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Performing Company Show Title Images Media Kits
The Barbarian Bombshells The Barbarian Bombshells Barbarian-Bombshells-Main-Promo-Shot.jpgGossip-Shot.jpg The Barbarian Bombshells Media Release
Bruce Ryan Costella RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE Rat-Man-Happy-Place-1.JPGRat-Man-Happy-Place-2.PNG RAT MAN HAPPY PLACE Media Release
Catch Me in the Kitchen Catch Me in the Kitchen Story Adventures Catch-Me-in-the-Kitchen-Photo-by-Matt-Hertendy-1.jpgCatch-Me-in-the-Kitchen-Photo-by-Tim-Freeman.jpg Catch Me in the Kitchen Media Release
Far Fetched Productions Dog Gone Dog-Gone-Photo-1.jpgDog-Gone-2.jpg Dog Gone Media Release
Fedor Comedy Dude, Where's My Karma? Dude-Where-s-my-Karma-1.jpgDude-Where-s-My-karma-2.jpg Dude, Where's my Karma Media Kit
Geräuschbiest Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar Dreams-of-Nebuchadnezzar.jpeg The Dreams of Nebuchadnezzar Media Kit
Gravity Theatre Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep Private-Parts-Photo-by-Christache-Ross-1.jpgPrivate-Parts-Photo-by-Christache-Ross-2.jpg Private Parts Media Release
hiljames movement Pull Yourself Together Pull-Yourself-Together-1.jpegPull-Yourself-Together-2.jpeg Pull Yourself Together Media Kit
Hill Party Productions Matt & Ben Matt-and-Ben-Photo-by-Kendra-Hope.jpegBen-and-Matt-Photo-by-Kendra-Hope.jpeg Matt and Ben Media Kit
Hogans Circus This Calls for Danger This-Calls-for-Danger-1.jpgThis-Calls-for-Danger-2.jpg Untitled-design-(2).png
Hypothetical Projects How to Live Forever IMG_8325.pngIMG_8327.png Hypothetical Projects Media Kit
Ingrid Garner Eleanor's Story: Life After War   Eleanor's Story Media Kit
Jim Loucks Booger Red Booger-Red-1-(2).jpegBooger Red Photo by Rich Prugh Booger Red Media Kit
Kelly Finnegan Productions Donating Sperm to My Sister's Wife Donating-Sperm-1.jpgDonating-Sperm-2.png Donating Sperm to my Sister's Wife media kit
Living the Dream   A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis book-characters.jpgquiz.jpg A One Human Being, Potentially Comedic Performance of Les Mis
Ma-Buhay! A New Musical Ma-Buhay! The Road to Rainbow Singing-it-and-Bringin-it,-Honey-and-Ensemble.JPGStar-on-the-Rise,-Ensemble.JPG Ma-Buhay! The Road to Rainbow Stage
Merlyn Productions The Blabbermouth, the Puff Monstead and the Wolf Blabbermouth-PR_Photo-(002).jpg The Blabbermouth, the Puff Monster and the Wolf press release
Other Erika Presents and Paul Strickland The Barn Identity and 90 Lies an Hour Erika-MacDonald-performing-The-Barn-Identity-at-Cincy-Fringe-photo-by-Kelsey-Trusty52120966425_a97e664116_o.pngPaul-Strickland-3-Credit-Mikki-Shaffner.jpg Paul and Erika Media Release
PKF Productions Six Chick Flicks Six-Chick-Flicks-Photo-by-Lauren-Silberman.jpegSix-Chick-Flicks-Photo-2-by-Lauren-Silberman.jpeg Six Chick Flicks Media Kit
Rob Gee A.W.O.L. AWOL-1.jpgAWOL-2.jpg A.W.O.L. Media Kit
Salvador Dinosaur Otto and Astrid's Joint Solo Project  Otto-and-Astrid-Photo-1-(1).jpegOtto-and-Astrid-Photo-2.jpeg Otto and Astrid Joint Solo Project Media Kit
SensibleChuckleTheatre A Master's Advanced Class To Beginners Improv SensibleChuckleTheatre1.jpegSensibleChuckleTheatre2.jpeg A Masters Advanced Class Media Kit
Small Matters Productions FOR SCIENCE! For-Science-Photo-by-Brianne-Jang.jpgFor-Science-Photo-by-Daniel-Torres-and-Matt-Schuurman.jpg For Science Media Kit
So Lonely Productions I Lost on Jeopardy I-Lost-on-Jeopardy-Credit-Ruth-Bonneville,-Wpg-Free-Press,-2019.jpgI_Lost_On_Jeopardy_-_Clip_2_-_Alex_Announces_Final_Jeopardy_First_Frame.png I Lost on Jeopardy Media Kit
Subscatter Productions The Murky Place Poster-image.png The murky Place Media Kit
Theatre Enthused Influenced Influenced-Photo-by-Mallory-Brown.jpegInfluenced-Photo-by-Mallory-Brown-2.jpeg Influenced Media Kit
Us <3 Always Because Meghan-and-Maggie-photo-credit-Harder-Lee-Photography.jpg Always Because Media Kit