At Kids Venue - MTYP Mainstage 2 Forks Market Rd. (The Forks) (Map Link)
Piti Theatre Company
Shelburne Falls, MA

To Bee or Not to Bee
by Jonathan Mirin, choreography by Godeliève Richard, music by Carrie Ferguson & Jonathan Mirin

Farmer James has lost his bees, there's only corn gruel to eat and the townspeople (the audience) have arrived chanting "there's no good food, we're in a bad mood!" This award-winning cautionary tale engages with humour and music while inspiring wonder and action to help pollinators. "... guileless storytelling and sweet slapstick to charm an audience of any age. They utilize puppetry, clowning, juggling, song, movement and audience participation to teach and entertain their charges...” – Boston Arts Review. Bee-u-tiful!

Director: Jonathan Mirin & Godeliève Richard
Cast: Laura Josephs, Jonathan Mirin

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Length: 60 Mins
Tickets: $12
Door Discount: $10 Weekday Matinees|Students|Seniors
Kid Friendly
No warnings

Date & Time
Fri July 19
11:45 AM
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Sat July 20
6:00 PM
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Sun July 21
4:30 PM
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Tue July 23
2:45 PM
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Wed July 24
11:30 AM
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Thu July 25
10:00 AM
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Fri July 26
4:15 PM
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Sat July 27
3:00 PM
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Sun July 28
4:45 PM
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