presents

A Weird-larious One-Man Musical Road Trip! This is a wild new world (and Canadian premiere) from Paul Strickland, writer/performer of last year’s hit Ain't True & Uncle False (5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press) and 2016’s Papa Squat (“a minor miracle”, 5 STARS - CBC). Travel to a strange town where creaky doors sing with you, libraries are separate from truth-braries, and extraordinary stories are shared through yarn and tin can. David Lynch meets The Wizard of Oz in this one-man musical comedy!

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Banana Man 
Play-ComedyPantages Studio - Venue #3
Snowflake Productions

In New York, in the summer of 1964, Buster Keaton appeared in a short experimental film written by Samuel Beckett. In this play, set in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village that summer, two gentlemen named Sam and Buster attempt to communicate with each other with the unlikely help of a chattery young waitress with theatrical ambitions, who mistakes Buster for Moe from The Three Stooges and Sam for his agent. A funny and moving play about the quiet, absurd heroism of two apparently very different but very great artists.

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Family Dinner 
SketchSon of Warehouse - Venue #5
Off Track Productions

Family Dinner is a freshly cooked sketch troupe all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba. With their influences set in Kids in the Hall reruns and the explore page on Instagram, these up-and-coming comedians give their twist on the classic sketch format. Bored of laughing at the same old jokes from THAT uncle? Tired of hearing your boxed wine aunt poorly recite Monty Python's Holy Grail? Don't miss the Harlem Shake of comedy, here today and gone tomorrow. We have a spot waiting for you.

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Field Zoology 101 
Play-ComedyThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
Shawn O'Hara

“Hilarious” - Georgia Straight “Raucously funny” - Showbill Magazine From producer Mike Delamont comes award-winning comedian Shawn O'Hara's Field Zoology 101! From the untamed wilds of the Brady Road Landfill to the loading bay behind the Salisbury House, Field Zoologist Brad Gooseberry has seen it all. In this introductory course, he shares a lifetime of “knowledge” and “experience,” teaching you to thrive and survive in the harrowing and hilarious world of field zoology. Best Comedy winner at Victoria Fringe.

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God Bless Cambodia 
Play-DramedyRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Randy Ross

A misguided sexual adventure spanning four continents and featuring: Ambien, Pepto-Bismol and a body spa named The Curious Finger. An unflinching look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and paying for a hand job. Praise for novelist/Fringe veteran Randy Ross's previous show: "A quality solo show" - Edinburgh Fringe "Compelling" "Flawless" - Pittsburgh Fringe 4 STARS - Winnipeg Fringe

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See Bob Run 
Play-DramedyMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
Snakeskin Jacket

Bob waits for a car to slow on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway, arm out, thumb up. Any car will do. Any car heading east, as far as you can go. A car with a radio would be best but Bob can supply a story if there isn’t one. Daniel MacIvor’s propulsive one-woman play is a fairy tale of trauma, speeding down a yellow brick road of motion and memory. A story where running away is a journey back, told from the passenger side.

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She Was a Great Dad 
Play-DramaOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Jeremy Productions

CANADIAN PREMIERE! Fringe veteran Susan Jeremy (P.S. 69, Brazil Nuts,Teacher in the House) returns to her favorite Fringe with this timely tale of love, jazz and secrecy. It’s 1950 and Johnny Swinton, an accomplished musician, husband and father, has a secret - he's a woman. Inspired by the life of American jazz musician Billy Tipton. Critics have praised her previous shows: "Brilliant impersonator, Jeremy is the real deal" - Winnipeg Free Press “One of the most memorable storytellers on the fringe circuit" - Calgary Herald

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Space Hippo 
PuppetryJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company

The scientists weren't lying. Earth is really dying. What can be done? Together, we can stop the sun. Space Hippo, you're the only one. Hilarious and epic science fiction experienced through live animation and silly voices, with an original score by Elliott Loran. Now with even more puppets! 5 STARS "Funny, delightful, surprisingly touching and beautifully executed" - CBC 4.5 STARS "Smart, poignant satire with a great big soul" - Winnipeg Free Press

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The Neighbourhood Watch Improv 
ImprovAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
The Neighbourhood Watch Improv

Simultaneously playful and macabre, The Neighbourhood Watch improvises a one-act play surrounding the curious happenings of a community based on audience suggestions. With only the name of a fictional town and a community event, this long-form improv troupe cleverly crafts a tale of community connection by richly painting a new and immersive town each and every show. A fresh take on long-form improv you won't want to miss! 5 STARS "delightful, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud ridiculous" - Winnipeg Free Press, 2016

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Two White Guys Solve All the World's Problems 
Play-DramedyPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
Quondam Dreams

Two old friends spend an evening at a cabin by the lake, reminiscing about the good old days and discussing how to make the world a better place. Has political correctness gone too far? Are we really a racist nation? Was the purchase of Tim Hortons by an American company the end of Canadian sovereignty? Two White Guys Solve All the World's Problems is a dark comedy that reflects the current miasma of Canadian politics. From the author of Barbaric Cultural Practices - The Musical and What Would Emma Goldman Do?

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VarieTease: Room 100 at The Chelsea Hotel 
DanceTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Dynamite Lunchbox Entertainment

Set in New York City 1979 during the height of the punk rock era, VarieTease combines multiple genres of dance, live music, drag and theatre to tell the beautifully disturbing tale of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen's last night together. From the producer of last year's hit Josephine and featuring Blue Star, Jack Kreeger, Jose Navarro and Tymisha Harris. "Riveting...It’s about sex, drugs and rock – but with its creepy vibe and somber end, this might be the strongest anti-drug message ever seen at the Fringe" - Orlando Sentinel

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12:15 PM
Rocko and Nakota: Tales From the Land 
StorytellingSchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Indigenized Indigenous Theatre

Meet Nakota, a young boy who is trying to write the greatest story ever. One day, his grandfather, 103-year-old Rocko, comes over for a visit. Next thing Nakota knows, he is whisked away into a world of stories that are right below his feet. Within the land. This story explores the interplay between stories of the present against the long-forgotten stories of the past. “Top Fringe Picks 2018.” APT613 “Top 10 Fringe Picks 2018.” Ottawa Tonight

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1:15 PM
TiBert is back! 
StorytellingKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
TiBert le Voyageur

TiBert le Voyageur is back with a new adventure! Imaginary canoe rides become real as TiBert invites volunteers up on stage to race around Lake Winnipeg, build teepees and learn a few French Métis words! We sing, we dance, we play music and go bison hunting! 5 STARS "TiBert encourages kids to be kids. This is the show for tout le monde." - CBC

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1:30 PM
After the Beep 
Play-ComedySon of Warehouse - Venue #5
Pamela Bethel

Pamela found cassettes from the answering machine she had as a teenager in the 90s. Despite the obvious risk of death by embarrassment, she’s sharing this archive of adolescence. Part confessional, part show-and-tell, it’s an exploration of awkward times revealed by the original message recordings of BFs, BFFs, a frenemy and wrong numbers. 4 STARS "Funny and sharply observed" - Times Colonist, Victoria "There's much more going on behind the pop and bubble of youthful exuberance in After the Beep (though there’s plenty of that too)" - CFUV

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OK, Probably 
Play-DramedyPantages Studio - Venue #3
Sister From Another Mister Productions

Everyone has bad days. But Victoria’s had months of bad days, and Luna is concerned because Victoria's room smells real nasty. Luna manages to wrestle Victoria out of bed and into the shower, but the challenge is learning to navigate their relationship with Victoria's mental illness in tow. Will everything be okay? Will Victoria ever wash her sheets? This original work explores mental health, self-identity and the bonds of sisterhood. Co-writers/performers Jessica Cuddy and Rhea Rodych promise this play won't bum you out too hard. Probably.

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The Sport of the Engineer 
Play-DramaAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
MaxQ Productions

In the summer of 1915, 19-year-old journalist Dorothy Lawrence set off on an extraordinary mission. Disguised as a male soldier, she was determined to reach the Western Front and report directly from the trenches of the Great War. Drawn from Lawrence’s own writings, The Sport of the Engineer brings to life an extraordinary true story of courage, determination and tragedy in a time of war.

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StorytellingPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
Standing Room Only Theatre

​Are you ready for an adventure? Traveltheatrics is a storytelling and spoken word show featuring six TRUE tales from across the globe, from the mountains of Malaysia to the medinas in Morocco. Tales of tigers. Of ghosts. Of romance. Of dangerous drives, fairies and hippies. Solo show featuring 10+ characters "A stage presence like none I have ever seen" - Marble Victoria "Terrifically engaging storyteller" - Jo Ledingham "Exceptional actor" - Winnipeg Fringe Exchange "A born storyteller" - Calgary Herald

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1:45 PM
Blue River Blues 
StorytellingThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
Jim Sands Presents

What do you do when you’re surrounded by gorbies and the glacier you’re standing on is melting below you? In the summer of 1979, Vancouver-based storyteller Jim Sands worked as a Snowmobile Tour Guide on Jasper’s Athabasca Glacier. He fended off gorbies (slang for pesky tourists) and experienced adventures that influenced the rest of his life. 5 STARS “Jim’s storytelling draws you in along with his fine folk songs.” - Google Review

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Final Four 
Play-ComedyJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
ZList Productions

Freddy Fabulous hosts Final Four, a reality show in which the audience chooses who stays and who goes. Four unusual contestants compete in song and dance, trivia and personal revelations, while mired in their own romantic issues. Because the audience chooses the competitions and the winner, there are multiple ways the show could go. A different play every night! Created by the people behind Barbaric Cultural Practices - The Musical and What Would Emma Goldman Do?, Final Four promises to be just as wild and bizarre!

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Hamlet Chapter Two: Back In Black 
Play-ComedyOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Dark Horse Theatre

Dark Horse Theatre grudgingly presents the return of the most pointless sequel of all time: the remount of the reboot of Hamlet Chapter Two: Back In Black! A biting satire on the Hollywood sequel machine and the questionable powers that run it, this ballistic comedy returns (in a somewhat mutated form) from the 2008 Winnipeg Fringe. "Get thee to a funnery!" This time, it's personal...again.

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Luna's Suitcase 
Play-DramedyThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
Naked Theatre Productions

The self-described “precocious” 9-year-old Luna uses every big word, along with moves from her one year of ballet class, to put on a show for her team of teddy bears. In her world-renowned cabaret, Luna weaves through moments of puppetry, weird body tricks and a light snack break to navigate her way through the upstairs attic. Winnipeg’s Naked Theatre brings you a brand-new show about a young girl searching for an escape from her parents’ messy life.

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Old Dyke Tales 
Play-DramedyRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Howl Theatre

Weaving together verbatim perspectives of four generations, Old Dyke Tales tells the real-life story of a matriarch who dared to set aside the societal and religious conventions of 1970s Catholic suburbia to discover her sexuality and true self. This one-woman show explores the acceptance of lesbianism in families, in schools, in churches, in the passage of time and in oneself. The story of daughter, mother, grandmother and lover.

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The Profession 
Play-ComedySchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Crosswalk Productions

It’s a matter of prestige to join the most elite organization, only known as “The Profession.” But who is in control? And what’s the significance of an orange? It’s all known by Schäffer and up to Eugene to find out what it’s all about! From the company that brought you the Fringe hits The Birdcage, The Bald Soprano, Cabaret and When God Comes To Breakfast, You Don't Burn The Toast.

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Vikings and Romans: The Untold Stories 
Play-ComedyTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Hamdad Productions

Did Vikings really have horns on their helmets? Are the Ancient Romans as civilized as we think? Take a trip with Leif and the boys then journey through the Emperors of Rome in this comic look at ancient civilizations.

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2:00 PM
Not Medea 
Play-DramaMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
R-G Productions

An exhausted working mother escapes for just one night to the sanctuary of the theatre, except the play is not what she expected. She finds herself drawn from her reality into Medea's, as she draws the audience into her own raw and personal history. Myth, magic and searing truths about love and loathing, and something else entirely.

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2:30 PM
Carmen and Don Jose: A Tale of Love and Murder 
MusicalCentennial Concert Hall - Rehearsal Hall - Venue #29
Stories Alive

Bullfights, smugglers and gypsies: internationally-acclaimed performers Melanie Gall and Eden Ballantyne unite to retell this classic tale of lust and obsession. With music from George Bizet’s famous French opera and dialogue from Prosper Merimée's original novella, this adaptation of Spanish soldier Don Jose’s doomed romance with the gypsy Carmen will appeal to opera novices and classical music aficionados alike. Featuring ‘Habanera’, ‘Toreador’ and other favourites. “Captivating” - Broadway Baby

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Tuesdays & Sundays 
Play-DramaForth - Venue #28
Beau Theatre Co.

(and) - used to indicate connection, consequence or explanation: to join two. Beau presents a memory of two people struggling to find their way through fear. Inspired by a true story, taking place in the community of Margate, Prince Edward Island. “A play of awesome power” - Albuquerque Journal From the producers of Student Body, 2017 Winnipeg Fringe (4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press) Featuring: Ivy Charles & Matt Irvine

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2:45 PM
Twelfth Night 
Play-ComedyKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
All About Theatre for Kids

Twelfth Night is a downsized version of Shakespeare's hilarious tale of unrequited love. Viola, disguised as a young man, falls in love with Orsino, who dotes on Olivia, who falls for Viola, but is idolized by Malvolio. Meanwhile the household servants seek revenge! This giant love triangle has a twisted plot and a happy ending. Performed by a talented cast of 12 kids ages nine to 17. This is a great way to introduce kids to Shakespeare.

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3:00 PM
UnclassifiablePLATFORM Centre - Venue #24
Virtual Productions 3000

Here is a show unlike any you have ever seen before. You couldn’t have, since the technology is being created as this program is being printed. This show is performed live onstage and is instantly made into animation. Yes, technology has finally reached a point where a performer can be made into a live cartoon right in front of your eyes. Winnipeg is home to cutting-edge virtual reality developers and world-class improvisers, who join forces to bring you an amazing show from the future!

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3:15 PM
First Love Last Love 
Play-DramedyPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
Phoenix Productions

What would you do if you had to choose between your first love, the love of your youth, the love you married and had children with, the one you loved until the day they died and your last love, the love who healed your broken heart and was the companion of your later years. That's what Jerry and Patti must do, leaving the ones they don't choose to an uncertain eternity.

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James & Jamesy in the Dark 
Play-ComedyPTE - Mainstage - Venue #16
James & Jamesy

5 STARS "Hilarious theatre with fearless players" - London Free Press British comedy masters, Canadian Comedy Award winners, 20-time Best of Fest winners and three-time London Impresario Award winners James & Jamesy (2 for Tea/High Tea) return with a remarkable feat of theatrical ingenuity - a daring, hilarious and exquisitely choreographed comedy the dark. 5 STARS "Are you still in the dark about why James & Jamesy are one of the most popular Fringe duos ever? Better snap up tickets now. Trust me, you'll see the light." – CBC

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Play-ComedyPantages Studio - Venue #3
It's All Relative Productions

Best friends Morgan and Julie have awful luck with dating. Julie just got out of a relationship and forgets how to date, and Morgan can’t remember the last time she had a worthwhile date. They place a high-stakes bet to see who can be the first to go on one great date. They experience catfishing, ghosting and cushioning, as they maneuver the dating world. From the creative team that brought you Filter This, which Ace Burpee called “one of the best things I’ve seen at Winnipeg Fringe ever.”

More Info & Tickets
3:30 PM
StorytellingRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Cory Thibert

Award-winning actor, writer and storytelling champion Cory Thibert embodies his 19-year-old self as he uncovers the truth behind what sets his family apart. This coming-of-age story with a twist explores how having parents with disabilities challenges what a “normal” family can look like. Hilarious. Honest. Impactful. Director: Linnea Gwiazda Writer/Performer: Cory Thibert Dramaturge: TJ Dawe By the co-creator of: Happiness™, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press Wolves>Boys, 5 STARS - CBC GARY, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

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Call Girls 
Play-ComedySchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Not My Favourite Daughter Productions

Wanna meet friendly locals? Tracy, Serenity and Jane are waiting for your call. At this comedic female-written comedy, get a behind-the-scenes look into what goes on at Call Girl Hotline, the #1 phone sex company since 2001. Guaranteed to fulfill your wildest dreams, these three women will keep you entertained with their animated use of props, costumes and sultry voices. What are you waiting for?

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Chris Funk Live 
MagicJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
Chris Funk The Wonderist

Penn & Teller called him "irresistible". Simon Cowell said he's never seen anything like it. Las Vegas celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck said "absolutely phenomenal". Witness this next generation comedy magic show that's been wowing audiences across the globe. Chris Funk The Wonderist combines intuition, influence and illusion with a unique comedic approach that will definitely be your "cure for the common magic show." You've seen him on Fool Us, Wizard Wars, Masters of Illusion and America's Got Talent, and now you can see him live!

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Cubicle Jockeys 
Play-DramedyThe Cinematheque - Venue #7

There are three sides to every cubicle, and three problems to every solution. Join Arpan in his ongoing quest to troubleshoot the planet. Check on what balance is in the calm before the storm. Find out whether true love can survive in a mad world of fast media and fake news. Hold onto your bike seats, folks! Tally-ho...

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Hundred Shows Price of One! 
MusicalTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Shwawawa Productions

Simon and Shyster are back! Come see the theatre's top-decorated duo, six time-nominated Simon and Shyster perform their smash-hit magnum opus, Hundred Shows Price of One! More than a comeback, this rousing thriller-musical delivers punch after punch, non-stop laughs, emotion, love. With quick-wit timing and bullet-fast pace, Hundred Shows OBLITERATES expectations, leaving you sweating. BELIEVE! Celebrate and discover 100 shows in a row, non-stop; fun. See for yourself: Hundred Shows Price of One!

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Puppet Guy, Africa's top ventriloquist 
PuppetrySon of Warehouse - Venue #5
Conrad Koch

Conrad Koch, South Africa’s top ventriloquist, and his boss, SA’s most famous puppet Chester Missing, bring an hour of hilarious ventriloquism with an African flavour to Canada. Conrad, a double international EMMY-nominated comedian, as seen at JFL Montreal, gives life to everything from his own hoodie to feather dusters; makes someone talk using the Snapchat app; introduces Africa’s most dangerous animal, a vegetarian mosquito; and even turns an audience member into a lion. Grrrr. “I almost cried with laughter” - The Herald

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The Last 48 
Play-ComedyThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
ArtLaunch Theatre Company

The same company that brought you the 4 STAR 2017 production of The Stock presents The Last 48. Six marketing associates are forced into competing for spots at a top advertising agency by a mysterious robotic surveillance system. When the workers begin to realize that their pairing together is anything but random, the company’s system of ethics is questioned as the employees struggle to complete their tasks. The Last 48 fuses NBC’s The Office with Orwell’s 1984 in this bold and raunchy workplace satire.

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True Blue 
Play-DramedyOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Cagey Productions

Every Bomber fan dreams of seeing their team win the Grey Cup. In 1984, four high school buddies experienced that dream for the first time and made a lifelong pact to attend every Grey Cup game their team plays in. Experience a play-by-play on friendship and the bonds of football fandom from Dieter Brock and Tom Clements to urinal troughs and beer snakes. From the company that brought you Pulling Pints (2015 Winnipeg Fringe). Directed by Leith Clark.

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3:45 PM
Red Bastard: Lie With Me 
ClownAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
Red Bastard

Do you know the RULES OF LOVE? Are you sure? Award-winning trickster Red Bastard guides you on this hilariously fun, 5-STAR tilt-a-whirl of love, lust and freedom - teetering on the tip of your moral highs and lows. A mischievous, thought-provoking show for singles, couples and anyone who ever dared to adore. 5 STARS - Ed Fest Mag 5 STARS - Broadway Baby 5 STARS - Glam Adelaide 5 STARS - Adelaidian “The show to see. Never to be forgotten.” - The Scotsman "A must see...hysterically funny...unforgettable performance" - Adelaidian

More Info & Tickets
4:00 PM
There Ain't No More!  
Play-DramedyMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
Lil Theatre Company

2017 Winner of Critics' Pick “Best Show”- Orlando Fringe, Patrons Pick - PortFringe and Outstanding National Act - St. Lou Fringe In his final concert, an old folksinger confronts his past, his legacy and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calls and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny. This tour-de-folk operetta addresses the faded and sometimes troubled legacy of American folk culture. “Powerful...worth seeking out” - Washington Post “a Renaissance of Americana” - Chelsea Now 5 STARS - KC Applauds

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4:15 PM
Dandymouth: word. play. 
Spoken WordCentennial Concert Hall - Rehearsal Hall - Venue #29
Sugar Candy Dandymite Co

Spoken word for the 22nd century. Fifty micro-stories, mixed with whizz-bang technology and served up with a touch of clown charm. Think Edward Lear meets that guy from Police Academy who made weird noises with his mouth. Contains vocal pyrotechnics, technical volcanics and earth-shattering puns.

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INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space 
Play-ComedyPTE - Colin Jackson Studio - Venue #17

A fierce lone geriatric astronaut is adrift in a spaceship protecting the last of humankind: cryogenically frozen Human Cargo. “A genius of physical comedy”- Entertainment World 5 STARS “Hilarious. Her physicality is impeccable. Absurd and profoundly human.” - The StarPhoenix "Immense heart and powerful imagery. This play will forever change the way you see theatre.” - Theatre Hub From the Co-Creator of Little Orange Man (5 STARS - VueWeekly), Snack Music (5 STARS - CBC) & The Merkin Sisters (5 STARS - Theatre in London)

More Info & Tickets
The Most Unlikely Comedian 
StorytellingForth - Venue #28
Autistic Productions

Come be inspired by the unlikely story of Adam Schwartz, an individual on the Autism spectrum with a speech impediment, who despite all odds became a stand-up comedian. This story is motivating, inspirational, funny and true. This is a brand new work from the creator of the Aspergers: A Misfit series. Praise for his other work: 5 STARS "Brilliantly awkward" - Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS "He makes a meal out of awkward, and the audience responds with an enthusiasm that is its opposite." - Edmonton Journal 4 STARS - Edmonton VUE

More Info & Tickets
4:30 PM
Maple & Sticky's Amazing Olympic Race 
ClownKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
The Red Nose Diaries

Maple & Sticky are back, hot off their gold medal win at the Canada Summer Games. However, the road to the Olympics is not just another dip in the pool. Join these Canucks for a fun-filled, action-packed, wet and wild time as they go for gold. They just have to get Sticky out of bed first… 4 STARS “these two are very, very funny” – CBC Manitoba From The Red Nose Diaries clown duo, Spenser Payne and Alissa Watson (THE POLKA DOTS OF DEATH), comes a mash-up of all things Canadian for the whole family.

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Squeeze My Cans 
Play-DramedyPLATFORM Centre - Venue #24
Squeeze My Cans

A journey in and out of Scientology is a story of a search for place and purpose in life. "Told with masterful fluidity and hilarious jabs, this one-woman show puts you in her skin to experience how Scientology devours money and lives" - Chicago Reader "switches characters, time periods with dizzying energy both heart-pumping and electrifying" - Edge Media "At the top of best performed, brilliantly written and elegantly directed one person shows I have ever seen" - Buzz News #2 'Best of' Tampa Bay Times, Pick of the Fringe Edinburgh 2017

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5:00 PM
A one-human being, potentially comedic performance of LES MISERABLES 
MusicalPantages Studio - Venue #3
Living the Dream

Do you hear people sing? How about one pint-sized yet passionate lady in her second and most ambitious one-person show yet? Alli Perlov will aim to make you laugh, cry and sing along with the best of Les Mis through an original comedy/parody lense. All your favourites will be there including Fantine, Eponine, Jean Valjean and Javert (guaranteed better than Russell Crowe in the 2012 film) and Cosette as played by a kazoo.

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Big in Sudan: The (Mis)adventures of a Vagabond Musician 
CabaretCreative Manitoba - Venue #26
Melanie Gall Presents

Prague to Chad, Laos to Buenos Aires, Morocco to Shanghai... From surviving a close encounter with a South African lion to accidentally propositioning a Cambodian prince, join singer Melanie Gall for tales of peril, adventure, romance and humiliation, as she shares songs and stories from a life on the road. From the creator of last year’s 4 1/2 STAR cabaret We’ll Meet Again and Edinburgh Fringe 5 STAR sell-out show Piaf and Brel: The Impossible Concert. “Gall is vivacious” - Edmonton Journal “You’re singing WHERE?!” - Melanie’s Mum

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Play-ComedyPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
project pigeon

For hundreds and thousands of years, humankind has been wondering, “What is the meaning of life?” and “Will I ever truly be happy?”, and some other stuff. The answer we’ve all been waiting for is finally…here. Self-taught and self-made, self-help guru Alex Ateah is here to answer your prayers in I AM YOUR GURU. So take a deep breath and prepare to find out how to be the best you in 45 minutes (or less). 5 STARS “She puts the u in guru.” - Johnny Depp

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Pretending Things are a Cock 
StorytellingDragon Arts Collective - Venue #27
Jon Bennett

Jon Bennett travelled the world Pretending Things are a Cock. A beautiful phallic photographic display complemented by hilarious and surprisingly heart-wrenching tales from Bennett’s life. This Just for Laughs Award-nominated show (Best Comedy) has now been performed to sell-out audiences and critical acclaim worldwide. A unique stand-up experience, PTAAC is a hilarious, but also strangely affecting pot-holed journey into the idiosyncratic world of Jon Bennett. 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal 5 STARS - The Sunday Mail

More Info & Tickets
5:15 PM
Physical TheatreJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1

Straight from Off-Broadway and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Flight returns to Winnipeg! Three acrobats morph into cactuses, waves and far-off islands as we invite audiences to discover The Little Prince like they've never imagined. “Ingenious” - New York Times 5 STARS “An enchantment” - Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS “Astonishing acrobatics…Your antidote to the explosive summer blockbuster” - CBC “The show is magic, with a heart as big as the ocean” - Best New York Comedy Top Pick Winner of the San Diego Fringe CRITICS CHOICE AWARD

More Info & Tickets
Inauguration Vacation 
StorytellingOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Annette Roman

Armed with just a pink pussy hat, an ordinary woman heckles Trump voters at Inauguration Day and winds up in a viral video with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Back home at the Battle of Berkeley, she attempts to convince neo-Nazis of the error of their ways. Now, is protest burnout setting in...? We’re all sick of hearing about America’s 45th President. Instead, come and listen to the misadventures of one American persisting in the resistance. 5 STARS “A fantastic storyteller…she lulls us with humour, pain, and haunting awe" - CBC Manitoba

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Jezebel, at the Still Point 
Physical TheatreThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
Bumble Bear Productions

Obsessed with travelling to the past, an astronaut and her French bulldog, Jezebel, explore the universe and attempt to unravel the mysteries of time travel. From distant galaxies full of nonverbal life forms all the way to Portland, Oregon, the astronaut is desperately searching in an attempt to crack the code. A tale of adventure, heroism, mortality and love, it's a modern day Turner and Hooch…meets Space Jam…meets Einstein’s theory of relativity. An interweaving of text, movement and an untrained bulldog, each show is a new adventure.

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Mother's Little Secret 
Play-ComedySchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Broken Record Productions

After her latest accident, two daughters conspire to move their mother into a retirement facility. But Casa Espia is no ordinary seniors home and long-held suspicions are about to be revealed.

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Nashville Hurricane 
MusicalPTE - Mainstage - Venue #16
Chase Padgett (2)

BEST OF FEST EDMONTON 2013 & 2016 Chase Padgett brings to life a manager, a mother, a mentor and a guitar prodigy as each shares their side of the rise, demise and resurrection of the best damn guitar player you’ve never heard of…the Nashville Hurricane. Filled with lots of laughs, dramatic turns and incredible guitar music. 5 STARS – CBC & Winnipeg Free Press “Don’t let this blow by without you.” – Edmonton Journal

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SLAM! 2 
Spoken WordRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Winnipeg Poetry Slam

po·et·ry slam, noun: a performance poetry competition using elimination by audience judges. Featuring our city’s top SLAM poets and Fringe veterans! Tiana Northage (SLAM! 2017 Grand Champion!), Steve Locke (Uniter 30 Favourite), Lady Vanessa Cardona (Edmonton Indie Slam Champion) and many more! Host Rob Malo (TiBert Kitchen Party, 4 STARS) will be your guide. Four poets daily; new, original work; random audience judges! No two shows alike! Come back again and again. Who will be crowned 2018 SLAM! Champion?

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5:30 PM
Bad Habits 
Play-ComedyWest End Cultural Centre - Venue #20
A Little Bit Off

From the 20-time award-winning company that brought you Beau & Aero and Bella Culpa (Edmonton Fringe Best of Fest 2015, 2016) - a show about two sisters of faith struggling to find the light...and stay in it. An absurd comedic look at the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine and the temptations they face. SINsational! NUNsensical! POPEular! Mind ALTARing! The Holy Grail of Comedy! We pray you'll join us. 4 1/2 STARS - Fourth Wall Media 4 1/2 STARS - Saskatoon StarPhoenix 4 STARS - Edmonton Journal 4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press

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Drops in a Broken Fountain 
Play-DramaTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Geodesic Productions

What does it mean to have done something so horrible you can never let it go? Sergey lives in suffering to punish himself for the extremist act he committed as a teen. An innocuous hello from a mysterious stranger rattles the walls of his self-imposed exile, and his deeply troubled past comes to light. Winner of the 2018 WINNIPEG FRINGE NEW PLAY CONTEST, Drops in a Broken Fountain explores love, guilt and the intergenerational effects of extremism.

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Medea and the Argonauts 
PuppetryThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
Chronically Ch(ill) Productions

Before the murders that made Medea infamous, she had a life of her own. That all changed when Jason and his Argonauts arrived at her home. The journey, and the decade-long aftermath, as seen through Medea's eyes. One woman. Two legendary figures. And a whole lot of puppets.

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5:45 PM
Hang Me Out To Dry 
UnclassifiableAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
,she said Collective

One poly queer woman who needs therapy on the weekly just to deal. One non-religious Mennonite old maid who - to her family's dismay - is without child. One self-diagnosed overthinker who is somehow still afraid of the dark. Three muddleheaded humans consider where it all went wrong...and were trying to figure out what kind of show they’re doing to satisfy the Fringe program but it was due in March and we could really only say there will be movement, poetry and some ridiculous sketches. So stop asking!

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Sidetrack Bandits: Round 2 
SketchMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
Sidetrack Bandits

The Sidetrack Bandits are back and they’ve cooked up a whole new sketch comedy show! Their high-energy, character-driven comedy walks the line between playful and absurd. Sidetrack Bandits is made up of four writers, actors and improvisers who like to think of performing as an exercise in play. Round 2 is an example of their undeniable ability to corral their ambitious ideas and create something exciting and fun. Taking you into both the ordinary and the fantastical, this is a sketch comedy show you don’t want to miss.

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6:00 PM
421 Is Dead: A Stormtrooper's Story 
Play-ComedyThe King's Head Pub - Venue #14
Leaf Productions

Two friends, TK421 (a poster boy soldier) and TK411 (a genius who guards garbage), live on a spherical, moon-sized space station. Bound by military duty, they long for a serene life - vacations in the desert - far far away from their base. When a girl, TK564 (a cafeteria worker), suddenly enters the picture and a terrorist group infiltrates the space station, the duo are forced think outside of their sphere and trust their feelings.

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Play-DramaForth - Venue #28
Downside Up Productions

Two people. Trapped in an abyss. Refusing to get along. In this absurdist/existentialist play two people struggle with feelings of fear, disconnection and anger at each other, the space and themselves. With no memory of who they are or who they are to each other, they have to confront how and why people come to hate each other, as well as how to move forward. This is a companion piece to last year's Anomie (winner of the Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba Play at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe).

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Blue Horses 
Play-ComedyMTYP - Richardson Hall - Venue #22
Real Live Entertainment

Travel back to a time when summer evenings meant riding your bike to a friend’s backyard and catching fireflies at dusk. Yesterday was visiting your great-aunt and tomorrow is violin lessons, but tonight it’s just you and your friends. The only limit is your imagination, so anything is possible (even blue horses). Real Live Entertainment debuted Blue Horses this year in Virden at ACTfest before headlining Steinbach’s inaugural 1-Act Festival. They're thrilled to ‘mount’ the show once more for the Winnipeg Fringe.

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Play-DramaCentennial Concert Hall - Rehearsal Hall - Venue #29
The 28th Minute

“I think for some uncertain reason, mercy will be shown this season to the lonely and misfit, to the brilliant and deformed.” Tennessee Williams’ playwriting voice is always a lyrical plea for mercy. In Confessional, he takes us to Monk’s Bar, not far from Treasure Island Trailer Park. Eight characters, variously down and out, form a loose community of the not quite vanquished. They confess, to each other and to us, the reasons for their current “sinking” and make plans - desperate as well as comic - for escape.

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Grimm’s Fairer Tales – traditional stories reimagined for a modern age 
StorytellingKids Venue (MTYP Mainstage) - Kids Venue
Stories Alive for Kids

With Wolves, Witches and Goblins, the story unfolds as the audience is invited to become part of the drama. The Brothers Grimm collected their classic tales over 200 years ago. Today, interactive storyteller Eden Ballantyne has reimagined them for a contemporary audience. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood won’t have to wait for the woodcutter to save her? There may be a house of gingerbread, but what else could be waiting in the woods? “Fantastic ideas which engage both children and adults.” - Royal Armouries

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The Placeholder Show 
Play-ComedyWee Johnny's - Venue #25
TPS Productions

The Placeholder Show is a one-person sketch/storytelling/multimedia anthology of incidents, presented by J.D. Renaud (Winnipeg Comedy Fest, Oddblock), for your consideration. These may include stories about the devil, outer space, crude drawings of horses, and, if there's time, an uplifting message at the end. For people who like that sort of thing. It's The Placeholder Show. We Ruin Things For A Living. The new show from the writer/director of Damn Your Eyes (5 STARS - CBC) and Story Hole (4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press).

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6:15 PM
The Merkin Sisters 
Play-ComedyPTE - Colin Jackson Studio - Venue #17
Stephanie Morin-Robert

5 STARS “Piss-your-pants funny. A must-see show.” From creators of sold-out shows Blindside (5 STARS - CBC), Little Orange Man (5 STARS - VUE Weekly) and Snack Music (5 STARS - CBC). Fallen from fame, two sisters will stop at nothing to present their ‘Ultimate Piece of Art’. This vivacious romp will charm your pants off, leaving you stunned and hungry for their return. “Visually arresting and immaculately staged, with a tender heart under its hair-raising exterior” - Wpg Free Press BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

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6:30 PM
A Nightmare On East Hastings: A Comedy. 
StorytellingPLATFORM Centre - Venue #24
Bessie-Jean Productions

Bill is proud to return to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival with an autobiographical comedy about his misadventures while managing residential properties in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, “Canada’s most notorious neighbourhood.”

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Big Shot 
Play-DramaPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
Surreal SoReal Theatre

A boy on the Vancouver SkyTrain witnesses a shocking event and is here to piece it together for you, in the style of his favourite action movies. Weaving the lives of six characters into a shocking final picture, Big Shot is the portrait of a tragic event, seen through the beaming imagination of a dreaming child. Big Shot ran to sold-out houses and won Best of Fest in 2011. 4.5 STARS “a bravura work” - Winnipeg Free Press NNNN - Now Magazine, Toronto

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So I Was At A Threesome Last Week 
StorytellingCreative Manitoba - Venue #26
Sons of Tremendous

The true story of two young comedians and the years of sexual enlightenment, or lack thereof, that led them to one glorious night. “It takes a lot of courage to be so honest on stage: Arnold and Sparling shed their inhibitions, and even their clothes, in a story you won’t soon forget." - 4 STARS “Arnold and Sparling are quick on their feet, have a good eye for a room, and have a fun and genuine relationship. It’s a buddy comedy and is thoroughly enjoyable.” - VUE Weekly

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6:45 PM
DanceJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
The Body Orchestra

Gathering inspiration from TV news, Greek cinema, orchestral conductors, elevator music, Trump, and even Broadway musicals, Conduit speaks to the narratives within all of us that we can't quite articulate. Back for their second Fringe appearance, Vancouver dance collective The Body Orchestra presents three contemporary works celebrating the body as a vehicle for stories and connections. Featuring seven powerful dancers and original music by composers James Coomber and Jakob Liljenwall, CONDUIT weaves a visceral dreamscape.

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I 'Effed' Up and I'm Sorry 
Play-ComedyDragon Arts Collective - Venue #27
Angry Productions

I 'Effed' Up and I'm Sorry is a comedy about anger management, and how people deal with mistakes. It's set in a classroom and everyone in the audience is a student. At least one member of the audience will get on stage, so don't be surprised if the person sitting next to you is a part of the show. The 'class' will be taught by the world famous teacher Dr. Daniel Miyagi, who's down on his luck since he got caught on video in an ugly road rage incident.

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The Wild Dog Waits On The Concrete Path 
Play-DramedyPantages Studio - Venue #3
Theatre Howl

A young teacher from “big city” Saskatchewan arrives in a town overgrown by forest to be the principal of a school in a cage. Now a wild dog has figured out how to get through the fence…what has she gotten herself into? One performer and three chalkboards tell a goofy and heartwarming story about a 23-year-old principal in northern Saskatchewan. Written by Nathan Howe, the award-winning creator of Matchstick and Aiden Flynn Lost His Brother So He Makes Another, and starring Danielle Roy, creator of Peach.

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Today, For Now 
Play-ComedySchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
new best friend

The bad news? We’re going extinct. The good news? It wasn’t our fault. The end is coming. We can’t stop it but before that, we’ve got to live with it. What would we do with our time if there were only 14 more sunrises? Tear ourselves apart? File that report that’s due Friday? Finally send that text to our attractive cousin? An apocalyptic comedy about everything but the end of the world by Valerie Cotic (Mars 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal) and Jeff Leard (The Jupiter Rebellion 5 STARS - Edmonton Sun).

More Info & Tickets
7:00 PM
Cabbage Rolls & Coffee 
ImprovOne88 - Venue #23
Crosseyed Rascals

It’s time for the Rascals to get in touch with some of their Ukrainian ties. Each show will feature a perogie dinner giveaway as well as their trademark clean improv comedy (EXCEPT the late shows…farmer sausage, but no clean comedy). Bring Rascal handbills and influence the show.

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Delightfully Rude 
Stand-UpThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
Elaine Orion

If you say “there’s nothing funny about X,” Elaine hears a challenge. In Delightfully Rude, the lights will always be up but it’s going to get more than a little dark as comedian Elaine Orion probes politics, religion and other topics of impolite conversation. She would describe her stand-up as “unapologetically feminist” but she wants people to actually show up.

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Freestyle Fantastique 
UnclassifiableThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
White Rabbit Productions Inc.

“There are stories to be told: real struggles, victims young and old, trying, crying and dying for something bigger. All I need is a trigger…to set off a spark.” To what depths will an artist descend in the pursuit of something truly original? Even if you succeed, there is a cost. The muse becomes an obsession and the pursuit turns into a tumbling nightmare. A multidisciplinary work – merging spoken word, Hip Hop, dance, live looping, live video mixing and video montage – inspired by Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique.

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Play-DramedyRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Kimmy Zee

Take a ride down the slippery slope of the other side of the hill in this jam-packed hour of shoot-from-the-hip-replacement truth-telling. A witty exploration of Motherhood, Middle Age and SEX After Babies with storytelling, monologue and spoken word. Originally, Mittelschmerz, 2014: 4 1/2 STARS “this clever writer-producer-performer, who brought Stretchmarks and Breast Friends to the Fringe in previous years, finds both lots to say and truly original ways to say it in this one-woman, high-energy show.” - Winnipeg Free Press

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Scandals of the Boy-Mind 
UnclassifiablePTE - Gendis Studio - Venue #15
Plush Material

Scandals of the Boy-Mind is an experiment, using video with live performers in a startling newish way. It will either be really good or a complete failure. It's about a man who falls in love then bores his lover with his obsessive and pretentious babbling and then can't understand what happens next.

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See No Evil 
Play-DramaWest End Cultural Centre - Venue #20
Looking Glass Productions

Montreal, 1966: After enjoying an evening celebrating their first anniversary with friends, psychiatrist Russell Partridge informs his wife, Mary, that within 48 hours, he plans to murder her as he's murdered seven times before. Or does he? Is Russell a serial killer or is it all in Mary's mind? Marc A. Moir (Padre X, The Hunting Party) brings this radio adaptation of his stage play See No Evil to the Fringe. Full of charm and chills in equal measure, See No Evil is a must see.

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The Daily Special 
ImprovSon of Warehouse - Venue #5
Unexpected Results Improv

Hilarious, Talented, Brilliant, Short. These are all words that describe stand-up comedian Kevin Hart. The same can be said about Unexpected Results! In fact, these four young jokesters bring a combined 26 years of improvised comedy experience, which is four years older than any of them. Unexpected Results are known for creating magical long-form improvised stories based on popular genres from television and film. For this, their Fringe Festival debut, Unexpected Results will create improvised stories from a different genre each night!

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The Elephant Girls 
Play-DramaOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Parry Riposte Productions

IT’S BACK! The 100% sold-out hit of Fringe 2016, revised and expanded. Clever, devious and daring, they stole from the rich and gave to themselves. The riveting story of Britain’s most notorious all-female gang is told by Maggie Hale - their suit-wearing, bloody-knuckled, girl-chasing “enforcer.” You won’t be able to look away, but how much do you want to hear? 5 STARS “ferocious, charismatically intense” - CBC 5 STARS “utterly entrancing” - Winnipeg Free Press 4 STARS “brilliantly written, exceptionally performed” - Fringe Guru (Edinburgh)

More Info & Tickets
7:15 PM
Lip Service 
Play-ComedyMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
Pulsive Party

Will you come? Maybe-a-labia. They’re pink! They’re passionate! They’re practically perfect in every play. Through saucy song and aggressive choreography, this hilarious duo dives into cheeky vulva personas in search of acceptance of themselves and of each other. “Clever, fascinating, and absorbing” - Plank Magazine “Humorously subverts societal expectations in unexpected ways” – Vandocument

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Maybe Baby 
Play-ComedyTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Possible Productions

From Mike and Chantelle Delamont, the 18-time Best of the Fest award-winning couple that gave birth to God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, comes the world premiere of an all-new, heartbreaking and personal comedy about a modern couple who has tried everything from fertility doctors to pagan “field ploughing” to get pregnant and about what to expect when you're NOT expecting.

More Info & Tickets
7:30 PM
HUNKS: Choose your own Adventure 
SketchWee Johnny's - Venue #25

5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press 2015, 2016 4 STARS - VUE Weekly Edmonton 2017 HUNKS has performed in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Vancouver. Recently, HUNKS performed at Just for Laughs Northwest and opened for Bruce McCulloch in Toronto. Now they're home and bringing you sketch comedy like you've never experienced before. Also, it's in a bar and everything is funnier with beer. "Funnier than most good episodes of Saturday Night Live." - Jen Zoratti, Winnipeg Free Press

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Kafka and Son 
Play-DramaAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12

Winner of awards and 5-STAR raves, Kafka and Son is a blistering dissection of domestic authority, and a revelatory visit with one of the architects of the modern psyche. “Nashman’s masterpiece...the experience is almost completely overwhelming.” - Johannesburg Review “Tremendous solo piece you don’t want to miss. Highly recommended.” - Prague Fringe Review "Tour de force performance...Nashman succeeds spectacularly.” - New York Theatre Scene “To be marvelled at: immersive, compelling and first class.” - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

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Tumbling After 
Play-ComedyMTYP - Richardson Hall - Venue #22
MTYP Summer Studio

High school is hard enough when your principal is a witch and sex ed is taught by Captain Hook but it can be even harder if your name is Jack. And after school's over, life gives you enough to deal without a serial killer on the loose. Can Jack and Red discover who’s behind the murders before it's too late? Can they avoid what lurks under the stairs? Will anyone find a happily ever after? A hilarious murder mystery where the fairy tales aren’t the only things to get fractured.

More Info & Tickets
7:45 PM
Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play 
MusicalPTE - Mainstage - Venue #16
PKF Productions

Following a critically-acclaimed off-Broadway run, Josephine returns with an expanded version featuring new songs. A biographical musical about the iconic Josephine Baker, the first African-American international superstar and one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th century. 5 STARS ”If there’s a truly must-see show…it’s Josephine” – Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS "Tymisha Harris' performance is a tour de force.” – CBC, Staff Pick 5 STARS "It’s a perfect piece of theatre for the time we are currently in" - Plays To See NYC

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Shadows in Bloom 
Play-ComedyMTYP - Mainstage - Venue #21
Gemma Wilcox

20-TIME BEST OF FEST winner returns with her 2008 SOLD-OUT hit show! From the creator of The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over, Magical Mystery Detour and 52 Pick Up. 22 CHARACTERS! Wilcox transforms seamlessly from male to female, from kid to crustacean, from flora to fauna in her most compelling tale yet. 5 STARS "Run to see her...A bolt of pure energy” - Edmonton Journal 5 STARS "Scintillating, jaw-dropping, top-notch theatre" - Victoria Colonist 5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press & CBC

More Info & Tickets
8:00 PM
HAMLET (the rest is silence) 
Play-DramaDalnavert Museum & Visitors' Centre - Venue #19
Echo Theatre

“You are welcome to Elsinore.” A personal and intimate exploration of fear, loss, regret and acting. A memory play, staged in the heart of the beautiful, historic Dalnavert Museum. Images by jaymez. Text by Shakespeare. Conceived & Performed by Kevin Klassen (Shakespeare in Love, Time’s Fancy). From the folks who brought you JONNO, Lulu: A Monster Tragedy and Grand-Guignol Sur La Prairie.

More Info & Tickets
Hot Thespian Action: Classic! 
SketchGas Station Arts Centre - Venue #18
Hot Thespian Action

Winnipeg Fringe staples sketch comedy troupe Hot Thespian Action puts you in control this summer, letting the audience curate their set of classic sketches. Visit: to vote for the physical, thought-provoking and hilarious sketches you want to see! Seriously! Do it now! 5 STARS "Their uproarious physical comedy, flawless timing and cleverly written subject matter are utterly bang-on, and the laughs come just as easily as does the craving to see their shows again and again." - Uptown

More Info & Tickets
JESUS CHRIST: The Lost Years 
Play-ComedyThe King's Head Pub - Venue #14
Monster Theatre

The Gospel according to Monster Theatre! Ever wonder what Jesus was really up to between the ages 13 and 30? Or how Jesus reacted when told “Joseph isn’t your real father!”? Find out in this remount of Monster Theatre’s funniest play. 5 STARS “Let’s just say that comic acting – in the Fringe or anywhere else – doesn’t get better than this.” - NOW Magazine “Nothing short of a comic miracle” - National Post

More Info & Tickets
Martin Dockery: Wide-Eyed 
StorytellingCreative Manitoba - Venue #26
Martin Dockery

A preposterous, true story about comic desperation and neurotic triumph in a city both Forbidden and Wondrous. “Dockery knows how to spin even the most common occurrence into a gripping yarn. This vibrant New Yorker delivers his tales with such verve, wit and insight, and he is so engaging and evocative that he makes the audience believe they are sharing the experience with him." - Chortle, London, UK. "Best storyteller in the U.S.” - Orlando Sentinel “A masterful storyteller” - The Herald Sun, Melbourne This is a world premiere.

More Info & Tickets
8:15 PM
Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious 
Play-DramaPLATFORM Centre - Venue #24
Alyson Parovel Productions

We all know life is hard. It's even harder when verbal communication isn't your strong suit. Desperately trying to navigate her way through high school, Chloe finds hope when she discovers how she can make her voice heard without having to speak a word. Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious is a touching one-woman show that explores the challenges and triumphs of living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. "Superb, deeply-etched, finely-tuned and always insightful" - Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

More Info & Tickets
8:30 PM
Cast Away: the Musical 
MusicalSchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Patrick Hercamp

From 2/3 of the award-winning comedy group Sound & Fury and a Kansas City Best of Fringe composer comes: Cast Away: the Musical. Chuck is just trying to survive - the same as anybody. Just like that singing volleyball and the zombie pilot playing the piano. KCRF Best Music Award 2018 Audience & Participants Choice Awards, Frigid NYC 5 STARS "Ryan Wells is a big boy, more than just a bit of a nerd and a very fine songwriter, and he puts his songs across with passion." - The Advertiser 5 STARS "Brad is really good on piano" - Ryan & Patrick

More Info & Tickets
Play-ComedySon of Warehouse - Venue #5
The Naked Eunuch

An ordinary dude from an ordinary part of Québec is here to explain how his extraordinarily idiotic friends may just ruin his chance of being happy. Faced with the depressing white noise of his television and his job in an industrial cake factory, a young-ish man fights to find words to give meaning to his crappy life. Governor General’s winner Fabien Cloutier’s Cranbourne sits somewhere between storytelling, black comedy and stand-up, and is performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart (Macbeth Muet, 2017).

More Info & Tickets
How Hard Could THAT Be? 
Physical TheatrePlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
Trent Arterberry Productions

At age 20, Trent Arterberry decided to drop out of college, create a show, get married, buy a house, raise a family and provide for his retirement as a mime artist! After all, he thought, “how hard could THAT be?” Tracing the ups and downs of 25 years of relentless touring – from colleges to cruise ships; rock star openers to Radio City Music Hall – “the story is a delightful and personal account of finding your calling and overcoming the obstacles that life throws up.” – “brilliant…heartfelt…wonderful” – Monday Magazine

More Info & Tickets
It's Now or Never: My Journey through the Late Middle Ages 
Play-DramedyPantages Studio - Venue #3
Third Act Productions

One man's quest to deal with times when Man planned and God laughed. A fast-paced show about getting older, looking for love and trying to make it as a writer-performer-storyteller. Through a series of interconnected stories, Leblang navigates the challenges of middle age - lost hearing and lost romance, along with the ability to sleep through the night - and life on the road doing low-budget theatre. "Leblang’s a wise and funny voice that draws from his Jewish roots...a gay work that is also a universal work" - Lavender News, Minneapolis

More Info & Tickets
jem rolls: I, IDIOT 
UnclassifiableDragon Arts Collective - Venue #27
big word performance poetry

You know they say everyone has got a novel in them? Well, you know what it's called, that novel we've all got in us? It's called “I, IDIOT”. With verbal and physical buffoonery, Jem Rolls cartoons the personal and the universal in his own epic of blundering idiocy. Jem's last show: The Inventor Of All Things (5 STARS - CBC, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press, 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal) More Fringe Festivals than anyone on earth. “Whoops.” “It wasn't me.” “Oh dear.”

More Info & Tickets
Journey to Kalcedon Island: A Steampunk Adventure 
MusicalJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
Kiss the Giraffe Productions

From the creators of The Mystery of Krummhorn Castle (5 STARS - CBC) comes a Steampunk musical odyssey for the whole family! For young geniuses Ada and Lacey LaForge, there’s no problem that a ratchet and slide rule can’t solve. But their journey to find their long-lost aunt becomes a harrowing adventure that tests the limits of their ingenuity. Join the LaForge sisters as they outwit fearsome airship pirates, uncover astonishing family secrets, and maybe bend space and time a little.

More Info & Tickets
Monster Variety Hour 
SketchThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
Spamagram Bananas Productions

Reality TV, YouTube stars, infomercials and influencers... Is there anything more terrifying than this modern world? Monster Variety Hour explores the horrors of our 21st century world in a series of humorous sketches featuring classic monsters trying to live their best Instagram life.

More Info & Tickets
Murder by Poe 
Play-DramedyPTE - Gendis Studio - Venue #15
PTE School

A dark and dreadful night. A woman in white lost within a wood. And the only shelter is a house full of murderers! A deadly game of cat and mouse, Murder by Poe is a theatrical reimagining of some of Edgar Allan Poe's most famous tales of terror. As each haunted figure tells a story of crime and mayhem, the woman must solve the puzzle of the house and the riddle of the man who ushers her into its mysteries. "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - E. A. Poe

More Info & Tickets
8:45 PM
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation 
MagicPTE - Colin Jackson Studio - Venue #17
Tim Motley

PATRONS' PICK - Winnipeg, Edmonton & 7 more Fringes FUNNIEST SHOW - London Fringe 41/2 STARS “Hard and fast as a runaway bullet train” - Winnipeg Free Press 41/2 STARS “An excellent show” - Edmonton Journal 5 STARS “Tour de force” - Australian Stage More murder! More explosions! More hyperbole! More punctuation!!!!!!&#@ Australia’s favourite bumbling psychic detective is back. Comedy, mind-reading and gritty 1930s noir. Think Boardwalk Empire meets Naked Gun meets Penn & Teller. Based on a story by Dashiell Hammett.

More Info & Tickets
2 Sherlock Adventures 
Play-DramedyOne88 - Venue #23

Vintage Fringers, John D. Huston and Kenneth Brown, play everyone in two brilliant Sherlock Holmes adventures: Holmes, Watson, distressed damsels, perplexed police, scurrilous scoundrels. Seventy-five years of stagecraft on dazzling display in the world’s first, finest, sleuthing stories. Sixty scintillating minutes: Sherlock solves the mysteries, polished performers strut their stuff!

More Info & Tickets
2201: A Sex Odyssey 
StorytellingThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
The Thing Is... Productions

The year is 2201. Pornography has become self-aware and bent on destroying humanity. One man must overcome temptation, navigate the metaverse and save the world (and maybe himself). Join Dick on his odyssey to evade the clutches of Delta - an AI sex bot turned murderous - with the help of Ron, a beloved star from the golden age of porn! Written and performed by Will Glenn of The Beer Show fringe '17 & '16. A little Black Mirror, a little Debbie Does Dallas and a little Broadway!

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Bill Pritchard's Address to the Jury 
Play-DramaRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Root Sky Productions

Follow the path. A book of poetry leads an idealistic professor into the labyrinth of left-wing politics. He finds Bill Pritchard, socialist and strike leader, charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government of Canada. He finds Sharon Stevenson, working class poet: "no models / no truths revealed / & still this system stares us down." He finds himself reading in an empty pool of light. A serial play. By the producers of the Fringe hit Misty Lake (5 STARS), the 1999 play that revealed the truth about residential schools.

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Sound & Fury's Cyranose! 
Play-ComedyWest End Cultural Centre - Venue #20
Sound & Fury

Fringe favourites S&F bring back their Fringe award-winning hit show: the classic tale of Cyranose de Bivouac's perfectly normal love for his cousin Roxanne. 5 STARS "This musical parody is a vaudevillian treat performed at lightning pace and with rapier-like wit. Cyranose is a deliciously silly play, a song-and-dance treat, and a Fringe highlight." - Fest Magazine (Edinburgh) 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS - Edinburgh Evening News 5 STARS - 5 STARS - Hairline (UK) 4 STARS - The Scotsman, ThreeWeeks, One4Review

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9:00 PM
Fallen from the Toy Box 
UnclassifiableTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
The Fourth Wall

From the award-winning creators of Fruit Flies Like a Banana (5 STARS - CBC & Free Press) come tales of youth and consequences. Inspired by our discarded mementos, this musical reverie revisits fairy tales, childhood games and the secret life of toys with a foundation of classical favourites and music by living composers. As always, the "seriously talented musicians" (CBC) of The Fourth Wall expertly blend music, theatre and "deft choreography." (Wall Street Journal) "Wonderfully inventive, artistic, creative and smart." (Orlando Sentinel)

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Graham Clark's Not Here 
Stand-UpWee Johnny's - Venue #25
Laugh Gallery

Patrons' Pick and Canadian Comedy Award winner Graham Clark returns to the Winnipeg Fringe…or does he? Faced with the high cost of doing a show, his act will be appearing without him. Sound weird? It will be. “you'll leave wondering if Clark has invented a new form of stand-up” - NOW Toronto “Graham Clark has a weird mind, in the best possible way.” - Mooney on Theatre

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ImproVision: He’s Not In The Show Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as The Queen 
ImprovDuke of Kent Legion - Venue #13

As unbelievable as it sounds – IT’S TRUE! Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the critically acclaimed TV series Sherlock and too many major motion pictures to name, will not reprise a role he’s not famous for. So we’ll make stuff up without him in a dangerously fast-paced improv mash-up fuelled by audience suggestions. Also not starring Mr. T and Beyoncé. 4 STARS “can take even the most bland audience suggestions and spin gold” - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS “kings of short form improv” - CBC Radio

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Self-Help Shelf 
Play-ComedyOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
Awkward Cheese Co.

"Realizing your authentic self requires a deeper pursuit of self-understanding" The opening words of a self-help book awakens Maggie, your average bookstore employee, to her inner thoughts and dialogue. Transported to the dream world of her subconscious, she meets all her various personas and tries to figure out what it all means. This original work questions how we come to be the way we are and how a millennial woman comes to define herself. Is authenticity attainable? Does it even matter?

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The Ballad of Johnny Boy 
Play-ComedyMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
Walk&Talk Theatre Company

From the creators of KING (nominated for the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play 2017) comes a story about the only story that really matters. Yours. Featuring live original music, bandmates and barge masters of the afterlife sing and dance their way through the life of Johnny Boy. What begins as a eulogy for a modest man becomes a flaming Viking funeral as the storytellers get high off their own hyperbole. Created and performed by Duncan Cox, Tanner Manson and Ben Townsley.

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9:15 PM
Cock Tales: Shame on Me! 
Play-DramedyAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
Debra Ehrhardt

Directed by Joel Zwick (Big Fat Greek Wedding), Debra Ehrhardt shares true stories of up-close-and-personal encounters with those very complicated 'members' of the opposite sex. From her early years as a young girl raised in a religious family, through her sexual awakening as a young adult, she takes us on a bumpy ride over a funny, sexy and emotionally rocky road. "Guaranteed laughter" - "Unforgettable performance...a must see" -

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Hushabye - A Doomsday Comedy 
ClownMTYP - Richardson Hall - Venue #22
Sizzle and Spark

A dark comedy about the extremes we go to in our relentless quest for the perfect life and how easily it can all blow up in our faces. 5 STARS “the funniest visual tomfoolery we’ve seen on a Calgary stage in a long while...Russell and Tomlinson’s shared genius is evident at every point in the show.” – Calgary Herald From the creators of The Sama Kutra - BEST OF FEST, Calgary Fringe 2015 4 STARS “laugh out loud funny” - CBC Manitoba 4 STARS “50 shades of hilarity” - Winnipeg Free Press

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9:30 PM
An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen 
Play-ComedyMTYP - Mainstage - Venue #21
Mike Delamont

From three-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and 18-time Best of Fest award winner Mike Delamont comes the much anticipated return of everyone's favourite deity! God, dressed in a floral power suit, returns to Winnipeg after sold-out runs in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 to skewer everything from The Tories to The Resurrection in an all-new hour of comedy!

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Darwin vs Rednecks 
Stand-UpCreative Manitoba - Venue #26
Stewart Huff

Creator of last year's SOLD-OUT RUN Donating Sperm to My Sister's Wife returns with a brand new comedy show! A Kentucky liberal and three-time BEST COMEDY winner! "Both thoughtful and extremely funny" - CBC 5 STARS "There is no doubt that Stewart Huff deserves all five stars" - Edmonton Journal What happens when you use facts instead of gut feeling to answer difficult questions? Not only do you upset rednecks, clergy and the status quo, but you might just change the way we think. And become unemployable.

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9:45 PM
Play-DramaPTE - Mainstage - Venue #16
Knavish Hedgehog Productions

5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press (2015 & 2016) 5 STARS – CBC (2016) “Fantastic Shakespeare productions…hugely talented” - CBC (2017) The war is over. All is well. But soon after a hard-won victory, the king dies in his sleep, and his brother steals both the queen and the throne. Hamlet, the rightful heir, is then spurred to murder. Watch as the Knavish Hedgehogs and Shakespeare In the Ruins alumni - including director Arne MacPherson - bring The Bard's unforgettable revenge thriller to life. "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark..."

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10:00 PM
Play-ComedyThe King's Head Pub - Venue #14
Ryan Gladstone

Fringe superstar Ryan Gladstone attempts to tell EVERY STORY EVER TOLD in one hour! “Ryan Gladstone is one funny man” - Ottawa Citizen 4 STARS “Gladstone is a natural comedian – he’s frenetic, fun, and has a great rapport with his audience from beginning to end.” - CBC Manitoba “Gladstone’s hyperkinetic revue of human storytelling and, by proxy, human nature is an undeniable success…an incredibly rich, dizzying experience that should not be missed.” - BENT

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The DnD Improv Show 11 
ImprovGas Station Arts Centre - Venue #18
DnD Improv

5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press 5 STARS - CBC Winnipeg Fringe favourite The DnD Improv Show returns for its 11th Fringe run. A fantasy improv show inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, each shows begins where the last one left off. Come cheer on your favourite hero and boo your favourite villain as the giant 20-sided dice decide their fate. Enjoy one show or come see them all!

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WOKE Comedy Hour: Fringe Edition  
Stand-UpPLATFORM Centre - Venue #24
Vault Projects

Inspired by the monthly open mic series, WOKE Comedy Hour: Fringe Edition features stand-up comedy served up by Winnipeg’s best and boldest womxn, non-binary, people of colour and Indigenous comedians.    A co-production between the Womxn of Colour Comedy Collective and Vault Projects (Riot Resist Revolt Repeat, 4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press, zahgidiwin/love, 4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press, 4 STARS - CBC, How to Talk to Human Beings, 4 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press and Little Red, 5 STARS - CBC).

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10:15 PM
Brain Machine 
StorytellingPantages Studio - Venue #3
Andrew Bailey

From the five-star creator of The Adversary and Me, the Queen, and a Coconut. Scientists create the web to bring worldwide “harmony and understanding." Chaos ensues. Andrew Bailey escapes technology for a cabin in the woods, where he accidentally creates a viral video. Chaos ensues. Brain Machine premiered at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe, selling out its run! "Brain Machine is fascinating, informative, personal, and relevant...Go, learn, laugh, take hope." - The Georgia Straight. "Bailey is confident, charming, a pro...Go see it." - Word Press

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Caws & Effect 
PuppetryWest End Cultural Centre - Venue #20
Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.

Large-scale shadow theatre from a bird's-eye view. Crows are re-dreaming the world. Is the future all it's cracked up to be? This modern fable is told using handmade layered projections, puppetry, masks and an original musical score. Mind of a Snail's large-scale shadow puppetry is quirky, colourful and beautiful, like early animation performed live before your eyes. The critics are RAVEN! 5 STARS “a gorgeous and wondrous work of art” - CBC 5 STARS “a fantastical, unique experience” - Torontoist 5 STARS “stunning and hilarious” - VUE Weekly

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Her Wings 
Play-DramaDragon Arts Collective - Venue #27
Buried Seeds Productions

"Have you heard of the squinting bush brown butterfly? I think there are a few things you might find particularly interesting about it..." Based on true events, four girls read the contents of their journals, highlighting every kiss, every drink, every situation they were confused about and every time they were left wondering why the boys they trusted made the choice to harm them. Their only source of solace during their confusing adolescence is their journals, each other, and the hope their wings won't always feel so clipped.

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I Think I'm Dead 
StorytellingRed River College - Roblin Centre - Venue #11
Thunder Blunder

Insomnia keeping you up at night? Well, it's also ruining Al's life. I Think I'm Dead is a caffeine-fuelled comedic storytelling journey into one man's struggles with unconsciousness. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder whether or not you're alive! From two-time Just For Laughs Award winner Al Lafrance Winner: Audience Choice + Best Solo Show, Halifax Fringe 4 STARS - VUE Weekly

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MagicPlanetarium Auditorium - Venue #10
MIND MAGIC Productions

Master mentalist and magician Louis Pezzani has been blowing audiences' minds around the world for decades. This astounding show features mind reading, lightning calculation and incredible mind-over-matter demonstrations where metal bends, twists and melts! Astonishing, interactive, critically acclaimed and very funny. Unforgettable theatre for all ages, interests and backgrounds! “Spectacular” - CBC Radio “Must-see” - Victoria News “Spellbinding” - Cowichan News Leader “Cool” - Georgia Straight “Incredible” - Edmonton Journal

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Tales Too Tall for Trailers 
Play-ComedySchool of Contemporary Dancers (McKim Building) - Venue #9
Theatre Mobile

Impressing your trailer park family is hard. Especially when they’re make-believe. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse meets Mark Twain in this TALL-TALE MUSICAL COMEDY! Never before seen in Winnipeg! Y’all come back to Big-Fib Trailer Park, home of Paul Strickland’s Ain't True & Uncle False (5 STARS - Free Press) and Papa Squat (5 STARS - CBC) as Paul introduces Erika Kate MacDonald (Evacuated! 4 1/2 STARS - Free Press) to his wacky family! 5 STARS “A must see…The music and jokes come together to make Tales Too Tall something magical.” - Edmonton Sun

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10:30 PM
Bushel and Peck 
Play-ComedyJohn Hirsch Mainstage - Venue #1
Aaron Malkin

“Brilliant and absurd. The perfect tonic for whatever ails your mind” - London Free Press Knowles (James & Jamesy: 5 STARS - CBC, 5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press) and Morin-Robert (Merkin Sisters/Blindside: 5 STARS - CBC) fuse their mastery of comedy and movement as they tear up their performance handbook, touch the untouchable and are blown away by the uproarious consequences. Winning Best Cast (London) and Best Choreography (Montreal), Bushel and Peck will boisterously charm your naked heart. “Visually stunning” - Montreal Gazette

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Fractured Expectations 
Play-ComedySon of Warehouse - Venue #5
Timeless Weaver

What kinds of expectations do you have in life? Finish your degree and immediately find your dream job? Go on a blind date and find the person of your dreams? Expectations can become a positive mantra to help you achieve your goals. Other times they can be a curse: an endless stream of disappointments. Fractured Expectations is a comedic exploration of how to survive in a world of well wishes and inevitability.

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I'm Not Taylor Swift 
Stand-UpThe Cinematheque - Venue #7
Daisy Fay Productions

I’m not Taylor Swift. I’m just a girl doing stand-up for an audience, asking them to tell me whether my body type is hourglass or pear so I can adjust my self-esteem accordingly. (I spent $1500 on my costume so for the love of God, please come!) "Stellar stand-up shows a fresh comedy voice" - Winnipeg Free Press "Off-the-wall Sandhu charmed the audience with irreverent reflections" - Winnipeg Free Press "She's okay, but you know who's really hilarious! That Irish guy, what's his name? Craig Ferguson!" - Anjali's mom

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Mercury Man : The Last Performance of Orson Welles 
Play-DramaThe Rachel Browne Theatre (McKim Building) - Venue #8
Dramatic Hat Productions

Hollywood, 1985. While recording his last ever film role - the voice of a cartoon robot planet - Orson Welles meets his “Biggest Fan,” and recounts tales of his early success in film, theatre and radio, the aftermath of making the greatest movie of all time, and all that must be sacrificed in order to do what you were made for. "Interesting concept, good pacing, great dialogue" - Toronto Fringe New Play Jury

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Terms & Conditions 
Physical TheatrePTE - Colin Jackson Studio - Venue #17
Bossy Flyer

Roommates. Can’t live with them, can’t afford to live without them. Opposites attract as breathtaking acrobatics and slapstick comedy merge in an homage to roommates everywhere. Two young women stuck in one tiny apartment navigate the trials and tribulations of female friendship. Will they lift each other up (pun intended) or get stuck in a bind by their own terms and conditions?! "Flawless duo acrobatics" - The Stage "Stunning acrobatics carried us seamlessly through the story" -Theasy "Incredible, almost inhuman movement" - Edfringe Review

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10:45 PM
Burns & Allen - A Loving Tribute 
Play-ComedyOnstage at Pantages - Venue #4
The Probable Cast

The classic banter and charming rapport of the comedy duo are brought to the stage for a delightful hour of nostalgic laughter. “Since Curtis’s comic persona closely resembles Gracie Allen, the two score points on a delicious Burns-and-Allen style bit, with Sim … skilfully playing the straight man." “Local actors Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis successfully pull off old-school laughs as the vintage vaudeville comedy team of George Burns and Gracie Allen, and in doing so remind audiences what made them so beloved.” - Winnipeg Free Press

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Fool Muun Komming! 
Physical TheatreMTC Up the Alley - Venue #2
The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis

...<BeBgWunderful/ YEsyes/ 4sure.Hi5.TruLuv;Spank Spank:SOfun_Grate_Times> An otherworldly being is coming to meet you. Hurtling towards Earth inside a gigantic asteroid, It comes in peace! It loves humans. It would never hurt them. At least, not intentionally... Armed with only whiplash physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination and a plastic bag, École Philippe Gaulier graduate Sam Kruger presents a love letter to the imagination and the joy of discovery.   Winner: Outstanding Solo Performance,  London Fringe 2017

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Free Beer and the Pilsner of Azkaban 
ImprovDuke of Kent Legion - Venue #13
The Horrible Friends

Looking for a show that is a little less Sirius? The Horrible Friends are back with a new entry in their long-running Free Beer series! Just like before, we're giving out booze to anyone who volunteers to join us on stage! Guaranteed not to be a Dumble-BORE! Don't worry, it's not actually a Harry Potter-themed improv show...unless you want it to be. 4 STARS "The dynamic duo doled out a rather impressive - and quite vulgar - performance game after game" - CBC 4 STARS "Enjoyment is guaranteed" - Winnipeg Free Press

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Jellyfish are Immortal 
StorytellingTom Hendry Warehouse - Venue #6
Peachy Keen Productions

Welcome to the ocean. Grab a life vest. You've just floated upon a theatrical explosion between the self-help aisle and the marine life section of the bookstore. We’re going deep, but it's gonna be a party. Bizarro Obscure: 5 STARS "Sydney Hayduk is thoroughly entertaining" – CBC Angels & Aliens: 4 STARS "Wickedly fun...highly entertaining" - CBC Village Ax: 4 STARS "A joy to behold" – CBC Harry Rintoul Award Winner - The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

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11:15 PM
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 
MusicalAsper Centre for Theatre and Film (UofW) - Venue #12
Missed Cue Productions

"Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, sha la la Joseph you’re doing fine! You and your dreamcoat ahead of your time! One of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a reimagining of the Biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven brothers and the coat of many colours." Missed Cue Productions is proud to bring this beloved family show to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in a reimagined and intimate production featuring a cast and company of 11 actors.

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The Wilds 
Physical TheatreMTYP - Mainstage - Venue #21

12-time Best of Fest and 5-time Critics’ Choice winners are back with their larger than life masks! When Wendell discovers that both his wife and their beloved tree have vanished from the backyard, he must venture into the Wilds and face its mysteries to bring them home. Pixar meets Miyazaki meets Henson in this extraordinary adventure.        Praise for WONDERHEADS: 5 STARS "Pure magic." -CBC 5 STARS "You will laugh, you will cry, you will stand in awe." -Edmonton Sun 5 STARS "Wonderful, original, beautiful." -Calgary Herald

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