There are lots of words we could use to describe the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival – like adventurous, dynamic, inspiring and sometimes even crazy. But the word I like to use most is “community,” because it best defines the foundation of support and inclusiveness the Fringe is built on. No matter what your style, your taste or sense of humour, there’ll always be a show (and an audience) for everyone here.

But our Fringe community isn’t just found inside theatres or venues. Each year, we watch the entire city of Winnipeg buzz with excitement for the festival and see thousands of people from different neighbourhoods, cities and even countries flock to the Exchange District to take in amazing, independent theatre. Even our helping hands, whose support we graciously count on, are an incredibly diverse group. Whether it’s civic leaders, sponsors and supporters, volunteers, or performers, everyone bands together to embrace and enjoy this unique festival.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what part you play because, in the end, we’re all Fringers here!

Chuck McEwen
Executive Producer, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival