Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Fringe and we're still looking for team members. As long as you can do a minimum of four shifts, you can sign up to volunteer! We look forward to welcoming you to our Fringe family!
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The Winnipeg Fringe relies on the help of MANY volunteers every July to make the festival a success! Volunteering is a great way to get the inside experience of the festival – be the first to know about hot shows, cool venues and everything that makes Fringing fun!


Volunteers assist patrons and performers, making sure everyone has an enjoyable Fringe experience. Teams of volunteers sell tickets and usher for performances at various venues located in the Exchange District and downtown Winnipeg; help the youngest Fringers with games and activities at Kids Fringe; keep the drinks flowing in the beer tent and patio; assist patrons and answer questions at the Info Tent in Old Market Square plus several other opportunities.
  • Meet new people
  • Develop and share your skills
  • Contribute to the community and help revitalize downtown
  • Share your interest in the arts
  • Get the inside scoop about great Fringe shows
  • A fun, relaxed, supportive environment
  • A Fringe team member t-shirt
  • Complimentary tickets to shows
  • Kick-off pizza party and volunteer appreciation events
  • Refreshments & snacks
  • Prize draws
  • Work experience

Looking for more info? Please contact us at

Thank you to our Volunteer Sponsor RE/MAX!

Thank you!

The Fringe wouldn’t be possible without the amazing volunteers who generously donate their time to help make the festival a tremendous success every year.

For the 2019 Fringe, we would like to thank and recognize all of our dedicated volunteers who have been supporting the festival for 10 to 32 years.

25+ Year Volunteers

Jaime Bernstein, Danielle Carriere, Angela Connor, Lynne Fairhall, Sylvia Flam, Murray Goldenberg, Shelley Grundy, Helen Halpin, Jeff Heikkinen, Chandra Hickling, Monica Hultin, Debbie Hurrell, Allan Jeffrey, Deborah Lavallier, Paul Lee, Antero Lindblad, Tracy Love, Kathy MacKenzie, Sandra McCrea, Bob Migliore, Pat Migliore, Wendy Molnar, Mary Mykytiuk, Lenora Rose Patrick, Cathy Phillipson, Allen Pitch, Shawn Saifer, Jacquie Sarna, Evita Smordin, Holly Steele, Brenda Taylor, Ross Taylor, Darlene Wusaty

20 to 24 Year Volunteers

Daryl Adam, Nadine Andrusiak, Peggy Barker, Jim Bell, Kim Coss, Candace Cross, Curtis Cucmak, Dave Davis, Aldo Furlan, B. Goodwyn, Gail Harper, Murray Hunter, Matthew Komus, Barry Kopulos, Jacqueline Lagasse, Marlene Mahoney, Shelley Mahoney, Saz Massey, Iris Maurstad, Ronald McKinnon, Ursula Neufeld, Bev Rosenstock, Jim Sankey, Janice Sawka, Lauri Scott, Ron Snider, Sheila Snider, Estelle Soulodre, Dovid  Waldman, Gloria Waldron, Jane Wood, Patrick Wright

10 to 19 Year Volunteers

Margaret Algner, Nancy Anderson, Jamie Antonowich, Shibashis Bal, Gisele Barrett, Cindy Bass, Gerry Berard, Tanys Bjornson, Ingrid Bolbecher, Eugene Boychuk, Gayle Boychuk, Lyndie Bright, Bob Bruce, Lillian Bryant, Barb Buffington, Erin Bunn, Margaret Caie, Mario Chaput, Helen Cooper, Lori Dann, Amanda Dooley, Kathleen Dutton, Shelley & Patrick Fast, Christine Freeman, Gemma Gay, Andrea Geary, Julie Gelmich, Linda Gilbert, Bob Gooding, Myra Grabowski, Stephanie Hall, Bill Harper, Lydia Heshka, Janice Hink, Marilyn Huska, Rachel Ines, Calvin Kim, Ryan Kraemer, Carole Kurdydyk, Miggie Lampe, Judy Lichtman, Michael Litwin, Paul Longtin, John McLeod, Naomi McLeo, Raymond Michaud, Lori O`Brennan, Conrad Padilla, Linda Paul, Leigha Phelps, Evelyn Pitura, Helen Ptasznik, Luke Rawluk, Trish Rea, Judy Restall, Ira Lester Reyes, Norma Jean Roach, Namiko Saito, Emile Samuels, Valerie Schussler, Ryan Scott, Jon Seguire, Barb Shawcross, Izzy Shore, Don Simpson, Anita Squire, Karen Stach, Gordon Stewart, Nancy Stewart, June Thomson, Klaus Tibelius, Jacquelyn Tremblay, Bob Tretiak, Ruby Tretiak, Gail van Reede, Brenda Vandekerkhove, Patricia Vineberg, Carole Waluk, Charlotte Wanke, Shelley Wilk, Don Wilson

Volunteers as of June 11, 2019