At Venue #7 - The Cinematheque - 100 Arthur St. - Main Fl. (Map Link)
Paco Erhard
Berlin, Germany

Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.
Written and Performed by Paco Erhard

Stand-up to make you feel sane again.
From acclaimed German comedian Paco Erhard (5-Step Guide to Being German, A History of Bullshit).
Who "might suck at being German, but f***ing rocks at comedy" - The Advertiser. Dark, smart, hilarious.
Very likely will include dramatic arc and message. Who knows? I had to write this in March.
“Comedy gold” - New Zealand Herald
4 1/2 STARS “Intelligent, political, smutty, and genius” - The Advertiser
5 STARS “German Jim Jefferies” - Three Weeks
“The comedy world is a better place for it” - Herald Sun

Director: Paco Erhard

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Length: 75 Mins
Parental Guidance
Warnings: Coarse language, sexual content, possible discussion of dementia

Low vision/blind

Date & Time
Thu July 14
9:45 PM
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Fri July 15
11:00 AM
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Sat July 16
2:30 PM
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Sun July 17
8:00 PM
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Tue July 19
9:30 PM
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Thu July 21
11:00 AM
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Fri July 22
12:45 PM
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Sat July 23
6:00 PM
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Sun July 24
4:30 PM
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