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Jeremy Productions
New York, NY

Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)
by Susan Jeremy

Canadian Premiere!

Susan Jeremy ( P.S. 69, Teacher in the House) accidentally became a teacher after years of stand-up and being fired from almost every survival job. She was scarred for life when let go from Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips. But, she persevered, only to be fired as a clown, an usher and a roller-skating cigarette girl.
Critics have said about her previous work:

"Larger than life and twice as funny" - Globe and Mail
"Jeremy is an excellent storyteller" - Calgary Herald
"A comic powerhouse" - Winnipeg Sun

Director: Maris Heller

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Length: 60 Mins
No warnings
Low vision/blind

Date & Time
Wed July 13
8:00 PM
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Thu July 14
11:15 AM
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Sat July 16
2:45 PM
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Tue July 19
2:30 PM
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Wed July 20
6:30 PM
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Thu July 21
12:45 PM
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Fri July 22
4:30 PM
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Sat July 23
10:00 PM
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Sun July 24
8:00 PM
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