At Venue #8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre - 211 Bannatyne Ave. (McKim Building) - Enter from parking lot on Main St. (Map Link)
Naked Theatre Productions
Winnipeg, MB

Whatever Happens After?
by Sarah Flynn

There are some things in life only your family understands. First, there’s mom’s midlife crisis: a condo, a pet ferret and soy milk? Probably brought on by the looming second divorce. Or maybe it’s the stress of grandma’s Alzheimer's. Plus Quinn is leaving soon. Meaning poor Ash has to deal with all this family stuff alone.
Join siblings Quinn and Ash in the park around the corner. They’ll go from laughing to bickering in seconds; and you’ll be brought to tears in all the best and worst ways possible.

Director: Simon Miron
Cast: Jodi Kristjanson, Sarah Flynn


Length: 60 Mins
Parental Guidance
Warnings: Mild language, violent content, Trigger warning: suicide

Date & Time
Thu July 14
6:15 PM
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Fri July 15
10:00 PM
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Sat July 16
11:30 AM
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Mon July 18
1:00 PM
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Wed July 20
4:30 PM
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Thu July 21
2:30 PM
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Fri July 22
8:00 PM
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Sat July 23
2:30 PM
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Sun July 24
6:00 PM
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