At Venue #10 - Planetarium Auditorium - 190 Rupert Ave. - (theatre on low level) (Map Link)
Paco Erhard
Berlin, Germany

Paco Erhard: An Honest* History of Bullsh!t
Written and Performed by Paco Erhard

Sick of the bullshit? Feel awash in spin, lies, propaganda? Don’t worry, a German is here to sort it all out. Laugh away the madness as award-winning German comedian Paco Erhard cuts through the BS and examines just how the heck we got here, from ancient Persia all the way to this Golden Age of Bullshit. Hilarious for absolutely everybody!* *Terms and conditions apply. 5 STARS “hilarious” - Edinburgh Guide 4 STARS “fast-paced, funny, edgy” - Herald Sun 4 1/2 STARS “intelligent, political, smutty and genius” - Adelaide Advertiser

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Length: 75 Mins
Tickets: $12
Parental Guidance
Warnings: Coarse Language

Date & Time
Wed July 17
8:15 PM
Fri July 19
8:15 PM
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Sat July 20
3:15 PM
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Mon July 22
10:15 PM
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Wed July 24
1:45 PM
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Thu July 25
5:00 PM
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Sat July 27
10:30 PM
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Sun July 28
1:45 PM
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