At Kids Venue - MTYP Mainstage 2 Forks Market Rd. (The Forks) (Map Link)
Jazz Haz Productions
Toronto, ON

Tales of Challenge & Triumph
Written and Performed by Anthony Audain

Join Papa Say, village elder and storyteller, on a journey to exotic lands and mystic forests where three young boys learn from the consequences of their actions, and two childhood friends work together to improve the lives of their community. Enjoy some interactive storybook family theatre brought to life through animated narrative, lively music and picturesque art.

"Audain is a versatile and dynamic performer" - My Entertainment World

​​"Audain is a skilled and likeable performer" - CBC

Director: Stephen Haiko-Pena


Length: 45 Mins
Kid Friendly
No warnings
English as a new language

Date & Time
Thu July 14
12:45 PM
Performance Cancelled
Fri July 15
1:00 PM
Performance Cancelled
Sat July 16
11:00 AM
Performance Cancelled
Sun July 17
4:30 PM
Performance Cancelled
Mon July 18
10:00 AM
Performance Cancelled
Thu July 21
2:15 PM
Performance Cancelled
Fri July 22
11:15 AM
Performance Cancelled
Sun July 24
11:00 AM
Performance Cancelled