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Green Fools Theatre
Calgary, AB

A Day in the Life of Myrtle
by Judith Mendelsohn & Dean Bareham

A Day in the Life of Myrtle is the story of a creative girl who isn’t like everyone else. Struggling to find her voice, she is rejected by her peers and seen as needing to be “fixed” by adults. Seven-year-old Myrtle flees by escaping into the adventurous world of her imagination where she is powerful and carefree. Myrtle finds a path to true friendship and inner strength where her creativity finds an appropriate outlet in the physical world. “Our whole family loved it! Well done.” “I thought the actress was amazing…”

Director: Dean Bareham
Cast: Judith Mendelsohn

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Length: 45 Mins
Tickets: $12
Door Discount: $10 Matinees|Students|Seniors
Kid Friendly
No warnings

Date & Time
Thu July 18
10:00 AM
Fri July 19
6:00 PM
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Sat July 20
1:30 PM
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Sun July 21
12:00 PM
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Mon July 22
1:15 PM
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Tue July 23
4:30 PM
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Wed July 24
2:45 PM
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Thu July 25
1:15 PM
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Fri July 26
6:00 PM
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